Mizuno S5 Wedge Review

Bridging the gap between the MP series and the JPX series, Mizuno wants you to “spin a little blue magic” with the S5 wedges.  Highlighted by a vibrant blue ion finish, these wedges appear to offer a bit of diversity in style between the traditional MP wedge design, and the more forgiving cavity back style of the JPX elements.  This review will consider the benefits and design elements of the 52 and 56 degree S5 wedges, however Mizuno offers the S5 in twenty five loft and bounce variations.

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From Mizuno

The S5 wedges deliver elite feel and shot control in a new enticing Silhouette profile.  The Silhouette profile is a softer version of the popular Teardrop shape so that when players open and close the wedge, the profile always appears aligned to the target.

The S5 wedge is available in 25 loft and bounce offerings so all possible distance gaps may be covered. High bounce versions carry a visible 15% sole grind and the low bounce offerings carry a 25% sole grind. These grinds aid in helping the high bounce versions to play higher and the low bounce versions to play lower.

Forged from Mizuno’s patented Grain Flow Forging process and carrying Mizuno’s exclusive Quad Cut grooves, the S5 wedges deliver on the promise of solid feel and ball stopping spin.

Tech Specs

  • Grain Flow Forged: From a single billet of 1025E Pure Select Mild Carbon steel for soft, solid, consistent feel.
  • Quad Cut Grooves and Milled Face:  CNC milled grooves and increased surface roughness for ball stopping spin.
  • Versatile sole grinds:  The Silhouette profile is paired with distinct visible sole grinds inspired by Luke Donald – keeping the wedges versatile for an array of shots and lies.
  • Blue Ion and White Satin Finishes:  Eye-catching looks

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Out of the Box

It is quickly apparent that “blue ion” steals the show with the S5 wedge.  While it is offered in a more traditional white satin finish, the blue ion really takes that “Mizuno Blue” look to another level.  Eyes are also quickly drawn to the noticeable finish change between the matte grey groove area and the rest of the head, which is blue ion.  Finally, the intriguing carve out behind the center of the face, which is highlighted by a white Mizuno logo, and suggests weight has been moved towards the perimeter of the wedge for a modicum of forgiveness.  It is important to note that during testing, debris never got trapped in the small cavity.

The shape of the S5 wedge is defined as a “silhouette” profile and while it is a matter of personal preference, is a big improvement over the teardrop shape to this tester.  The wedge appears to be more appropriately sized, and the shape is appealing to eye regardless of whether it is laid flat for a big flop shot, or shut down in order to hit one low with bite.

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Blue Ion

Naturally, with wedges as blue as the S5 wedges sent for review, the testing conversation revolved around the color choice, and how it would wear over time.  During the testing period, social interaction often lead to a conversation about blue ion and how loud the wedges are in the bag, however that really did not transfer to the course.  Once in play, even with the grey and blue contrast of the face, the finish was never a distraction.  Rather, the grey framed the ball very well, and may have even provided a bit of unintentional confidence in the setup.

During the testing period, sand use showed signs of wear on the blue ion, leading to expectations that constant use will clear the sole (and less ideally the hosel depending on skill) of any blue ion after a season worth of play.  The groove area, however, remained unchanged providing a good understanding of why Mizuno opted to leave the grey in the groove area.  This will inevitably lead to a less visible triangular wear pattern while looking down at the ball at address.

Mizuno also did a great job considering the course elements with the blue ion.  Despite the back of the wedge showing off an attractive shiny blue ion finish, the face area is matte, reducing any likelihood of sun glare when trying to line up a shot. 

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One of the elements of the S5 that golfers seem to quickly pick on, depending on their current gamer wedge, is the weight of the S5 wedge.  Some said “heavy” and some talked about great balance, but it seemed that during testing, the experience leaned more towards the balance through the swing.  The weight profile helped to avoid getting to the ball early or too aggressive, leaving a lot of power in through the contact point, and sending the ball towards the target with a lot of action in many full swing experiences.

Continuing on full swing shots, the S5 seem to have a really powerful grab on green contact, varying between large divots with the ball stopping beside them, and spin upwards of more than ten feet depending on green conditions.  The S5 wedge has a very subtle carved out leading edge, helping golfers avoid that nasty divot-before-ball miss, yet during testing it was extremely easy to drive the 52 and the 56 into the turf for an aggressive strike.

Around the green, the S5 wedge was very responsive to shot preference, moving between pitch, punch, and flop shots.  There is a very subtle “C” shaped grind that allows for some open face flexibility without the head flipping open when addressing the ball.  This flexibility is great for golfers who like to play all shots in all conditions, and never seemed to hinder a particular shot regardless of lie.

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In the bunker, the S5 wedge was accommodating in both splash and more aggressive attacks.  Even in a 56 degree loft, the ball could get elevated in a hurry and stopped quickly after hitting the green.  Again, the sole grind and silhouette shape both provided easy setup and confidence looking down at the ball regardless of how much the face was open.

Parting Thoughts

The Mizuno S5 wedge has been promoted as a wedge that can be played alongside a player iron or a game improvement iron, and this testing experience confirmed those claims in both comfort and versatility around the course.  The sharp blue ion finish plays very well on the Mizuno brand, and combines extremely well with the grey groove area for performance without the overly obvious finish wear seen by many wedge finishes at address.  For more information on the Mizuno S5 wedge, visit www.MizunoGolf.com.

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