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We have all seen a million gadgets that make it easier for people to get the ball in the hole, but there have only been a few that will help the golfer get the ball out of the hole. The suction up on the end of the putter comes to mind and for many with back problems, it has been a savior and helped them continue this great game without having to put more stress on their back because of less bending over. Well, the folks at Pic Putter have a new design that may make those suction cups that work sporadically a thing of the past. Introducing the Pic Putter!

The Pic Putter is the first golf club of its kind that we have encountered that will make life easier as it pertains to getting the ball out of the hole. The patented “carve out” on the sole of the club is designed to pick up golf balls from anywhere on the course. How is this different than your standard “scoop” on the back of most putters? Well, the Pic Putter actually fits inside the cup so you will virtually never have to bend over to pick up a golf ball again. This USGA approved club will not damage the inside of the cup, the golf ball, or anything else as it makes your life easier for you to continue to enjoy the game of golf.

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The Pic Putter does it all. Now you can both mark and pick up your marker with the magnet inserted under to the toe of our putter plus tap on top of the ball and pick it up right out of the cup. Easy on your back, joints, and muscles makes the Pic Putter a perfect fit for many of the millions affected by such ailments playing the game. Every professional at even the smallest facility can easily identify dozens of their players that can benefit by using the Pic Putter. This USGA approved and patented putter will not damage the cup, delivers a soft but solid feel with a precision investment cast Stainless Steel Head with a CNC Milled Face.

When the Pic Putter arrived at our offices, we were curious to see what it looked like out of the box. At first glance the putter head looks like many of the mallet putters that we have covered. A gray finish with 3 black stripes to act as alignment aids for putting. The head looks quite small compared to most putters we have reviewed recently, but obviously that is for specific reasons. The face of the putter feels nicely milled with lines covering the entire face. The real genius behind this offering of course comes on the bottom of the putter, where the entire underside is “cut out” in a round circle. This of course is to be able to pick up a golf ball and based on just looks, we were a bit skeptical on how well it would work. Off the toe is a small magnet as mentioned and that is there to use with the enclosed ball marker. From a purely aesthetic view, the Pic Putter looks quite nice. We would have preferred a different finish, as this one leaves a little to be desired, but that is more of a personal thing rather than anything else.

Before we get into the performance of picking the ball up, placing the marker, etc… we want to discuss how this performs as a putter. If you are used to using a premium tour level milled putter with a super soft feel at impact, this putter may not be for you. However with that being said, we were surprised that the Pic Putter felt quite nice and provided excellent feedback through the putter stroke. Our testers were worried that the cut out in the sole used to pick up the golf ball would create issues when putting and nothing like that happened at all. In fact when using this one, after a couple of strokes, you forget that it is even there. The putter is slightly offset which actually helped quite a few of our golfers as they tried it out, but offset putters are not for everybody. The only complaint that many of our golfers had was the head size, as most thought it was too small. Therein lies the catch 22 of sorts because the smaller head size of the putter enables it to fit into the cup to retrieve the ball.

Retrieving the ball from the ground, cup, or anywhere else worked perfectly. A simple tap on the golf ball and it fits and stays perfectly. No dropping, No multiple tries to get it to work, the Pic Putter does in fact work every time we tried it with little work involved. After picking up close to 500 hundred balls with it, the putter shows no signs or wearing down and still works as if it were new. No damage to the ball, the cup, or the green. Perfect every time. The magnet that works with the ball marker also worked quite well in that it picks it up perfectly and with a simple tap and drag of the putter, it lays it in the right spot. The only issue we had is when we were playing in a foursome and the magnet picked up someone else’s ball mark by mistake simply by being to close to it.

Will this putter replace my 100% milled putter? No, I prefer the feel of a finely milled flat stick and have become accustomed to my putter that works for my game. With that being said, if I suffered from back problems like millions of golfers do, I would not hesitate to put the Pic Putter in my bag in a second. The Pic Putter will be launched at the PGA Merchandise Show in a couple of weeks and we will have all the details on pricing and where you will be able to find it to try it out. Stay tuned for our coverage of the event like nobody else can bring you.

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Josh B.

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  • Good one jb. Interesting concept, the putter head must be pretty small to get inside the cup. But ive noticed some golfers who loved the small putter head. Two of my friends actually traded their 3yr old sons for their putter and reshafted them for length. Both of those putters were the junior 2ball out of the callaway junior set. Interesting….

  • I actually was one of the original users of the prototype of this model. I can attest to its use as an aid to those with back issues, and believed that it functioned quite well as a putter

  • This may be a great thing for people with back problems who have trouble bending to get their ball when putting (they still need to tee up on their next shot though?). Luckily I’m not to that point yet. My back usually doesn’t start hurting until I get home!

  • That’s pretty neat that it’ll pick up your ball for you 🙂

  • Enough! If your back is soo bad, that you can’t bend over to pick up a ball, let alone make a swing, then maybe it’s time to walk away from golf. I know it’s a painful step just like not being able to drive a car, but sometimes you need to suck it up and face the truth. The shoe clip that alows you to place the ball on a tee was the last straw. How did you get the tee in the ground in the first place? Continuing to play only causes more damage to your back and makes for a long day for the people backed up on the course behind you. We all get old, it’s just a fact of life.

  • Looks pretty neat although I don’t think I would ever use it,but I do know people that would.

  • Hey G.

    It’s stupid people like you that make a lot of other good people sick to their stomach.

    Just returned from the PGA show in Orlando where alot of new products are introduced. The Salute Military Golf Association was there along with Vets-Help Stand Up for Golf Associantion. They promote golf to our wounded warriors and the Pic Putter will really help. I hope none of our American Heros never get in your way one the golf course. If they do I hope they have turned in their weapons.

    The game of golf is meant to be enjoyed by everyone including those wtih physical limitations.

    God Bless all those including our troops.

    Have a nice life.

  • At first, I thought the pic putter was interesting because It did offer those who had limitations some relief. I am not in that category. I am in my thirties and move around just fine. I putted with it and was amazed at how solid the strike was and how stable the putter swung in its path. I have blown a lot of money on putters that didn’t feel half as solid as the pic. I’m a single digit and this is now the putter I am using. It putts amazing!

  • This product sounds great! It’s the perfect gift for my father who just had knee surgery. He loves the game and this product sounds like it will help him out and keep him enjoying the game he loves!!! The pic putter has my vote and I will be placing an order!

  • PIC PUTTER: Where is the pic putter available?
    Many thanks.



  • Sounds great but where can it be purchased, and what’s the cost.
    I’d love to have one.

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