Mizuno S23 Wedges

When it comes to wedges, we have seen Mizuno Golf do an exceptional job of balancing and alternating the traditional Tour like look in their T-Series wedge release with a much more technology driven direction with the S-Series. It so happens that 2023 is an “S” year for the company, but they are taking things to an even more exciting place than ever before. 

Curious yet? Well let’s dive in. 

S23 Wedges

Mizuno Golf S23 Wedges

If you go back and look at the history of the S-Series wedge release from Mizuno they have always placed an enormous amount of attention on weight, specifically shifting and moving it through various methods. You see, that weight shift centers around making things as playable as possible, while keeping golfers who love a more traditional look at address happy. 

S23 Wedges

Most recently, the company unleashed the ES21 on the world, which brought with it the most precise placement of CG that the wedge segment had ever seen. Not only was it centered horizontally (heel-to-toe) but also a higher and deeper CG placement. However, it was definitely way outside the box with the use of a hollow design and stainless-steel material which limited feel as well as available loft/grind options. The concept, however, proved to be extremely well performing, so that attention to CG and mass placement has made its way to the S23. 

The tech in the new Mizuno wedges

Don’t worry, the S23’s are one-piece Grain Flow Forged HD out of Boron infused 1025 carbon steel in Mizuno’s foundry located in Hiroshima, Japan, the exact place where their irons have been forged since 1968. With that one-piece design, to get the weight placement correct to enable the sweet spot to be balanced Mizuno got creative. First, the S23’s have a shorter hosel than in the past, saving weight in the heel and decreasing the natural inclination of the CG to settle on that side of the clubhead. Second, the cavity was very specifically shaped with more placement towards to heel to finish getting the CG to the center. 

Satin chrome finish option

Why is this battle for CG placement in a wedge such an important performance aspect? Well, not only does it provide more stability through impact with less face deflection, that stability means the ball will be on the face longer and squarer to also generate more spin. Not only is this the case on full shots, but on partial ones as well. Add Mizuno’s Quad Cut and loft specific grooves with HydroFlow Micro-Grooves and you have the equation for maximized debris funneling as well. 

The look at setup of the S23 wedges

Mizuno is adamant that the S23 not only perform, but they check the boxes for the feel of a Mizuno precision instrument and also the look at address. In fact, there has been a surprising reaction and adoption within their Tour Staff to validate the design. The S23’s do have a bit more bounce than the T22’s, but it lends to the profile overall.

Different loft choices available for the new Mizuno S23 wedges

The Details

The S23 wedges will have the full accompaniment of lofts (46-60) and grinds (S, C, D, X) when they release in February 2023. Not only that, but they will also be available in Mizuno’s classic White Satin brushed chrome finish and a killer Copper Cobalt finish. The new S23 wedges are priced at $160.00 and as standard will be paired with KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 shafts with many custom options available. 

Will the S23 be the one that cracks the bag of golfers who want forgiveness, but keeping the clean Mizuno look at address? Let us know what you think on the THP Community or in the comments below!

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