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With so much love on the THP forum as of late for the Never Compromise line of putters, we thought we should do something fun with a very unique prize.

MyCustomPutter is one of the coolest customization sites around for golf. The creations that can be made are all over the map from the shape to the stamping and everything in between. One can go personal or they can go elegant and it all fits into the MyCustomPutter website. Well, today is the day you can create your putter and share it with the world.

How To Enter
Join us in the THP Forum right here for all the details on how to enter and win this rare prize.

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  1. Cookie says:

    This is a very cool and easy contest to enter! Thanks very much to Never Compromise for the opportunity, we have already seen a bunch of great entries.

  2. TC says:

    Dear Never Compromise,

    Thanks for the fantastic contest. Having had the opportunity to actually go through the process of building a putter on MyCustomPutter, and then actually receiving it, well, it was incredible. I can’t think of a better golf bag for me to house my custom putter in than this one!


  3. Chunkylover says:

    What a very cool contest with an amazing prize. Thanks Never Compromise

  4. FrankA says:

    The only problem with this contest is I want to order the putter I made. Good thing I love my Sub30.

  5. Staticline says:

    Very awesome of THP and Never Compromise to offer up this contest. Thanks! Love the website:

  6. Badass says:

    Thanks for another awesome contest THP and Never Compromise!! After playing on the My Custom Putter site for an afternoon, I think I need to buy one!

  7. INgolfer says:

    Thanks THP and Never Compromise! Such an amazing contest! Whoever wins this one is going to have one AMAZING prize! Good luck everyone!

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