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Every golfer has heard the old saying “you drive for show, but putt for dough”. While that may be true, we also know that Nike had one of the funniest sports commercials ever with the slogan “Chicks Dig The Long Ball”. That ad spot may have pertained to the great sport of baseball, but it still holds true to an extent in golf (substitute “chicks” for “any golfer”). Nike has come up with a way for golfers around the world to enjoy the long drive in their new golf ball the Crush. According to the box it is longer and straighter….We wanted to find out if that was true.

From The Company
Nike Golf has designed a new golf ball that provides explosive distance and powerful precision, and it has a name that is symbolic of its performance. The new Nike CRUSH ball is designed for golfers who are motivated by out driving everyone in their foursome and then owning their bragging rights. Aiding golfers to “crush” the ball, the Nike CRUSH combines a softer compression core, optimized cover design and new DMC Coating® to reduce unwanted side-spin and maximize ball velocity for straighter, longer distance. The larger and softer, high energy core provides high velocity and delivers unrivaled feel. The Directional Micro-Composite Coating or DMC Coating® is the first of its kind; a smart coating that is designed to lower spin for driver shots that would normally slice or hook.

“I believe we’ve done a great job designing a longer and straighter golf ball for a wide range of swing speeds at a mid-tier price, “said Rock Ishii, Director of Product Development for Nike Golf balls. “CRUSH is a natural fit for those who love the game and want to continue to evolve as better golfers.”

Optimized for driver head speeds of 80-95 mph, the newly designed thin, two-piece ionomer blend cover enhances greenside feel and playability while increasing ball speed and maximizing distance off the tee. The Nike CRUSH features a 312-dimple design that produces lift for longer carry and consistent ball flight.

First Impression
Nike was kind enough to send over a few boxes of the new Nike Crush golf ball and our initial thoughts were that the packaging was really good. For the most part the box is blue and white/silver, but it has a metallic shine to it that draws you in. They also went with the smaller box similar to the rest of their line that I still prefer. The ball itself has the swoosh as a logo of course and then “CRUSH” with two small arrows as a putting alignment. The alignment aid is done in a dark blue. The dimples are clearly a mixture of some very large mixed in with some more normal sized and the cover had a nice shine that was begging to be hit.

Initial Testing
We grabbed 6 golfers and went out to the 17th hole on the THP home course and teed it up in the fairway, which is a straight away drive, and we put a line of tape right down the middle. We told each golfer that they would hit 16 drives, 8 with their current ball of choice and 8 with the Nike Crush. The instructions were to alternate shots from one golf ball to the other. Each one of these players had an average swing speed of sub 95 mph normally and we wanted to see if the Crush added anything distance and accuracy wise to their game as promised by Nike.

Golfer 1 – Averaged 3.2 yards further with the Crush and 4.7 yards closer to the center line.
Golfer 2 – Averaged .6 yards less with the Crush and 3.9 yards closer to the center line.
Golfer 3 – Averaged 5.9 yards further with the Crush and 1.2 yards closer to the center line.
Golfer 4 – Averaged 8.2 yards further with the Crush and 4.3 yards closer to the center line.
Golfer 5 – Averaged 4.8 yards further with the Crush and .3 yards closer to the center line.
Golfer 6 – Averaged 1.0 yards further with the Crush and 2.9 yards closer to the center line.

As you can see by the results, all but one player averaged more yardage with the Crush than with their current ball. To top that, all of the 6 golfers were more accurate with the Crush than with their current ball.
Course Testing
The following day we took them out on the course to work on the entire game and see how the ball stood up. We had an entire foursome use them and see what their thoughts were. I got to try them for the first time as well, but more on that later. Not a single person had anything negative to say about them off the tee. Each one of us saw great distance and a solid ball flight. It was more of a penetrating ball flight than a high flight and it climbed up and stayed up before coming down. One thing to note is the consistency of the flight. Not a single person saw a ballooning ball all day and that was just fine by us. Approach shots were extremely straight and still climbed high enough to land softly. Not a huge amount of spin on the greens, but that is to be expected out of a 2-piece ball geared for distance. Around the greens and putting we saw some nice feel…Again, not going to be the same as a tour level ball in the amount of spin, but putting especially felt good and gave off a good audible sound. Many distance balls sound and feel clicky, but that is just not the case here. All four golfers played well with them and when it comes to amateurs, finding the fairways is king, and these seem to fly straighter for the entire testing panel.

