Next Week is Putter Week

We have been working on something for several weeks now that we are hoping our readers really enjoy. THP is going to be doing a week long look at: The Putters you need to know more about.

We have assembled 5 companies that we think the average person reading our site knows very little about. We will have some company history, brief interviews, and so much more. Each day will profile a new company hopefully bring some information to everybody about companies that we feel people need to know more about. Here is the lineup.
SeeMore – We could not do this kind of article without the company that we think is making some of the best on the market right now. Winner of our THP Award for both blade & mallet, as well as our Huge Putter Shoot Out for performance make this brand something special. But we are going to take you inside on the company history, the people behind it, and of course the passion that makes them so great.

Machine – Doglegright is an amazing company. They had something pretty special in the old HOG putters and have gone one step further with the Machine line. 100% customization and something that looks different and represents art as much as it does golf equipment. Dave Billings is truly an amazing man to talk to and we will have so much information on them for everybody.

Sizemore – Many just do not know the name at all. However Sizemore Golf has been making some gorgeous and unique putters for quite some time. What you do not know now, we think you will be glad you know soon. A company that has gone through changes and keeps putting out some incredible putters. Used on just about every major tour, these putters are not just about looks, but also about helping you putt better.

Sunset Beach
– We could not do an article like this without having our own SSB Putters included. We will have a company history, profile, future news, as well as everything else you would want to know about the men behind this new brand. They have a passion for this business that is not known by many, and we hope this article will shed some light on exactly what they have planned.

Kia Ma – What? Taylormade? I know what many are thinking, however it seems that nobody knows a whole lot about this line from Taylormade other than they make nice putters. We will have quotes from the man behind the brand, and so much more This line is one that you will not want to miss learning more about.

We will also be having a profile from each company on a putter that we have asked them to supply for photo reasons. We have asked the companies to go with something “different and unique” that most of our readers have not seen before. The forum has been buzzing over some of the pictures that we have shown off and you will want to make sure you see these works of art up close.

I think that when it is all wrapped up, this will truly be a week’s worth of articles that you will not want to miss. We are happy to bring this informative week to all of our readers and let them see just what they may have been missing.

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