Nike Ladies Apparel For Fall Fashion Preview

This year during Fall Fashion we have had the ability to cover some amazing apparel lines. As we enter our 3rd and final week, one brand will be featured here today and by the time this preview is finished you will know exactly why we fall in love with them each and every season. Their new lines usually dazzle us with innovative clothing technology and style that is fit for a King (or in this case Queen).

Outfit #1 – Nike Golf Women’s Collection
Houndstooth Sweater in Black. This sweater is perfect for the fall season. It’s lightweight that it would be perfect to wear for those days when there is a chill in the air. The houndstooth pattern adds a heir of sophistication that I just love. This is without a doubt a versatile sweater and can easily be worn to work or social function along with the golf course.
Tech Pique Polo sleeveless in Light Green Spark. The lime green color of this top really makes the entire outfit pop. This is the same great tech material that I have always loved about Nike. The top is extremely comfortable and moves with you during play and wear.
Tech Skort in White. This is another great piece that can be worn on and off the course. This is the skort that you can pair with any top and you know you will have a hot outfit. The skort is a moderate length and comes with belt loops to add your favorite Nike belt.
Air Dormie in White/Metallic Silver-Black. These shoes scream adorable. I have always loved Nike shoes, I find them to be some of the most comfortable golf shoes I own. However, now you can pair comfort with style with these stylish Air Dormie golf shoes. The simplicity of the white shoe is great but then Nike added the black stitching to add that little extra something that really completes the outfit.

Outfit #2 – Nike Golf Women’s Collection

No Sew Sleeveless Polo in White. This is the most lightweight polo I have ever worn, the tech material feels so incredible against your skin. I absolutely love the blue stripe pattern on this polo and I especially enjoy the zip up collar. If you are looking for extreme comfort with ultimate style, then this would be the polo for you.
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Long Slim Plaid Short in Purple Frost. The color combination of these shorts is spectacular. Attention to detail was not missed with these bottoms, just look at the three button pattern at the bottom. These get an A+ in my book.
Nike Sphere Thermal Jacket in Purple Frost. If you are looking for a golf jacket that looks good and will keep you warm this is it. It’s a beautiful purple color that is a perfect match to the plaid shorts. When I first felt the material I wasn’t sure how I felt but once you put it on you will fall in love.
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Air Dormie in White/Metallic Silver-Black. Just so show how versatile these shoes are don’t just look great with the first outfit, they look fantastic with this one too.
Outfit #3 – Nike Golf Women’s Collection

Tech Tweed Jacket in Birch. This jacket has that great moisture wicking material that is just great for the golf course. Because of it’s neutral colors this would pair well with so many different outfits. This would be a great addition to anyone’s golf wardrobe.
Premium Sleeveless Polo in Black. This black polo has the same seamless, lightweight material that just feels so great on the skin. If you are looking for a figure friendly item from the fall line this would be it. Not only because it’s black, but because of the material, this is a very flattering top that will make you look good any day of the week.
663162185_dsc_6653663158551_dsc_4317 663162024_dsc_6650

Tech Tweed Pant in Birch. The pants have the same pattern and feel as the jacket which I adore. Because of the material these pants are very easy to clean and care for. These pants will definitely keep you warm during the fall season but are also very light weight so you won’t feel constricted.
Air Zoom Gem in Black. All I have to say is that the shoe laces are made of ribbon! Yes, ribbon and they are gorgeous.
These all black shoes have white piping accents and Nike signature swoosh. They do come with regular laces as well.
Wrap Up
Once again Nike shows us why they continue to excel in the apparel industry. Great designs, wonderful colors, and perfect fit are just some of the things that blew us away with the fall line. We just hope that the pictures do the apparel justice. Please make sure you click on the images to show a larger high resolution picture.

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  • What a great lineup and the attention to detail in the pictures is outstanding.

  • Great looking collection for the ladies!

  • That 1st outfit is truly unique and perfect. Love the shoes as well. The new sew shirt you mentioned seems similar to the puma apparel that came out last year. I bought one of the puma shirts and the lining did not last. Can you tell me if this is different or more durable at least?

  • Andrea,

    This is similar concept to the Puma Invisibonding but in my opinion this is much more durable. When it comes to quality and durability Nike does it right : )

  • great stuff for the ladies. i really like those black shoes.

  • I have been waiting for this one. I have read each ladies preview and when it comes to pictures, I like these the best. Lija is a close second right now. Very nice looking stuff. I have always kind of discounted Nike clothes because I did not want to look like every other golfer at my course, but these are so cute. Not sure I can anymore. Great stuff.

  • good pictures. I really like that green top.

  • Beautiful stuff–the detailing on the shorts and all of the patterns are just fabulous.

  • Good lucking stuff for the ladies. That first outfit is my favorite by far. I may have to order that sweater for a lucky lady.

  • I am fairly new to golf and seem to have gravitated to it because of the clothing which I am in love with. I found these today and really like them. One word describes them all and that is cute.

  • My wife loves the Nike gear. Great pictures guys.

  • Love the Nike stuff this year. My girlfriend got a pair of the Vapor shoes that I read about here and really liked them. These look nice too.

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