My Thoughts/Rant
I have said before that I believe that more than half the golfers that play this game would score better if they played the appropriate golf ball for their game rather than the ball they “think works best because the pros use it”. But this is not the place and I am not the person to make that speech. However I will say that I believe these same golfers would score better and enjoy the game more with a ball like the Nike Crush. I am not paid by Nike or anybody else for that matter, and there are no ads on our site. But a golf ball designed to go straight is what every golfer needs, and our testing showed that golfers gained both distance and accuracy. I will gladly sacrifice a small amount of spin to hit most fairways and while playing this ball I did just that. I hit more fairways with this ball than I have in a long time (14 of 14 during 1 round) and while that is not going to help anybody else, it has me converted to finding the right ball for me. I wish and hope more people will do the same.

So what did we learn about the Nike Crush? Most in our testing saw an increase in distance, and all saw an increase in accuracy. The Nike Crush is designed for players with the swing speed between 80-95 (Crush Zone) and our findings completely back it up. It features a 312 dimple pattern and a compression of 63. To the average golfer that means very little, but the results do not lie. With a street price of around $22 it is quite a bargain as well. We started this review with a great Nike slogan of the past. “Chicks Dig The Long Ball!” What we will finish with is that apparently women and golfers have a lot in common, because we dig the long ball too. For more information on the Nike Crush or any other Nike Golf products, check out their website at

Till Next TIme

Josh B.

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Josh is the Publisher of The Hackers Paradise and co-founder of THP Media with his wife Morgan Babbitt. Together they share a passion for golf, and they travel the country along with their two dogs in the THP Tour Van bringing their love and knowledge of the game to golfers everywhere.

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  1. Dave S says:

    Extremely thorough review as always. I switched this last year from the Pro V1 to a less expensive ball I, the Nike Power Soft, due to the economy and it has helped my game. I plan on trying these out. I remember that commercial and that was great.

  2. Joe the man says:

    This was really good. I love that add. Its nice to see a ball live up to the claims. I play the One Tour, but cost is getting to be a big factor. I might try these out.

  3. MadMike says:

    Did anyone in the test normally play the Bridgestone E6+? Curious if these two balls are pretty much equivelent or if there is a difference between them.

  4. Admin says:

    Nobody was playing the E6+ in this test, however they are pretty different. The Bridgestone ball is a 3 piece ball and this is a 2 piece ball.

  5. Lefty says:

    Thanks for the review. I’d be interested to see how these match up with the Foo-King Lings!

  6. bonknhead says:

    Nice review, as usual JB. I’m not a Nike golf ball fan, but I might try these out after this review. Even though they’re constructed different than the Bridgestone E6+, sounds like both balls are geared toward the same player in that they spin less and are straighter than other balls in their lineups. Thanks for the unbiased review!

  7. jimmy the miss says:

    I got a sample of these last week at a demo day and the review is on target 100%. They are very long. Longer than the diablos i was playing before this. they felt fine around the greens for me and for this price they are perfect.

  8. Smallville says:

    I may spring for a box of these too. I liked the results you got in testing. Longer AND straighter? I could use that.

  9. Tre J says:

    Good write up. I have been thinking about trying a new distance ball and this would be my first Nike. Loved the ad.

  10. Checkingin says:

    The Top Flite D2 Straight (I know lots of people will turn up their nose) does pretty much the same thing at $15 for 15 balls. It has a slick cote surface that reduces side spin (mainly on driver).

    I shot a 38 this week while only playing 9 holes due to weather. Started the next day and shot 41. I’ve only shot as low as 38 two other times and the previous time was in 2001. I don’t play very often and my scores have climbed as a result. The Top Flite D2 Straight works for me and it still stops on the greens nicely.

    If this ball does that, then it will help most golfers.

  11. freak says:

    hey- I am big fan of the e6+, I am a true hacker, but love playing and after using the e6 I am believer in finding the right ball for your game. It really improves my scores when I play w/ them. How does being a 2 piece vs. 3 piece impact what each ball claims to do – longer and straighter? Any help/advice would be appreciated. The Nike balls are about 5$ cheaper, so if I could switch, it’d be worth it.


  12. Administrator says:

    Finding the right ball is key and the e6 and the Crush are quite different, but they both have similar attributes. Both help keep it straight and fly well. However the new e6 is a little softer around the greens than that of the Crush. Both are great balls for the right player.

  13. dtak84 says:

    I have never been fitted for balls, but have been reading up a lot on how it is just as important as club fitting (which I haven’t done either)

    I’m interested in trying this ball out, but with a swing speed of 100… will it perform that differently for me?


  14. I tried the new Crush ball on 11-18-09. It did one thing as advertised. It went straight. I currently play the Callaway Diablo ball. I found for me that it was short of the Diablo with the driver. The Crush had a good feel off the putter and it was good with the irons. However, I will not switch because of the loss in distance off the driver. I think the ball flight was also higher with the Crush. Maybe that is the reason for driver distance loss.

