Nickent ARC Blade Review

When new products are released onto the market it seems that drivers and their latest developments seem to captivate people. While I enjoy the latest driver introduced to the market, a release of a new iron line that truly sparks my interest is much more captivating to me. This weekend I had the opportunity and pleasure of playing the Nickent ARC Blades and I am excited to share with all of you my experience and findings. Over the last few years, I have tested a great deal of irons but rarely will I find a set that can ultimately replace my set of blades. I am pleased to say that I have finally found a set that has found a permanent place in my bag.

At first sight the Nickent ARC blades are truly a piece of art. The club head follows the classic design of a traditional blade with a compact head, moderate top line thickness, and just the right amount of offset throughout the set. The aesthetics are on spot as well and are finished with a beautiful tour satin chrome, which accomplishes the goal of reducing glare. The aesthetics and club head design of the Nickent ARC blade combined with ARC technology creates a smooth feel at impact and a penetrating ball flight.

When compared to other traditional blades on the market, the Nickent ARC blades have all of the features one would typically find with a blade, but possess key features that separate the club from the rest of the pack. The irons have been designed with Nickent’s Accelerated Rebound Core (ARC) technology. ARC technology is a high-rebound elastomer positioned directly behind the impact zone for a lively, solid reaction off the face while eliminating vibration. Nickent implemented this technology in order to produce an internal cavity that allows weight to be distributed around the perimeter of the iron. Ultimately, the distribution of the weight produces a more stable and forgiving iron without sacrificing performance and control.

Playability, forgiveness, and feel are critical elements when truly assessing the strength of an iron. It is common to find an iron that may posses one or two of these elements but rare to find an iron that possesses all three. At address the Nickent ARC blades set up as a timeless set of blades but incorporate modern technologies that increase their forgiveness without sacrificing playability. The perimeter weighting, produced by the internal cavity and ARC technology, is evident when playing the ARC Blade. The irons produce a soft, solid feel at impact. What impresses me the most with the ARC blades is the forgiveness offered while maintaining the classic look and feel of a traditional blade. Controlling trajectory and ball flight with the Nickent ARC blades came with ease and I found the irons forgiving on off center hits, specifically balls hit towards the toe. Essentially, the Nickent ARC Blades offer the playability and performance of a blade while offering the forgiveness of a performance cavity back iron.

John B. Hoeflich and his team of designers at Nickent have struck gold with the Nickent ARC blades. After a few practice sessions and rounds with these clubs I can honestly say that these are the greatest blades I have ever played. If you are an accomplished player or someone looking to transition into a set of blades I cannot stress the level of performance accomplished with the Nickent ARC Blades.

During our review we also tested this set with two other players. One an assistant teaching pro that is a Mizuno player and another that is a Titleist player. Both of these people declared these clubs “the finest irons that they have ever hit.” That is obviously purely an opinion and we are in no way suggesting that these are for everybody. However if you are looking at new sets, make sure to check them out. You will not be let down. To read more about the Arc Blades and see tons of pictures of the clubs check them out at Arc Blades.

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