Nike Golf – 2010 Spring Fashion Preview

Each year more and more companies are coming out with new apparel that is geared to be stylish, trendy, and down right perfect for golfers to wear as their season gets started. One company continues to raise the bar when it comes to style and that is Nike Golf. Take a look on the tour each week and you will be able to instantly spot a Nike Golf staff player. Well put together, stylish, and uniquely different than what we have come to expect in golf attire. THP was fortunate enough to have the company send over a few samples to take a look at and give our readers some early thoughts on the spring line for 2010.

Outfit #1

Shorts – Dri-FIT Flat Front Stretch Shorts in White
What can we say other than for Spring Fashion Preview 2010, we found white shorts an absolute necessity. Bold without being too bold and clean and crisp looking to go with any outfit. The Dri-Fit Flat Front Stretch Shorts in White are about as comfortable a pair as we have come across and are extremely moisture wicking. They run true to size and the fit is not slim or athletic, but not baggy either. Just a perfectly comfortable pair of shorts that works with so many tops.

Shirt – Nike Golf Polo
This is a pretty unique shirt from Nike in that from the front it looks like a pretty plain shirt, but from the back you realize it is so much more. Very light weight, and comfortable for a full technical material shirt which just oozes style. From the lime green accents to the darker colored pattern coming in on the sides, this shirt is another one that can be paired with so many bottoms and matches up with the white shorts for this outfit perfectly. The shirt runs completely true to size, but is a little more athletic fitting (something we like). It also features the collar that will not be completely ruined after just one wash.

Outerwear – Nike Lightweight Jacket
This thin piece of outerwear is just flat out cool and perfect for the Spring weather or April showers. It is extremely thin and does not restrict movement at all and repels moisture or rain perfectly. It is also the perfect piece to keep in a golf bag for those days when the sun goes down or the breeze picks up. The jacket is a light weight, thin material that folds up well and is a joy to keep on hand.

Outfit #2

Shorts – Nike Plaid Short
Sometimes its the little things in life that make you smile and this entire outfit does just that. These plaid shorts feature the Nike Dri-Fit material that is perfect for those days when technical material is wanted and needed. Extremely comfortable throughout and the sizing runs true. The cut of the shorts seem to be perfect for either athletic or regular shapes and fit is phenomenal. Now we move on to the style section and the designers at Nike Golf hit a home run with these shorts. Plaid can get tricky and if the colors or patterns get too busy, it makes it hard to match up with more than one or two shirts. These are absolutely stunning at that department. Simple, stylish, and bold in just the right areas. Its rare when we say things like this, but these could be the “perfect” spring shorts.

Shirt – Nike Contrast Stitch Polo
Sometimes its the little things in life that make you smile. Well not much smaller than some contrast stitching, but when it works this well, its hard to knock anything about it. Nike has made this look so good that it is one of the favorites of the THP staff for the entire Spring Fashion Preview. It features a soft Dri-Fit fabric that is also made to protect from the UV rays. Slightly stretchy, this shirt has a nice mesh area that runs along the collar bone in between the contrast stitching and provides an area for the shirt (and your body) to breath overall. Something unexpected and well liked quite a bit. Pairing this shirt with the bottoms talked about above are something that could be described as the ultimate in Spring Outfits. Light weight, stylish, simple and bold at the same time, and extremely comfortable.

Air Vapor II
The Nike Air Vapor II picks up right where they left off in the original version. THP got a chance to review the original Air Vapors last year and came away extremely impressed, especially in the comfort category. The 2nd edition of this shoe feels even a little lighter than the original and slightly more low profile. Something we enjoyed quite a bit and think that most golfers will as well. The style is a little different as well with less of the two tone gradient look, but rather a simple textured style that is more classic than before. One thing did remain the same and that is the comfort factor and these deliver all the way through a round.

Air Anthem
I will start off by saying that when I first opened the box, I was a little stunned and did not know what to expect. They are certainly not your grandfather’s golf shoes. Its hard to describe, but these are a modern style shoe with some serious throwback appeal if that makes sense. The look is similar to that of the classic tennis shoes that many of us remember in the eighties. However with that being said, once you put them on and match them with outfit #2, you remind yourself just how put together an outfit can be. The plaids play off of each other well and the entire shoe is brings in a new era of style. Also very low profile and comfortable, offering little to no foot fatigue for an entire day on the range or course.

Nike Golf continues to “bring it” when it comes to golf style. When you offer bright colors in a stylish look, wonderfully fitting and comfortable apparel, and clothes that “wreak” of style, you basically hit a home run. Nike has done just that with the Spring 2010 line and continues to raise the bar in golf apparel which for the consumer is a huge plus. The style that Nike has gone with in 2010 is hard to sum up, but they have style in all the right places and bring in a great amount of color choice without doing it just to be flashy. For more information on the items featured here or any of the other apparel you see out on tour each and every week, check out their newly designed website at

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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