MotoCaddy M7 Electric Caddy Review

Have you ever been a part of #PushCartMafia? I have been a card-carrying member for years as I generally find that walking the golf course leads to a more enjoyable experience. This season it all changed, and not because I started riding for most of my rounds. No, 2021 was when my walking rounds became even more luxurious as I was lucky enough to spend the summer with the MotoCaddy M7, a remote-controlled electric caddy. 

MotoCaddy M7 Electric Caddy Review

That’s right, a remote-controlled electric caddy. Now, electric carts aren’t anything particularly new in the golf space, but in my own experiences, they have been somewhat of a rare find in the wild. Honestly, every time I happened to spot someone using one, I immediately recognized the coolness factor it possessed. It was just one of those products that I genuinely did not think would end up as part of my golf setup. Well, after a few months of putting one in play, the big question is whether it lived up to the expectations I had built up in my head. But before going down that road, let’s take a few minutes to look at what the M7 has to offer. 

MotoCaddy M7 loaded up with accessories

MotoCaddy has three different models for electric caddies, the M1, M5, and M7. THP reviewed the M5 model earlier this year, which loses out on the remote control but gains a built-in GPS. Those interested in reading up on the M5 can do so here. What the M7 does have to offer, as mentioned above, is a remote control, meaning golfers can have total control over the movement of the cart from a greater distance away. It comes with nine different speed settings, automatic downhill control, and a Lithium Battery with an IP66 rating, meaning you don’t need to panic if you happen to get caught playing in a rainstorm. While it does not have an onboard GPS, an anti-glare screen displays the active speed setting and battery levels for both the cart and remote.

MotoCaddy M7 battery

Out on the course, there was a little bit of a learning curve to using the remote control, but for me, that adjustment didn’t take long. Upon reaching a certain comfort level with the M7, I would routinely have the cart anywhere from 15-30 yards ahead of me, allowing it to get to my ball before I would. Some course layouts would even allow me to drive the cart over to the next tee box while I was on the green waiting for my group to finish. If there were an area I was worried about with the M7, it would be with the stability. Thankfully, the anti-tip rear wheel works as advertised, as it activates when going up hills to offer more support and keeps the M7 upright. One thing is for sure, using this electric caddie provided an improved walk around the course. While pushing a cart around might not be overly strenuous, having the cart motor around the course while I could walk freely at my own pace led to some more refreshing rounds. 

MotoCaddy M7 digital screen

As you see, my experience with the MotoCaddy M7 has been a positive one. But, you don’t need to take my word for how enjoyable this unit is, as multiple THP forum members also put the M7 to the test over the summer. Feel free to read all of the updates and add to the ongoing conversations surrounding this remote-controlled electric caddy here. There you will find all sorts of discussions on general use, battery life, portability, the difference between using a remote and manual mode, and which bags work best. I’ll give you a hint on that one, and it’s a MotoCaddy bag, thanks to the EASILOCK system. 

Those interested in upgrading to a MotoCaddy Electric Caddy should head over to, where you can purchase all three of the options MotoCaddy offers. Before doing so, make sure you check out the right hand side of this page for a coupon code that will save you 15%. Since the M7 comes with a price tag of $1,499, that coupon code will help rack up the savings. 

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Dean DeCrescenzo is a THP staff writer that currently resides in upstate New York. He has been a member of The Hackers Paradise for over 7 years and been involved with a number of THP events.
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