Mizuno Putter Review

Mizuno Golf struck gold with their re-entry into premium milled putters in 2020 when they introduced two blade models as well as a mid-mallet. With 2021, they have decided it was time to round out that lineup, literally and figuratively, by bringing in three more models which would appeal to the non-blade users.  Let’s take a detailed look with this Mizuno Putter Review.

Mizuno Putter Review

THP was able to get the new M.CRAFT V, a “deep mallet” as Mizuno calls it, in-hand for a thorough workout. Read on for more!

Quick Take

Premium. There is truly no better word than premium to describe the M.CRAFT V putter, as well as the rest of the M.CRAFT putter lineup. A milled putter that is truly deserving of having the Mizuno name on it with all the weight which that carries. Pleasant through impact, incredibly well balanced, and with three different finish options, Mizuno has one of the best bang-for-your-buck putter lineups on the market. Not to mention, the V might just be the biggest star of them all. 

Mizuno M.CRAFT Design

Before I get into my time with the V specifically, it’s worth taking a little stroll down M.CRAFT boulevard for a rundown of just what is behind the premise of the lineup for those who may not have familiarized themselves with them in 2020. 

Something that can’t be said enough is that Mizuno doesn’t just put their name on anything, they understand that the brand has a reputation that they have worked extremely hard for decades to achieve and tarnishing it for the sake of having more releases isn’t in their belief system. At the same time, Mizuno listens, and they have heard the clamoring out there asking if the kings of forged golf clubs would ever dip their toe back into putters. 

Mizuno M.Craft Putter Review

With the momentum that the last two release cycles of both MP and JPX irons have gained them, the time to strike was now. Even then, it wasn’t a decision they took lightly. Copious amounts of work was done to decide how to take on the balance of shapes that people enjoy, while still making things unique to Mizuno. So, in 2020 the M.CRAFT line was born with three models, the I, II, and III shapes which offered a little bit of classic and modern with bladed and mid-mallet options. This year, that is expanding with the IV, V, and VI which range from a wide-blade to a true winged mallet. 

The key to the M.CRAFT putters is precision. These putters are forged from 1025 carbon steel with the same strenuous specifications that Mizuno uses for all of their legendary forgings. From there, each putter is CNC milled in order to create the specific shape, alignment, and 355g weight they are seeking. Beyond that, each of the six shapes are available in three different finishes (Satin, Black Ion, and Blue Ion), and every single one comes with a full weight kit at no extra charge in order to make use of adjustability. 

Mizuno M.CRAFT V Putter

Aesthetically, I got the Blue Ion version of the V in hand and it is as stunning in person as it is in the pictures. I will say though, having also seen the classic Mizuno Satin and Black Ion in person there isn’t a finish that doesn’t stand out. One thing of note, the Blue Ion varies in its depth based on the size and shape of the head, the thing about the Ion finish is that it’s never exactly the same. For the I, II, and III the blue is quite vibrant, but in the V for example, it is a bit deeper, but equally as beautiful.  The question of longevity when it comes to the finish is often asked, and to date I have about 30 rounds on the V already and the finish is excellent, but that of course will be dependent on how the individual golfer cares for it, well as using the headcover through a round. 

Mizuno MCraft 5

For me, the V has the potential to be the standout of the entire M.CRAFT lineup. This shape is a familiar one in its deep flanged mini-mallet type look, but Mizuno has taken it and seemingly massaged all of the curves and lines just enough that it is visually stunning. From the clean engraving on the sole to the running-bird in the cavity, this is a simple look that lets the shape stand tall. The number of comments I have received, and the amount of people who have asked to try it, are significant. Like clockwork, the eyes go to the blue, but then they stay fixated on the shape and the way it squares the golf ball. 

Mizuno putters face milling

On the course and in practice, the M.CRAFT V stands toe to toe with any premium milled, including those three or more times the price. The tight mid-depth milling combined with the mass location in the head makes for an audible feedback in line with that “forged feel” denseness so many seek. There is not an overly firm “click” through impact, but rather a deeper “tock”. That sound/feel is accompanied by a tight roll, and a consistent one at that. The amount of balance of the head from a visual to in-stroke perspective set a hook of addiction and confidence that surprised me. 

Setup view of the Mizuno #5 putter

One thing to remember, the V in particular is a slant neck, and with the deep flange it has a solid amount of toe-hang which will typically fit those with a certain amount of arc in their stroke. That said, as a golfer who hovers on a more moderate arc, I used the weight kit to place the heaviest (13g) option in the heel and lightest (3g) in the toe instead of the stock dual 8g setup.  This helped mitigate that hang just enough for me to be extremely comfortable. Another reason why the weight kit that comes with these deserves to be touted more, it makes for easy fine tuning. 

Mizuno Putter Review

Sound, feel, looks, roll, and any other parameter I could come up with, the M.CRAFT V scores exceptionally high in my books. There is no doubt in my mind as more become aware of the lineup and get to roll them, this is just the beginning for Mizuno and its re-entry to the putter segment.

The Details

All six models in Mizuno’s full forged M.CRAFT putter lineup come in at $300.00, which is extremely competitive given the three finish choices as well as the full weight kit included with purchase. With the 2021 expansion, Mizuno has quietly created one of the most complete collections of milled headshape options out there, and the sky should be the limit from here. 

What do you think about the M.CRAFT line? Have you had the chance to roll the V or any of the other options yet? Let your voice be heard and jump into the conversation below or directly in the THP Community!

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