Nickent 4DX Pro Irons Review

New irons come out every single year and most of the time they come and go. This year was a little different. As many readers know I grew up playing blades. They were hand me downs and I learned to appreciate them. As I got older I wanted more forgiveness and have played game improvement irons for five straight seasons. In January I switched to the Adams A3 irons and enjoyed them for almost an entire season. I loved the forgiveness that I got from a game improvement iron, it helped my game where it counted, in CONFIDENCE. But as my game improved to where it is today, I felt I wanted something a little more. I wanted to be able to have my cake and eat it too. I wanted players’ irons that were forgiving.

It was not until I spoke with some of the great club makers in the industry that I learned that my wish was not a pipe dream and that many iron sets would give me exactly what I wanted. When Nickent Golf’s John Hoeflich told me about this set of irons that he had designed, I was very much looking forward to trying them. As most readers remember, we had a chance to interview this amazing club maker last month. For those that did not get to read it, it can be found here John Hoeflich Interview.

Here is what Nickent has to say about them.

We set out to make golf’s most playable player’s iron. The 4DX Pro is the result of that quest. The chrome-plated 4DX Pro combines the classic look of a blade iron with the forgiving features of a perimeter-weighted iron. Its thin top line, minimal offset, and straight leading edge gives the better player shotmaking control. The XW Insert in the 4DX CB is placed in the center rather than at the heel and toe to help preserve the playability better players require while still creating a stable and forgiving iron on off center hits. The forged design of the 4DX Pro combines the extremely soft feel and workability that highly skilled players prefer with the forgiveness and stability of a perimeter weighted iron. Its traditional shape looks like a blade to provide looks that better players look for but is perimeter weighted to provide stabililty and forgiveness on off center hits.

The 4DX line has both the pro and cavity back pictured above. For this review we will focus on the 4DX Pro.

The irons came a few days after speaking with Nickent. We received the entire set of 3-PW. Our initial thoughts were just how nice these clubs looked. To me they were almost a throwback of sorts to the great clubs I grew up playing. Here are some technical specs.

The hosel adds a nice touch where it says Forged and has JBH for John Hoeflich.
The standard Lampkin grips were quite nice for stock grips that are normally so bad.
The steel shafts are Nippon NS Pro 1180GH.

Once armed with the new set to review we headed to the range with myself and three other golfers. Out of the four of us two played blades and two played cavity backs. We hit a large bucket each (about 85 balls) with the iron set and all had very similar feelings about them. Here are some of the thoughts.

1. The club head is a thing of beauty at address. Maybe the best we have seen.
2. They are some of the softest irons we have ever tried. Like butter.
3. Extremely workable and at the same time quite forgiving although much more of a players’ iron, than a game improvement club.
4. Two loved the Nippon shafts and two thought they were not “strong” enough.
5. Good solid feedback on mishits.

Coming away we were just as impressed with them as we were with the appearance. The next day we took them out on the course. It was myself and a local pro and we each played out of the same bag. After the round we sat down and discussed a little more in detail about our thoughts. While we both love the irons and think the heads are some of the finest we have ever played, we differ slightly on the shaft. He considers the shaft more of a game improvement shaft and it got the ball up in the air a little too fast for him. I liked the ball flight a lot and would want to keep these shafts in it. But overall the clubs are some of the best we have played all season.

Two things that we want to make sure people know. At setup (pictured to the left) these are maybe the nicest we have ever seen. It was a pleasure looking down and having the confidence to know that the 4DX Pros will work for you. The feel of these clubs is something we reviewers have never felt outside of a couple of sets. Mainly some of the earlier Mizuno sets of irons and Nickent’s Arc Blades. They are so soft you feel as though you can do anything with them as far as shaping shots.

Overall, this set is a must try for anyone looking for a new set of irons. If you are a player looking for a set to “grow into”, this must be on your list to check out. This is the 2nd set of irons that THP has reviewed for Nickent this year and both of them have received glowing remarks. We hope that they continue this trend in the upcoming years, and with legendary club designer John Hoeflich behind them, we are sure they will.

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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