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Pre-Orders are now open for the “Internet Golfer” THP hat. These are going to be limited to virtually only the people that get in on the pre-order and will not be a regular store item. Incredibly light weight, performance materials hat based on the entire THP Forum community and being proud to be a THPer.



Once Pre-Order is all closed up in the next day or two, THP will place the order and it takes a few weeks for arrival. Look stylish and have some fun doing it showing off the latest in custom THP headwear.

Pre-Order in Store Here


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  1. Obed Torres says:

    Can’t wait for this to arrive. I’m hoping for a stiff visor section for stability. Hate whippy lids

  2. Golfinnut says:

    Wore mine just yesterday for the 1st time during a round & got a lot of great comments. “So who is it ‘made for’, you?” yep, definitely for me specifically! HA!

  3. Ramond Iverson says:

    Just love the hat. What’s “Made for” the #1 question I get asked.

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