New P700 Series Irons from TaylorMade Golf

TaylorMade’s P series irons became a complete and cohesive family of four in 2020 when they introduced the P770, P7MC, and P7MB to go along with the well-known P790 irons. Except for the P790, they were all first-gen irons, and as is often the case, we tend to see some refinements come out with the following release cycle. Today, with a lot of excitement, TaylorMade unveils the newest evolution in the P700 series, including the P770, P7MC, and P7MB. 

Taylormade P700 Series of irons


When they debuted the R11 driver, one of TaylorMade’s television commercials was set to the tune of One of These Things is Not Like the Other. During that ad, it was easy to see that the new white crown looked completely different from the sea of black options on the market. While the P770 might look like a solid body iron, it’s very different from the other two members of the P700 family getting announced today. That is because P770 is a compact hollow-body iron that uses multiple pieces of technology not found in the P7MC and P7MB. 

P770 MB irons
P770 Irons

P770 already has earned a reputation for being an iron that goes far and offers good forgiveness and feel. Perhaps the most exciting change comes from what TaylorMade calls FLTD CG. Golfers want long irons to launch high, and with a fine-tuned center of gravity location, they will be able to do that with these irons. As the lofts get higher, so does the center of gravity by reducing the amount of tungsten. Most golfers realize that as they get into their scoring clubs, being able to control the flight of their golf ball helps yield better scoring possibilities. With this FLTD CG design, the longer irons are easier to get up in the air, while the scoring clubs are made to control trajectory and spin. 

Pull apart of the Taylormade P7MC irons
P770 Irons

With this iteration, TaylorMade has added SpeedFoam Air, also found in the latest P790 irons. SpeedFoam Air is 69% less dense than the SpeedFoam that was used in the original P770 irons. Changing this material allows more tungsten and TaylorMade engineers to work on aspects such as the FLTD CG mentioned above. SpeedFoam air also helps support a face that is the thinnest yet in the brief history of the P770.

P770 Irons

The P770 irons will come stock with KBS Tour Steel shafts and lofts generally 1° stronger throughout the bag than the P7MC and P7MB. 


Quickly, if asked which TaylorMade iron is the most played on tour, what is your answer? Time’s up; the answer is the P7MC. If you knew that already, pat yourself on the back. That is important because P7MC already does so many things right, causing its elevated stature within the realms of the TaylorMade tour staff and more. TaylorMade’s mission here is clear, don’t mess up a good thing.

Taylormade P7MC irons
P7MC Irons

P7MC features a slightly longer blade than the P7MB. The top line has been thinned a bit, keeping a tour-inspired look. There is some perimeter weighting to help with some forgiveness, but if you are looking for something to mask your misses all across the face, other members of the P700 family will serve you better. 

Taylormade P7MC
P7MC Irons

P7MC and the below-mentioned P7MB use TaylorMade’s Compact Grain Forging process, which employs 2,000 tons of pressure. With their process, which doubles the industry standard for force during a forging process, TaylorMade engineers can gain precision control at a micro level, thus producing a tighter grain structure. The results are a forged iron that offers higher strength properties and a better feel. 

P7MC Irons


How much can you change in a blade but still make it hit the mark on spin, feedback, and performance? TaylorMade turned to feedback from their tour staff to decide which direction to take the P7MB. After reviewing some vital input from Rory McIlroy and Colin Morikawa, they made some changes that might seem subtle to us amateur golfers, but they get noticed by the best ball strikers in the world. 

P7MB Irons

Compact and narrow is the name of the game with these. A more compact blade length is something that Rory and Colin were keen on as the look tends to fit their eye a bit better. Narrow is for the sole, trimmed up by 1mm versus the previous generation, again something subtle but a noticeable change to the pros. As a product of the slimmer sole design, TaylorMade engineers added a bit more bounce to the leading edge, which will help provide a more refined, crisp feeling through the turf. 

P7MB Irons

On the back, a new symmetrical back bar helps not only position more weight directly behind the center of the face but also helps provide a look that is clean and contemporary. 

TaylorMade P7MC and P7MB irons will come stock with a KBS Tour shaft and lofts that hit more on the traditional side with a 30° 6 iron and 47° PW. A seven-piece set will cost $1,299 for steel and $1,499 for graphite. 

Taylormade P7MC
P7MB & P7MC Irons

There you have it, the latest P700 series irons from TaylorMade Golf. With these three sets joining the P790 irons, golfers can play a complete set or go the combo route and add a bit of everything to the bag. Which iron set interests you the most, or do you see yourself creating the ultimate combination set? Let’s hear your thoughts with the rest of the THP community

The Details

Preorder Date: December 6, 2022

Release Date:  January 20, 2023

Price: $1,299 steel and $1,499 graphite

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