New Gear Alert: Bridgestone TOUR B Golf Balls

The B330 line of golf balls from Bridgestone Golf has a storied history with the brand, but as of October 2nd, 2017, they are dead. Introducing the new TOUR B golf ball line featuring what they are calling “their most innovative and performance oriented offerings in company history”.

At quick glance, the new TOUR B lineup may look like nothing more than a name change now that the company is utilizing their more TV friendly B logo on each of the golf balls.

TOUR B X — B330
TOUR B XS — B330 S

However, that is not the case at all, as the entire lineup has been recreated from the ground up utilizing the data that they have received from more than 3 million ball fittings.

Let’s start with the most popular in the lineup for THPers, the RX and RXS. The good news here is that if you liked the previous versions, that will not change. While Bridgestone does not state the compression number, these 2 are going to be lower compression than the others in the lineup which will offer less spin off the tee. Both the RX and RXS have a new modified 338 Dual Dimple design,  where according to Bridgestone, the RX will help players looking for more fairways (less spin), and the RXS is for the player looking for a bit more in the feel department while still being fairly low compression.

The new TOUR B X and XS were designed with the lower handicap in mind, especially the player looking for exceptional feel. Bridgestone is using a softer urethane cover formulation than the B330 and B330-S, and this should provide more control and spin around the green. Like their predecessors, these two are going to be higher compression than the 2 balls discussed above, and are already being used in prototype versions on tour by their staff. According to the company, the X is for the player looking for more accuracy off the tee (less spin), and the XS is going to provide extra length (higher compression can lead to more ball speed).

Earlier this year, THP TV sat down with the team from Bridgestone Golf to discuss where the company was headed and what they have in place to get there. It is a fascinating conversation about the brand as a whole, as well as their short and long term goals.

The content discussed in the video above, leads to this very special launch.   This is an important one for the brand as they try to reestablish themselves as one of the strongest players in the golf ball marketplace. They believe through innovation and using their over 1,000 golf ball patents and over 900 polymer engineers in the world, that they can create the best golf balls for golfers of all skill levels.

Each new TOUR B Series golf ball features the proven characteristics that have made Bridgestone Golf among the most respected names in the industry. The benefits of these features include:

Accuracy – Gradational core provides optimal energy transfer to create low side-spin and high ball velocity for incredible distance and accuracy gains

Consistency – Seamless cover design utilizes injection molding technology to stabilize ball flight on all shots

Distance – Aerodynamically superior dimple profiles provide different player types with vastly enhanced length and control

Feel – SlipRes cover technology increases friction by creating more stability between the ball and club for enhanced control with irons and wedges

While the brand has not yet reached their goal of being back at #2 (video above), the ear mark of dates has always been October 2nd, 2017 with the launch of this golf ball line. The new TOUR B in some ways is a new Bridgestone Golf. Not forgetting their roots of ball fitting and the commitment of the right ball for each player, but building upon that, and this line is the end result of their research and development efforts that they believe will bring a noticeable difference in benefits to each golfer. The goal now will be explaining that and telling that story to golfers, to have a chance at those short and long term goals, which have been heading further the opposite direction as of late.

So THPers, we throw this back to you. Are you excited to try the new Bridgestone TOUR B lineup? Which one of the new golf balls fits what you look for and want to try?

Don’t forget that at launch, you can purchase these golf balls (or any product) from Budget Golf at a discount by using the coupon on the right hand side of this page (scroll up and turn off ad blocker). 15% off, just for being a THPer, on any item they have.

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  • Great review here JB. Excited to try the new X with the softer cover.

  • Great write-up Josh.

    I was a big Bridgestone fan in the past, but going away from the B330 line, that I had come to really like and appreciate is a bit tough, when it looks like they have not really changed much from the last iteration.

    How much softer is the urethane cover than the B330 line? Is it still the slip res cover? That cover was the most durable cover in a golf ball that I had ever gamed.

    Also the packaging seems very similar to me across all balls.

    I will definitely be giving them a run though, as the B is one of my favorite logos in golf.

  • Thought a name change was important for the line, and Tour B makes sense. Still think there is too little differentiation from this line and the prior, as it looks to be a change in the dimple count.

    Still, they had a stellar product before. The critical issue is marketing and connecting with consumers. Name change is a little bit of a move. Hope they push forward.

  • Great update JB – Always been a RXS player, be interested how the new modified 338 Dual Dimple design works.

  • I don’t understand this launch at all. I predict that they are out of the US by 2020.

  • Being from the ATL, I will say it like this. They are the Falcons of the golf ball world. 4-5 years ago, this brand was just awesome and even 2 years ago it was still okay. Now, flat lining.

  • Great write up, Josh. It disappoints me to no end with the direction we’ve seen over the last year or so, but I do appreciate all the information explained for consumption here.

  • As a self professed Bridgestone homer, I am very excited to see these new additions and cant wait to give them a try. The RX has been my “go to” ball since 2014 but as of late have been having some real success with the B330. Tour B RX and Tour B X will be on my radar for a try for sure.

  • I have used the RX and RXS so there will be on must try list. I do like the fact that the cover will be a softer urethane and the updated “B” logo.

  • This comes as shock to me so yes I am very excited. I saw nothing wrong with the last ball Bridgestone put out so I am intrigued by this whole new makeup. Very excited to see what type of performance I get from both the TourBX and TurBXS. I like the new red color scheme of the packaging.

  • Whatever name / logo they put on it, if it is an RX, I will play it. Really rooting hard for their success and bounceback.

  • Really looking forward to trying these. Love the current B330 RX, so will try the Tour B RX.

  • Good discussion on your online forum on this. Reading this over I get the feeling it is more about trust us, we have the best balls, rather than telling me a reason to go try them. As a B330S player, I will probably buy more of the current version and wait for the THP review of the new ones.

  • Love the RX, and will give this one a try when it comes out. As a former e5 player i swore off the brand, but they won me back over with the last version of RX. I miss whoever did twitter before.

  • Murry,
    You are correct, the person that did their social media previously is not there anymore, but they have someone else there now that handles it. Not sure on your engagement, but it cannot hurt to reach out.

  • Looking forward to trying the BX and BXS! Love me some Bridgestone balls.

  • I’ve used B330 RXS and liked it a lot, intrigued to see how the new TOUR B RXS plays, as well as the feel of the other models.

  • Fell in love with the 330 rxs last year. Trying out the new Tour B rxs this year and seeing some differences. The new ball feels and appears hotter off the face and goes further. However, it has more of a clicking sound off irons and doesn’t feel as soft to me. Still had one B330 rxs in the bag today and switched. Saw more action and stopping power immediately

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