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Fresh off the Masters Tournament, Nike Golf and Nike athlete Tiger Woods team up to launch the inaugural Nike Golf “Make it Matter” Tour in China and Korea from April 12 – April 14, 2011. The Nike “Make It Matter” Tour aims to illuminate the sport of golf in Asia among youth, golf fans and aspiring athletes alike — all through the insights shared by Woods as it relates to golf, including athletic training, practicing, preparing for competition and product innovation.

“Our goal with this Tour is to combine the enormous popularity of Tiger as a global iconic athlete with the strength of the Nike Brand in Asia and around the world to excite, attract and inspire golfers of all ages,” said Cindy Davis, President of Nike Golf. “We believe that teaming with Tiger to shine a light on golf in China and Korea will have a meaningful impact on a region that is playing a critical role in the growth of our sport.”

The Nike Golf “Make It Matter” Tour will launch in China beginning in Shenzhen (April 12th), then on to Beijing (April 13th) and Seoul, Korea (April 14th). The Tour’s schedule had originally included Tokyo, but out of respect for the obvious focus needed for Japan’s recovery from the devastating earthquake and tsunami that struck on March 11th, plans to travel to Tokyo have been postponed, and Nike Golf efforts in Japan will be part of Nike’s overall community response plan.

The Nike Golf “Make it Matter” tour will showcase Woods demonstrating clinics for youth, providing insights on his training regimen and educating consumers on Nike Golf product innovation. Along with Davis, Woods also will spend some quality time discussing the issues of golf with media and connecting with Nike Golf’s business partners and constituents.


• Tiger conducts clinics for young athletes
• Tiger demonstrates on the course and shares his thinking and shot-making
• Tiger talks product innovation
• Tiger and Cindy Davis spend time with media
• Tiger talks athletic training

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  • I think this is a great thing for Tiger to do. Maybe it will begin to help his image a bit.

  • Good way to increase brand awareness and promote the sport.

  • great idea to spread the game of golf and to improve the Nike Golf brand as a whole.

  • Should help grow the game, I’ll be interested to see how it plays out. It sounds like the “First Tee” programs here?

  • I like this a lot, glad to see Nike and Tiger working together to grow the game.

  • A good move for Nike and TW.

  • China and Korea are still fast growing economies that represent a lot of opportunity for global co’s. Good move by Nike and Tiger to gain even more exposure in these regions by bringing this directly to the people first hand

  • China poses the largest potential growth for the game of golf anywhere in the world and Nike is taking advantage of that. Tiger doing youth clinics is always a good thing to see, so overall I think this will be a very productive venture.

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