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THP has teamed up with Pukka Headwear for an incredible contest! Below you will see a blank hat template. We want you to take this template and create your own hat. You can design it on the computer or print it out and use crayons, markers, colored pencil, etc. to create your own hat design. You can refer to the Pukka website for design ideas but this is a totally blank template and you can create anything you want.The only requirement is that the hat must include the THP & Pukka Logos.

The Prize
Thanks to the great folks at Pukka Headwear there will be 2 winners. The lucky winners of this contest will receive a free cap but the person with the most votes could have their hat featured in one of Pukka’s upcoming collections!

Only one entry per person
Your hat design must be emailed to
You MUST include your forum screen name in your email.
The deadline of this contest Monday October 3rd, 2011 at 11:59pm EST.
All entries must be received by then to be considered.
You must have 10 forum posts and 5 in the last 7 days to qualify.

If you do not have all the information in your entry, your entry will NOT be counted.

If you are not a forum member, it is never too late to signup.
Registration is always fast, free, and easy.
The Hackers Paradise – Register

How to enter
It’s simple, you can either print out the template below or use your computer skills to create your own cap. You can then take a picture of your design, scan it, etc. and then email us with your entry. (email address listed above). We will have this contest run for a week and at the end of that week THP staff along with Pukka Headwear will go over the entries and pick the top 5. Those top 5 will be entered into a poll that can be found on the THP Forums as well as the THP Facebook Fan Page and the Pukka Facebook Fan Page and you will have 1 week to vote on your favorite cap design.

As mentioned to top two winners in the poll will receive a free Pukka Cap and the person with the most votes could have their design featured in an upcoming Pukka Headwear collection. You may also see these designs featured in the THP Store.

We can’t wait to see all the amazing designs the THP readers will come up with. Good luck!

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Morgan is co-founder of The Hackers Paradise with her husband, and fellow staff writer, Josh Babbitt. Together they share a passion for all things golf, food, travel and their two precious puppies.

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  1. Michael Cook says:

    Very very cool opportunity and contest! Some creative forum members here; expecting some great entries. Thanks Pukka & THP!

  2. TC says:

    That’s pretty awesome! We have some very creative people here at THP and I think we’re going to see some really cool hats.

  3. Freddie kong says:

    Creativity will be on display in this contest. Should be fun and a THP member will have their hat worn by the Masses. Great job THP and Pukka headwear

  4. TheDue says:

    Looks like a blast, time to break out my crayons. Thanks THP and Pukka!

  5. wcueb923 says:

    Wow!!! This is Seriously super contest!!!

  6. lcsmrtn says:

    Pretty cool contest, I know THP has some really creative members, should make for a few awesome hats!

  7. wcueb923 says:

    I just thought of something. I was going to show THP love to Pukka on their Facebook page as well as THP’s page. So I will do both. Heres link to Pukkas. Thanks THP & Pukka.

  8. Chunkylover77 says:

    Man I wish I were creative. This is a very cool idea though. Good luck everybody and thanks THP & Pukka. The Pukka THP hat I have is still my favorite hat!

  9. ddec says:

    This should be right up the ally of some THPers. I’m not very artistic or creative but it will be fun! Thanks THP and Pukka. Pukka hats are extremely comfortable to wear. I look forward to seeing what the results are.

  10. Dmb012 says:

    What a great contest! I can’t wait to see what designs come out of THP. Thanks THP and Pukka for such an awesome contest.

  11. thainer says:

    Wow. Incredible. I cant wait to submit my design.

  12. tnolan says:

    this is so cool.
    not sure if i’ve got enough time or skills to create a hat, but i’ll sure be voting on the best hats!
    amazing THP and Pukka

  13. war.eagle says:

    This is a great contest! Should be fun to see how these come out.

  14. Ryan H. says:

    This is too freaking cool. Great idea! Thanks to THP and Pukka, who both seem to grace my head on a daily basis.

  15. INgolfer says:

    This is a sweet contest! Probably one of the coolest since I have been a member of THP! Thanks THP and Pukka!

  16. yorkem says:

    Very cool contest! Thank you THP and Pukka!

  17. MattyKrack17 says:

    Awesome!!! im going to give this some thought and go crazy with it!! thanks THP and Pukka

  18. Spaceman_Spiff says:

    This should be a lot of fun! I’m all over this one… hopefully my crayons scan well!

  19. TripleBogieTim says:

    Cool idea thanks THP and Pukka

  20. 9-Iron Man says:

    Very cool contest!! Way to raise the bar Team THP!! Big thanks to Pukka too! Their hats are incredible!

  21. White Rhino says:

    What a great idea for a contest. Thanks THP and Pukka !!

  22. Staticline says:

    Very nice! Great idea.

  23. Smallville says:

    What a unique contest! I can’t wait to see what people come up with!

  24. Damaikis says:

    Wow fantastic contest here! Now we get to see the creative side of THP’ers!

  25. Yoccos says:

    This is a great contest. Way to go Pukka and THP. I’m gonna get my design on 🙂

  26. Spank818 says:

    Cool contest! Time to break out the crayons.

  27. cheffor says:

    Excellent contest! thanks Pukka and THP!

  28. d_in_la says:

    Great contest, should be fun to see all the creative ideas coming out of this one!

  29. jgiguere says:

    This is a great idea! Thanks THP and Pukka for a great contest. time to bust out my editing skills

  30. Jeanthemachine says:

    Done – now, how do I get the crayon marks off my computer screen?

  31. royalwulff says:

    Very Cool!! This should be alot of fun.

  32. Kelly says:

    I had fun designing my hat. Thanks for the cool contest!

  33. ghsace says:

    Great contest THP and Pukka!!!! Really cool idea.

  34. Jeff Conner says:

    What an awesome contest. Time to get creative. Thank you THP and Pukka for the opportunity.

  35. Dirtydawg67 says:

    This should be a fun contest!

  36. Paulo says:

    This will be great fun! Can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with. Thanks Pukka and THP!

  37. Hanks says:

    Excellent contest idea!!! Thanks Pukka and THP for another unique contest!

  38. Jman215 says:

    This is awesome, I have no creativity but I’ma try anyways!

  39. rbrown2769 says:

    This will be a lot of fun! There are going to be some interesting designs!!!!

  40. SethO says:

    Submitting my entry right now! I really can’t wait to see all the entries.

  41. Danilo says:

    This is gonna be great!

  42. Griff says:

    Looks fun!

  43. Coolbreeze says:

    somehow I totally missed this opportunity, this is really cool. I’m not the most artistic person in the world but I will through my hat in the ring.

  44. Michael Cook says:

    My entry has been submitted although I am not very good at this so be warned! 🙂

  45. jane jakins says:


  46. 10YardDraw says:

    WOW, how in the world did I forget to enter this! So disappointed in myself lol. I love my Pukka THP Mesh Hats and I would of loved to have the opportunity to win this one

  47. GolferGal says:


    We have extended the contest end date to this Friday 10/7 so there is still time for you to get an entry in.

  48. tomahawk18 says:

    I am in. No computer design skills, so I hand drew it. Good luck all

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