Nike Dymo and Dymo 2 Review

Nike Golf seems to be on a roll as of late. The Victory Red Full Cavity Irons we reviewed as well as the Victory Red Split Cavity we covered both got rave reviews. Compared to the previous years when THP just did not really care for their iron sets that much, this was a huge improvement.

A few years back Nike launched the SQ line of drivers and in 2007 we raved about both the round and square varieties and thought that they were about as good as we hit that year. In 2008, Nike Golf put out another version of the SQ line and although we loved the fairway woods, we thought the drivers were a step back in terms of distance and control in our personal testing. Many thought that the 2007 models had a horrible sound and in 2008 Nike muted that sound and in our opinion muted the clubs performance. 2009 is coming right up and many are anticipating what to see out of Nike Golf and their new line of drivers. As always The Hackers Paradise has it here for you first with a complete review of the Nike Dymo line of drivers.

The idea of DYMO technology originated from the Nike Golf athletes on the PGA Tour, who work with the knowledgeable members of Nike’s staff in its Tour Van to custom tune their drivers for maximum performance. DYMO technology represents “Dynamic Moment of Inertia,” which means that the CG location, Nike PowerBow size, head size, lie angle and MOI have been optimized and performance-matched to each respective available loft for more distance and better performance. “We’ve taken the MOI concept to greater detail by varying each clubhead to match the performance level of any player,” said Tom Stites, Director Club Creation for Nike Golf. “Every loft has a different shape, PowerBow, center of gravity placement, face height and face angle. The geometry in the DYMO allows us to deliver the optimal scenario for every player. In other words, it’s like a Tour Van on a stick.”

Nike Golf’s proprietary PowerBow Weighting is optimized in each loft option to help produce the shot-enhancing performance demanded by all players. The PowerBow Weighting is smallest in the lower lofted 9.5-degree model and features a higher face, with a more forward center of gravity to promote a more penetrating trajectory with less spin. The higher lofted 10.5, 11.5 and 13-degree models see the weight gradually increasing in size, moving the center of gravity further and lower back from a slightly shallower face to create progressively higher launch angles and higher spin rates. This combination produces the ideal balance of carry and roll for greater overall distance for each and every loft. In each loft, the lie angle goes up in increments of one degree, from 60 degrees in the 9.5-degree loft option, to 63 degrees in the HL (13 degrees) model, which helps to keep drives both long and straight. So whatever the swing speed, angle of attack, launch angle or preferred shot shape, the SQ DYMO’S tuned clubhead specifications provide maximum performance for every loft.

The SQ DYMO drivers are available in two game-enhancing head geometries. The straight-hitting, square-shaped SQ Dymo² has weight placed deep into the corners of the clubhead to offer exceptional stability and forgiveness, to help get the ball airborne with ease and power, while the rounder outline of the SQ Dymo delivers square mass in a more traditional head shape, and provides more precise feel and control, offering players the ability to work the ball in any direction.

Both models are fitted with Nike Golf’s proprietary UST Wide Body Shaft with an AXIV Core. This shaft features a larger overall diameter throughout the body, to provide more stability through impact for the specific moment of inertia characteristics of each loft-tuned head, while the AXIV Core provides the tip stiffness required for optimum power transfer.

Nike was kind enough to send out four drivers to have THP test out. We got both the Dymo and Dymo2 in regular and stiff shafts and in 9.5* and 10.5*. We decided that instead of our usual way of testing in a controlled group, we would do something a little different. More on that in a second. The first day we took these out to the range and then to the course. It was myself and our resident THP teaching professional. Both of us took turns alternating between both of these new Nike Drivers and both of us had the same feelings at the conclusion of hitting about 20 balls a piece. Nike is on a roll. No more hollow feeling or muted sound. These drivers have the characteristics that we want most in any driver. The face is extremely hot and the ball goes a long way. Comparing it head to head with a Titleist 909D2 left us wondering why anybody would purchase that club. Control is fantastic. Our shot dispersion with the Dymo2 was about as straight as it could get and the groupings of shots all landed very close to each other. With the Dymo we could really work the ball into a cut, draw, or straight and the feeling was better than either one of us expected. The round faced Dymo seems to give a little bit more distance and you still get unbelievable control. But both drivers felt as though they were by far the best that Nike has put out as of yet, and that is a bold statement considering they have lead the PGA in wins each of the last three years.