  15. Great review. Spin and feel are too much a part of my game to switch to a ball like this but a great review.

  16. Vegan702 says:

    It would have been interesting to know what the other ball that the testers were playing when comparing to the Crush ball. If they happened to be playing a ball that was not designed for them, of course they would see better results as the Crush ball may actually be more in line with what they SHOULD be playing. Can you publish what balls they were comparing against, est. swing speed, etc for the testers? I think you are leaving out very valuable data that should be included in these reviews.

  17. Admin says:

    That info is published during our shoot outs, but we leave other manufacturers out of reviews for competitive companies, in fairness to all companies. Why give one brand a bad name if that ball works well for a certain sector of players? When reviewing a product, we do so on its own merits and use multiple testers. During our shoot outs we list what each person uses and what they are working on. We explained that all of the golfers had swing speeds sub 95 and ideal for this ball. Part of any golf ball review is the education on whether a golf ball is right for an individual.

  18. Arturo Vidal says:

    I tried these balls this past weekend and I must say I was completly let down…I actually lost distance…

  19. Jason says:

    Well, I am a Nike Ball guy. The first ball I ever spun back was a Nike Platinum. Unfortunately, I have managed to find too much spin and have lost considerable distance due to a medical condition. I bought a box of Crush balls and I am playing tomorrow. Stay tuned for my results.

  20. Dave says:

    How does it compare with the Karma?

  21. Britton says:

    I got a sleeve of these free from a promotion and thought I would use them the next day when I went out for a round…………I love the feel and my ball was flying much straighter than usual. To top it all off this was the ball that day that gave me my first hole in one ever!!

  22. Tony Stephenson says:

    No comparison with the Nike One Tour.

  23. Arthur says:

    I usually play the Nike One Tour D ball…Recently I was playing a round of golf and I realized I had left my balls at home. Well everyone knows that balls are over priced at the proshop. The starter who knows me was nice enough to give me a sleeve of the Crush balls…I will say the ball did fly farther and did go straighter, especially with my irons. Putting was a little iffy. Overall not a bad ball at all. I’m an 11 handicapp..

  24. Martin says:

    Question – does the Nike Crush – replace the Power distance Straight ?

    (Same blus box.. I really liked the Power distence – straight ball.)

    thanx !

  25. norm says:

    I used the nike pd soft last year and then i wanted to try out the crush and see if it would help me out. well i bought a box and went and played. first round out i was hitting it a little longer and alot strighter. now i am a nike crush user. my last round tho i played with the PD soft again because i still have a dozen of them figured i’d use them up and i noticed i wasn’t getting some distence and it was curveing alot more. i’m a fan of the crush ball.

  26. Mark G. says:

    I received a box of the Nike Crush balls last month at a golf tournament and I’ve been playing with them ever since. I have definitely noticed that the ball carries higher, but it definitely goes straighter than any other ball I’ve ever used. Today I hit Hole-In-One on a 145 yard par 3. I’m sure luck had a lot to do with it, but I’m sticking to these balls for a long time. Except my Hole-In-One ball; that’s going in my trophy case. 🙂

  27. Peter "golfudstyr" says:

    Brilliant review – this is definetly the most detailed review I have ever seen!

  28. Rene M says:

    Played the old mojo ball until nike replaced them with the granite mojos today, switched to juice and juice plus and loved the flight and feel. Now Cruch seems to be discontinued what is the next line in this type of ball from nike for price, distance and feel. I don’t care for the PD soft. Thanks for the informative review…

  29. RckyMtnGlf says:

    I have just bought a box of Nike Crush Blue and will use them Monday (Memorial Day). This sounds like the ball for a hack like me. I like the mojo, and the juice from Nike and saw that this was a similar ball. I appreciate the review and hopefully I won’t lose as many balls. Thanks THP!

  30. Biggie says:

    The Nike Crush is a good ball but for lower swing speeds you should be using the Wilson Staff Duo that has 40 compression or the Callaway SuperSoft Golf ball that has 38 compression but for value you wise the Wilson Staff is a much better built ball and worth every penny

  31. will says:

    Ive been playing the nike pd soft this year. Was playing the wilson staff 50 elite last year. My swing speed is 100 maybe 99 or 98 and the staffs were balooning on me a lot. I can tell you swing speed is not a big deal if its only a couple mph over 95. the pd soft is 60 compression and I’m for sure the CRUSH is at least 5 points higher ive been crushing.. and I mean just crushing my drives (vrs covert 2.0 tour) and puring my irons with the pd soft.. so I’m sure I’ll gain a few yards with the 2015 model CRUSH 16 pack of balls for 15.00! I am also a 10 handicap I believe maybe 9

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