New Balance Minimus Sport Golf Shoe Review

Each year more and more shoe lines are coming to market and the choices are endless. One brand that has been a constant in non-golf shoes is New Balance and they have now entered this wonderful game with some unique lines that many golfers are excited about.

The Minimus Sport
From the company
The New Balance Minimus Sport Golf Shoe was born from minimal running but built for the course. Modern in water-resistant mesh, this men’s golf shoe gets you lower to the ground for a more natural fit and feel. A signature New Balance REVlite midsole cushions and supports your feet, while a spikeless rubber outsole provides great traction when you swing.

WEIGHT:204.1 Grams (7.2 oz)

4mm drop
Dual density 2 color spikeless rubber outsole
Mesh upper
Water-resistant upper
Welded TPU stability cage
Price $119

Comfort & Look
The first thing you will notice about the Minimus Sport golf shoe is that it is quite the departure from most in the marketplace. Running shoe in appearance from a distance the thicker sole (in looks) tells you there is more underneath. The silver, black and lime green work well together and add a distinct look that is both bold and fitting, based on the technology in the shoe. The shoe is also available in black with silver version that eliminates the lime green from the shoe and features an almost all black look.

The first time the shoe was picked up, it was as if it was a joke of some sort because of how light it felt in the hand and that does not change on the foot. New Balance has created a shoe that is incredibly soft and light and almost nonexistent without a huge sacrifice in stability. When slipping on the Minimus Sport, the first feeling was snug, but less like a shoe that is too tight and more like the first time you slip on a new golf glove. Form fitting and comfortable without any excess weight makes the first steps awkward and then from there as if no golf shoes are being worn at all.

The Fit & Sizing
The fit is snug like a running shoe, but that should not be confused with tight as it fits the foot rather well. New Balance says the sizing runs true to size and to order the same you would in your athletic shoes. This reviewer normally wears a size 11 with medium width and in that size the the Minimus fit well. The toe bed does not offer a ton of depth, and fits snug, but the material is so soft and light weight it was never a bother or uncomfortable. As with all golf shoes, THP strongly urges trying them on first to make sure sizing matches up with your feet. The good news here is that if your local store does not have these in stock to try on, you are able to test out the athletic shoes and see how sizing and fit works for you.

New Balance has entered the golf market with something unique and different than the norm. It will not be for everybody in terms of look or comfort, but for those that love the minimal athletic shoes that are quite popular right now, these deserve a strong look. Let us know what you think of the new line of shoes in the comments section below, or by joining thousands of golfers in the THP Forum.

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  • Solid price point and looks/sounds comfortable. Worth a look.

  • Great review, Josh. I for one have loved New Balance shoes for awhile, and I’m excited to hear about these coming to market. Looking at the black on the website, I really like both pairs, the green for when you want to stand out a bit more, and the black for when you want to be a bit more understated. These might have to be my first spikeless golf shoe.

  • New Balance is the only brand of sneaker/tennis shoe that hold up well for me, as well as one of the few that reliably offer wide widths. I am very excited by their entries into the golf shoe market at very competitive price points. I can’t wait to try these on.

  • Sounds like it’s a New Balance classic feel and comfort shoe; what we’ve come to expect from a New Balance product. Now, if we can just adjust and accept them as a golf shoe and if it “coordinates” with most people’s golf outfits, then it might be a winner!

  • I love the comfort of new balance shoes and these look pretty nice. Would love to give them a try some day.

  • Nice write up JB, the shoe looks great but the minimalist golf shoes I’ve tried on so far don’t seem to offer enough support for me in the right toe. These are great looking though.

  • Very nice price point for an intriguing shoe. Nice review, Josh!

  • The look would take some getting used to. But, I prefer light weight, comfortable golf shoes, and these look all of that. I’ll definitely keep an eye out for these in my local store and give them a try on.

  • Great thoughts JB! I need to get my hands on a pair of these.

  • I love New Balance shoes and plan on checking out the line. I can do without the sole color, but hopefully they have less stout colors on other shoes.

  • Sounds like great pair of shoes, New Balance is certainly on my radar for 2014!

  • Nice write up. for those who are put off by the running shoe look, they are also making a leather version (Minimus LS) in black and white that have a more traditional golf shoe look and only weigh 2 oz. more than the Sport. They’re on my radar

  • Sorry – that’s LX

  • Great write-up Josh. Definitely would be interested in trying these out. However, the leather options would definitely be the first preference.

  • Sorry if I missed this in the comments – how did the shoe perform on the course? These (or the other more traditional version) might be the rare pair of shoes that get me to cheat on my trust FJs.

  • I had a pair of New Balance golf shoes several years ago that I wore until they pretty much fell off my feet. I’m really glad to see that they are getting back into the golf market. Can’t wait to see them in my local New Balance store.

  • Spent some time talking to the sales person at the New Balance outlet and he said these are outsourced to the same company that makes Puma. Tried them on and they are not overly comfortable (at least the traditional golf looking shoe).

  • Dear owners,
    Your New Balance Minimus Sports Golf Shoe Review checklist is great and I have learned more valuable idea from here. thanks

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