As mentioned earlier THP decided to change up their testing with these drivers because we had already found that two of us absolutely loved them, and rather than use a controlled group that we know like we do many times, we decided to hit a public driving range that gets very crowded and see what the general public thinks about the new Nike “big dog”. Once we arrived at the range and brought the four drivers up to the hitting area we approached golfers and although they looked confused and befuddled, they were happy to be included in our review. We were able to get feedback from 24 golfers and each golfer was given 10 balls to hit. THP was stunned when 22 out of the 24 golfers declared this club a winner. 15 of them really liked the Dymo (round head) and 7 really liked the Dymo2 (square head). Only 2 did not care of the driver. One of those two was a Staffer for another golf company and the other did not like 460cc drivers. We have never done an equipment test with this large of a testing pool and to have the results that positive was a real treat. Almost every player that hit the driver came up to us afterward and asked about release date, cost, and expressed a real interest in changing out for the new Nike line of drivers.

Headcovers are normally something we pretty much just gloss over. But in this case, it was the one thing we did not really care for about this club. The graphics are better than they normally are with a lot less yellow, however the combination of velcro and magnets just did not do it for us. We would have preferred either a slip on or something a little easier. But since we have so much love for some of the fun headcovers at THP, we recommend using one of those instead of staying away from this amazing driver.

Overall The Hackers Paradise gives the Nike Dymo line of drivers the highest grade possible. They will hit stores on 2/01/09 and are something that we really recommend anyone in the market for a new driver.. As one equipment tester put it, “Can we hold on to these until they are released before we send them back to Nike? I do not want to play without it.” The MSRP is $360.00 and in line with what THP expects a top of the line driver to cost. In fact we expected the MSRP to be $399.99. So far the 2009 lineup from Nike appears to be some of the best on the market. Each time we take the clubs out for real world testing they live up to and surpass our expectations. The Dymo and Dymo 2 are no different and perhaps the best we have tested from them to this point.

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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  • I am in the hunt for a new driver during the 2009 offseason and prior to this review I wouldn’t have even considered the new Nike driver series. Now they have me thinking…

    At address the Dymo is exactly what I love in a driver, will certaintly have to test a model out!

  • Dan,
    You will certainly want to check these out. I was not really looking forward to these too much, and they BLEW US AWAY, with how good they were.

  • Great review, THP! Thank you.
    I have been looking forward to this driver and was considering purchasing one. Your review has re-affirmed my desire to get it, now that I can back up my love of how it looks, with the comfort of knowing its performance is up to scratch.

  • I wish Nike had come up with a name different from the world’s leading labeler. So much R & D money and they get the name wrong.

  • We would like to add that THP does not have any problem with the name at all. We much prefer it to names that are just a bunch of numbers like other brands use. And if someone is in a golf store looking at drivers and they think “hmmm, that is also the name of a labeler” and it deters them, then they are missing out on a great driver.

  • So glad that I stopped in here on my day off. I have been searching everywhere for news on these drivers and this review was very thorough. I also did not like the 2008 stuff they put out and they were not even on my radar for 09 but now after this, it is down to this or Nickent. Both look solid. Now I have to wait for a month before i can buy one.

  • Very interesting read and I am very interested to hearing what your thoughts are on the STR8 Fit that is coming out in a few months as well. As usual, the coverage here is better than any other place around. I really liked the 08 stuff and it seems that I am in the minority. But this one has caught my eye.

  • Very interesting stuff. Curious about the shaft and how it held up for being stock?

  • I had no problems with the shaft at all. In fact I think it worked out great and would not change it for an aftermarket shaft if it were to be in my bag.

  • These look great. Glad I found this review before I bought a driver. I think it is worth waiting a few more weeks to hit these first.

  • Best review of a driver I have read to date. I think you are the only site that gives real world experience. How does this driver compare to the Nickent Evolver that you raved about?

  • Very different types of drivers. I like both of them a lot. Definitely worth hitting both of them and figuring out which one is best for you.

