New Gear Alert: Callaway Steelhead XR Pro Irons

New Gear Alert: Callaway Steelhead XR Pro Irons

Today, Callaway introduced the Steelhead XR Pro Irons, which are an extension to their XR family and a compliment to the extremely popular Steelhead line. To get an idea of what to expect, take it from the source, who suggest they will offer breakthrough performance in a signature player’s shape. They bring Steelhead Pro to the consumer in a stunning black PVD finish that will stand out in a big way.


One of the primary features standing out about the Steelhead XR Pro Irons will undoubtedly be the ability to produce distance away from center face contact. For golfers who have a swing built for a limited profile iron, yet want the benefits of distance retention even on their more mediocre swings, the next generation 360 Face Cup technology is said to maintain greater efficiency in the face flexing regardless of where the contact on the face occurs.


As this is an extension of the XR family, having an offering that provides improvements from the XR Pro Iron will be a big benefit to many golfers, as Callaway hit the ground running with that release. Big time distance, quality results especially low on the face, and a surprisingly compact iron profile for all the technology built into it.

A quickly visible element of the Steelhead XR Pro Iron build is the bore thru technology, where weight is removed from the hosel and moved into more effective positions to improve overall MOI (think forgiveness), and work with the CG in the various irons to promote the ideal launch and spin profile based on the loft. Low and far back CG in the long irons to help promote great carry, very low and mid back CG in the mid irons for consistency and workability, and low and mid CG in the short irons for more penetrating and higher spin shots.


Another highlight is a reflection of the feel and feedback of the Steelhead XR Pro Irons, which is managed in part by a new steel-infused polyurethane layer. This is expected to reduce some vibrations and improve feel, while also working to support the lower CG design of the irons. Golfers can expect this profile to aid in providing better ball speed and launch that is consistent.

The Story
In Stores – 3/17/17
Cost – $899
Stock Set – 3-PW or 4-AW (steel shaft only)

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  • I am looking forward to seeing more photos of these, but I am liking what I am seeing and reading so far.

  • These sound quite intriguing and really like the black finish.

  • Love the dark finish on these. I’m using the XHP irons from a few years ago, and wonder if this is the set that makes me switch. I like the price point too, but I am a little nervous in how the black finish will hold up over time.

  • So much to like here. The black finish, the price, the tech and the smaller profile than the original Steelheads.

  • Great looking club and that price point is really nice to see.

  • They look good, but no option on graphite shaft?

  • Ok, I am a diehard Callaway guy but its kinda getting to me. You say this is the best new technology then in a month better new technology is released. I have been a loyal Callaway guy since the early. 2000s clubs clothing ball shoes bag. Now i even have my 8 year old playing Callaway and he is good last week at U.S. Kids he beat twice badly i may add the kid who one 4th at the drive, chip, putt at Augusta National. I got off topic my pointe being I am deputy sheriff i cant afford to update my clubs every 3 months. My son and I are obsessed with golf and Callaway but please slow down on the releases. I pay 400+ driver 800+irons 230+ hybrid each 120 x3 wedges 275 putter and when you realease a new drive or anything even though its a month old the store gives you basically nothing in trade in. I really want the epic driver but my basically new XR16 pro wont even cover close to 1/3 and i paid about what epic costs about 2 months ago but havnt used cause i been using my BB alpha black. Thats crazy.
    My clubs driver XR-16pro, BB alpha black, 3 wood BB alpha 815, hybrid apex 3,4, irons XR steelheads, wedges 2x md2, 60 md pm. Putter scotty Cameron california fastback, od white hot #7 and #1. As you can see i just updated and then Epic is announced and i hit it and i was hitting 300+ i thought i broke the shaft from the sound off the face. My point since callaway is the largest providers they need to fix the trade in value system so im not basically paying the store to take my club

  • Love the PVD finish on that and the price is very solid. Bore thru tech is intriguing. Lookng forward to demoing these.

  • Good looking sticks! I want to see them in hand in a bad way!

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