Next Week: THP TV on Location

Next week THP TV will be hitting the road for 10 days across the country with stops in multiple cities to bring you some unique content. What will you see? Well, you will have to wait to find out, but what we can tell you is that the goals are lofty and the ideas are unique. Staff will be meeting with over a dozen different manufacturers, talking about equipment, and bringing you all of the action in episode format to enjoy.

How can you follow along? Lots of ways actually and you can participate as well. Follow along on the THP Forum for updates and see the threads where you can submit questions as they pop up. Follow along on Twitter and Instagram (@THPGolf) and on Facebook (THPFan) and of course the THP TV Channel. Each one of these will be getting updates and even live streams at times and as the days go by, each new episode of THP TV will be airing.

One of the stops on the trip will be to Budget Golf in IL and there THP Staff Writer James will be making the trial run for THPers to follow where he has 60 seconds in their warehouse to grab anything he wants. This will air on THP TV in the coming weeks and do not forget a lucky THPer will have a chance at their own 60 second sweep soon, and it could be you. Enjoy the content as it comes and if something strikes you or you have a follow up question, never hesitate to ask via any of the THP outlets.

Don’t forget to download the THP Mobile App for iOS and follow along with all of the content for free, right from your phone or tablet. You can find it here.

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