  • I’ve been nothing but happy with my Titleist 909D2. I can tell you why I bought it, because it suits me. To single it out for criticism when this is supposed to be a review about the Nike Dymo, not a critique of the 909D2, is very fishy and smells of hidden agenda. As that previous poster said, Nike made a dumb choice of name for their new labeler, oops – golf club. They can keep it.

  • Tony,
    We are sorry you got confused and glad you found a club that suits your game. There was no agenda or conspiracy theory. The reason that it was brought up in this article is the resident pro for our site plays the 909D2 so it was with us and we were comparing shot for shot with the Nike. For our testing, it was not even close. Our “labeler” as you call it was longer and straighter than the 909D2

  • Another excellent review guys. As between the square and traditional head, which did you and amellorud prefer for your games? Did you see a handicap-based preference for one over the other?

  • A+ on photography, particularly like the last one!

  • WSE,
    We did not really notice a handicap based preference between the round or the square. Both amollerud and I preferred the round, however neither one of us disliked the square model. It was entirely based on feel. More players preferred the round version and that version seemed to give in our testing a little more distance. However if you lack control at all, we think that the square driver is spot on for control.

  • I’ve read the review but I’m not convinced. Before running off to buy this driver, I’d wait to try the other 2009 drivers due for release. I was recently invited to a preview of the new TaylorMade R9. It’s one smokin driver and worth waiting for!!

  • Jason W,
    I would love to know where you hit the R9. It has not been released as of yet. Please let us know what your thoughts are on it.

  • It will be a couple of years before I buy another driver because I just bought the sumo sq 5000 last year… but man… this is very tempting… excellent review…

  • Excellent review! Would appreciate your compare/contrast thoughts between the Dymo2 and the Callaway FT-iQ. Really enjoy your website!

  • We will be reviewing the FT-IQ shortly, but I have hit it and in my mind, the Dymo will be tough to beat.

  • Can I ask what shaft weight you demo’d? was it the blue, red or black AXIV?

  • I purchaed the Nike DYMO 9.5 Stiff (Round) about a week ago, it sits beautifully. Prior to my purchase i had a 9.5 Stiff 5000 in the previous driver and found that the head was too heavy. The new Dymo head and shaft have been tuned so that they compliment each other, the wide body shaft allows playability and control. I average 245 – 270 Metres but now i’m getting an extra 10-15 metres almost immediately and i have not even broken it in properly. Highly recommended!!!

  • Ok how much longer would you say the Dymo is over the Dymo2 in distance. Are we talking major yardage? I have the origional sq sumo and I crush it already but I want one of these drivers so I can decide!

  • Would you buy the Dymo for it’s length or is the Dymo2 straighter and just as long? Thanks.

  • I hit one of these, among with a bunch of others, earlier this week. The Dymo seemed as long and straight as any of the ones I hit, but the impact sound is still pretty loud. Nike is moving in the right direction though. I liked the Dymo a lot more than any of the previous Sumos I had hit.

  • I Bought one of these yesterday, after comparing with the Diablo, latest Cobra & Burner and FT-5.

    Was easily my favourite whilst just hitting it and the stats from the launch monitor session with the pro just backed it up. Loads of energy off the clubface, great feel and trajectory and a carry of over 230 yards which for this 14 handicapper on a cold windy day was just what the Dr ordered 😉

  • Went through a driver fitting last week. The Dymo 2 was by far the best club based on the fitting results. But, hitting a driver into a net is not hitting a driver and seeing the end results 230 yds out. Went to the range and I was totally surprised with the way this club preformed. I normally have a fade that at times develops into a slice. I hit this driver straighter than any I have ever experienced. Went back a second time and had the same results. Sold!

  • […] of the drivers that Nike put out in 2008 but this year they rebounded quite well so far with the DYMO and DYMO 2 that we were able to review a few months back. Since writing that review we have basically hounded […]

  • I have a few questions….First, I currently have a Nike Ignite 460 9.5 deg stiff shaft. I like this club but think it’s time for an upgrade. Do you think there will be a big difference between this and the DYMO? Second…I am considering going to an 8.5 deg with x-stiff shaft. I am 5’6″ tall but my swing speed is around 110 MPH and I average about 280 with my current driver. Do you think the x-stiff 8.5 deg is a good choice?

