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As a child how many times did you hear your mother say “clean up your room, get this stuff off the floor!” I couldn’t stand when my mom used to yell at me for that, and then I grew up and got married. At first I thought it was great that we both have such a passion for golf, golf clothes, and golf equipment. Everything was great until I realized one thing, organization was not his strong suit. He started to accumulate putters and lots of them. I loved the great items he found, however, I couldn’t stand the storage unit our house had become. I wanted to support his new found hobby but I wasn’t willing to sacrifice the aesthetics of our home. So after much discussion and research we found a way to please everyone with

What we discovered was that instead of having the putters laying all over the house, we could find a great decorative piece to display them on and turn that clutter into a piece of art. Being that neither of us are very handy so we knew we couldn’t build this piece ourselves so we set out to find one for purchase. There are quite a few sites out there that have great display racks but the quality wasn’t up to par. Finally we found MyPutterRack and were instantly attracted to the idea of a custom putter rack.

We contacted MyPutterRack and were pleasantly surprised with how nice and helpful they were. First thing we learned, the options and combinations available are endless and each one is nicer than the next. You get to pick your wood, color/stain, and finish. How about making it a putter and headcover rack? How many slots do you want, do you want more room for headcovers or putters? They can even put logos or initials to your custom piece. At first I thought all these decisions were overwhelming but the more choices you make the more exciting and fulfilling the final product becomes. The owner of is a great guy and he really impressed us with his stellar customer service. I have said many times before that for me customer service is key and no matter how much I like a product if the customer service is sub par then you can be sure they will not receive my business again.

Since this was our first putter rack we decided to go with just the rack rather than the rack/headcover combo. With a great deal of help from the owner we chose a 15 slot rack in an exotic wood called Padauk with a clear finish. The pictures looked great but seeing this piece in person honestly took my breath away. I couldn’t believe the wood wasn’t stained, it is absolutely stunning. The quality, craftsmanship, and sheer beauty of this piece is like nothing I have seen before. Now our spare room looks more like a museum or show room rather than a cluttered, unorganized mess. When we have company over I actually can’t wait to show them the room opposed to before when I used to close the door in embarrassment.

If decision making isn’t your strong suit than you can purchase a pre-made rack from their site at MyPutterRack and once again the service you get will be there to help with all the decisions on which one to go with. So far the rack has not only looked great but made organization just that much easier. If you are a person that has a collection of clubs or a person that is new to the hobby, we strongly recommend picking one up. For roughly the price of one of the putters in your collection you have a piece to show the entire thing off. For more information on the rack we got or to see some of the other options available head on over and check them out at you will be glad that you did.

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