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My name is Josh and I am an addict. A golf shoe addict that is. I am the guy that wants to have a pair of shoes to match every single golf outfit that I own. Until now, I have always worn the same brand of golf shoes. They matched all the criteria one needs, to stay with a brand. Do they fit? You bet they do. Are they durable? Seem to be. Do they have style options. Yes, they sure do. So why search for something else? Because I have a problem that’s why. But sometimes a problem turns out to be a blessing in disguise. Because a little known company called Nike (some of you may have heard of them) decided they were going to bless THP with their new line of shoes to review for our readers.

Now like I previously stated, I have always been loyal to one brand when it came to golf shoes. That brand was NOT Nike. When we asked our readers what they wanted reviews on however, the new Nike’s were at the top of too many lists to not reach out to them. So we contacted Media Relations of Nike and they were able to help us out. It so happens that Nike was launching two new styles this month and thought it was a great opportunity for a “coming out profile”. Within a few days of speaking with them a package arrived at the office and in it were 2 pairs of shoes. I sat there at my desk just looking at the boxes and then back at my regular brand as if to suggest that I was thinking of having an affair. By the end of the review you will realize that maybe affair was not the right term. The correct term might be “DIVORCE”.

Instead of boring you with my strange obsession with golf shoes any longer, I will get down to the meat and potatoes. The actual products we are here to discuss. On October 1st Nike released two new styles of their footwear line to the world. Here is an excerpt from the press release:

“BEAVERTON, Ore. (September 9, 2008)” Nike Golf has introduced two new styles of Men’s Tour authentic footwear – one that offers a complete package for today’s game and the other offering a classic style that is redefined.
Typifying Nike Golf’s complete package for today’s game is the new Nike Air Zoom Elite II, which represents the second generation of the original Nike Air Zoom Elite shoe that has been frequently seen on the feet of many Nike Golf athletes on the PGA Tour in the last year, including K.J. Choi, Stewart Cink and Stephen Ames.
Presenting a more classic style in golf footwear is the Air Zoom Tour, which represents Nike’s own interpretation of a saddle golf shoe.”

We decided to break this review up and try each product out for a few days. Don’t forget to click on the photos for a much better up close shot. First up was the Nike Air Zoom Tour. The shoes we received were black & white and had a real classic look to them. Now I could bore you to death with technical info such as “these shoes have a tremendous Lateral Support System”, etc… But like all of my reviews, I refuse to do that. What I will tell you, is that these shoes were so comfortable, I almost had someone else do the review for the next pair. Have you ever finished a round and you are back at the car unloading your clubs and changing shoes when you slide your golf shoes off, you just let out a “sigh”? Well, these shoes are for you! These shoes are so comfortable, I chose to wear them into the grill to eat after the round rather than change. They are classic looking and a joy to play in. I felt so good in them, I was not really looking forward to changing them out and moving on to the next pair to review. But alas the things I go through for the THP readers.

After using the Tour’s for quite a few rounds it was time to try out the next shoe that was sent to us. They are called the Air Zoom Elite II. As with its predecessor, the Nike Air Zoom Elite II provides a complete package for today’s game by combining comfort, lateral stability and Tour performance with a level of attitude in styling for the progressive golfer. But that is just technical jargon, the real stuff is determined on your feet. First off, I want to say that these shoes are gorgeous. The pair that they sent us were solid white with a black swoosh. They have this “quiet sophistication” about them. (I know, I am a little too attached to golf shoes) The first time I slipped them on, I thought to myself, “these are just as comfortable as the tour’s, and maybe more stylish”. Then I realized something. They are EVEN MORE COMFORTABLE. The feeling can only be described through the mind of a deranged shoe fanatic. It is like a cross between your favorite running shoe, and slippers. But of course looking at them and trying them on is not a full test. Let’s just see how they performed on the course. So out I went and right away I was onto something. The guy in the pro shop says to me “Those new shoes? They look good!” For 3 full days I put these shoes through the paces. Not an ounce of discomfort ever. They held up great on a hot and humid day, and then held up just as well on a rainy afternoon. They were so good, THAT ANXIETY STARTED TO SET IN. After the trial period was over, it was time to do the inevitable.

It was time that I had to confess. I walked into my closet, turned the light on, and looked at all the beauties lined up in a row. (shoes that is) I knelt down by them and quoted the great George Costanza. “IT’S NOT YOU, IT’S ME”. But they all knew the truth. It was them, and there was nothing they could do about it. The new Nike golf shoes just WORK. They fit like a glove, look fantastic, and seem to hold up to anything. I never went into this test thinking I would have made the switch. But it happened and I could not be happier. I want to thank the readers that asked for us to check these out. Without them, this new relationship would not be possible. To check out the shoes being talked about here, head on over to Nike and check out their lineup. I was also told that this small, but growing company’s golf shoes can be found at tons of other retailers as well.

Till Next Time

Josh B

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Josh is the Publisher of The Hackers Paradise and co-founder of THP Media with his wife Morgan Babbitt. Together they share a passion for golf, and they travel the country along with their two dogs in the THP Tour Van bringing their love and knowledge of the game to golfers everywhere.

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  1. TheNewBrad says:

    Great review. My present golf shoes are a different brand but your review has made me think about trying on a pair of Nikes.

  2. Curt says:

    After reading this review I went to my local store and bought a pair of the tours. They are great. Cant wait to play with them this weekend. Thanks THP.

  3. The Hawk says:

    I bought these shoes yesterday. A pair of each. This review is dead on. I love the point of view that THP gives

  4. DJ Yoshi says:

    I got these from a nike rep & HATED them. Ever since I slipped on the Adidas Tour 360 II & then the Tour II Ltd, it’s been hard for me to wear Nike shoes…the only ones that have been comfortable have been the sp8’s. they’re good looking..sporty yet sophisticated…but after 4 holes, I was HURTING.
    and this review is coming from a dude that LOVES nike.
    I have over 230 pairs of sneakers in my collection.
    Jordan’s, dunks, air max, air force 1’s, even 1 of my favorite pairs of shoes – the old skool spiradon running shoes that…before I was sponsored, i dropped $225 on them.
    nike shoes make up 95% of my collection. but i only have 2 pairs of nike golf shoes.
    sp 8 & , umm another color sp8

  5. WSE says:

    Wow, josh. This review is hilarious. I think it’s one of your best ones. I’ll give the Nike’s a fitting before I pull the trigger.

  6. pm says:

    I tried a pair of the Elite II’s on and I found them to be very narrow and tight. I wouldn’t say I have a wide foot, probably a medium and I like a little room at the toe box so my toes aren’t smashed one on top of another. I can’t believe the majority of men would like the fit of this shoe. I haven’t found my size in a wide width, maybe that will do the trick, probably not.

  7. MFB says:

    I got the air zoom TW (Tiger Woods) 2009 and i hate them. It was the worst US$250 ever spent!! My feed are killing me from the 11th hole, with ‘just’ 8 holes to go.
    They’re so inflexible, narrow and the heal is like concrete.
    Nike makes great shoes for other sports, but golf shoes aren’t their specialty…
    To bad, we could have been such good friends 😉

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