  • To answer your questions.

    1. Yes I do think you will see a big difference between this and the Ignite you are currently playing. BUt it will depend on your skill level of course. The DYMO has a hotter face, gets the ball up quicker, and is more forgiving.
    2. As far as what shaft, that should be something to speak with a fitter about. If you are swinging 110 and playing a regular stiff and it is working, why change that and go to an X.

  • Thanks….I am currently a 12 handicap. The reason I ask about the x-stiff shaft is I generally play a slight fade but sometimes I get a hard slice and feel like my swing was still fairly good. I didn’t know if may be this was due to the swing speed and maybe too much flex in the shaft.

  • Great input at this site!! I have been searching around the web for some blogs, user commentary, etc. about the DYMO and this page is by far the most informative. I purchased the DYMO (round) 10.5 last week and all I can say is WOW!!! I am a 27 year old man with a 15-18 handicap. I’m now averaging between 280 and 300+ yd drives with the DYMO whereas before I was averaging between 260 and 280 and my handicap has dropped by 5 strokes. Great feel, address, and sound at impact. I experienced an immediate noticeable difference my game and have dropped about 5 strokes. In my opinion this is the best driver out there right now!

  • I was at my club’s demo day today and like many of you, Nike wasn’t even on my radar as I’ve hated their drivers in the past. Short of it is I bought the Str8-Fit square driver today, regular shaft. I’m sort of a mid-hi handicapper and the HL square head version was just about perfect for my swing. 20% off was nice too. ;o)

  • fantastic review! i recently purchased the driver and could not have been more pleased. keep up the good, informative work.

  • i’ve been using sumo 2 5900 for over 18 months now and am very happy with its overall performance. i do not know whether i should change this to dymo 2 just because of the good reviews i’ve read. what exactly will be the benefit of doing so if i part with £179.00? 🙂

  • the dymo is great. dont know about dymo2 but i do know that i had about 15 yards more carry with the dymo than my old driver and i hadnt even adjusted my swing really yet. i tell you balls just seem to soar off this clubface!!!

  • Just bought the dymo2 yesterday. I have been golfing for 8 years and have NEVER been able to get the slice out of my driver so I just don’t use it. On the range I was consistantly putting straight 240-270 yard drives. I am not a long hitter by any means as I only hit my Adams Insight XTD 3 wood 180ish. I am just plain impressed by this driver.

  • I tried the Dymo2 for a contest to win a bunch of Nike stuff (you had to demo the club to enter) and I was sold right there, I hit this thing straight and long about 75% of the hits I took (about 35 drives) and after checking the club face, alot of the ball marks were off center, proving to me how forgiving this club is! I just ordered one yesterday.

  • I just bought the DYMO 2 driver after seeing it on sale and went to the local store to try it a few times, (also changing from reg. to stiff shaft). I like the feel of the club much better than the sumo 2 model I bought the same time last year thats why I made the switch. Played one round and put 4 more balls in the fairway than usual!!!

    The only negative I would have is the hits of the tow were not as forgiving as my old club, much less distance, but the hits seemed to draw and come right back into play!! To bad we just got buried in snow…

    17 hndcp
    2 rounds a week

  • Have DYMO round. Love it straight and smooth. The sound is horrible. Can’t stand the ping. Other than that awesome.

  • i have the dymo2 driver and it was pretty good for a while but it lost its pop after about playing it for about 30-40 rounds

  • I have always been a Callaway fan, UNTIL i bought the FTIQ. Worst driver I have ever used. I tried outthe Dymo 2 driver yesterday and was pounding the ball!!!! Bought it on the spot. Believe me, I tested a lot of drivers and this one stole the show for me. I was hitting the Callaways 260 and with the Dymo2, 280-290 and straight!!!!

  • Just bought the the Dymo round. Cant wait to try it out!

  • No idea why I decided to read this review from 09. But I used to have this driver and I like the performance a lot. I laughed when I read the bit about the headcover because I also hated the headcover.

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    I have a blog based upon on the same ideas you discuss and would love to have you share some stories/information. I know my viewers would enjoy your work.
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