Nike Victory Red Full Cavity Review

Nike Golf’s latest equipment, a combination of three sets of irons – the Victory Red (VR) series – has just been released to consumers over the last month or so. Designed for golfers who demand Tour-proven craftsmanship, performance and forgiveness. Symbolic of Nike’s continuing technological innovation, the VR irons come in three distinct sets – Victory Red Forged TW Blades, Forged Split Cavity and the Full Cavity.

In our previous review of the Nike Split Cavity, The Hackers Paradise was blown away with just how far Nike has come in recent years with their irons. As many of our readers know, we were not a huge fan of their offerings in 2007, but this VR series has really won us over. So much so, that after the first review, this equipment tester went out and purchased a set of Nike Split Cavity irons to play full time. We were eagerly awaiting the arrival of this set to test out as Nike’s latest offering of a game improvement iron.

When the set arrived at our offices, our first take was pretty much the same as before. The Victory Red Series is as nice looking as anything out on the market right now. They have really done a great job with their entire line this time from an aesthetics point of view. We will go a step further and say that in our mind, this is the nicest looking overall line out on the market right now in THP’s opinion.

The Nike Victory Red full cavity irons are crafted with a deep full cavity design and a moderate top line and sole width to provide an optimal blend of confidence and forgiveness. Mass is distributed to the perimeter of the club head to increase MOI, leading to enhanced distance and forgiveness on off-center hits. The face thickness increases from the topline to the sole to lower the Center of Gravity (CG) in order to optimize trajectory.

Look: As previously discussed, we really like the overall look of the Victory Red series. These have nice sole to them, not a chunky block with a poor grind like we see on other cast cavity backs. Also the head size is nice, a tad smaller than many of the other game improvement irons we have tested. Fair warning though, if you’re a forged purist you aren’t going to like these.

Feel: Being a cast club, many people believe that these would lack feel. They are wrong. During our first range session with the VR Full Cavity Set, both myself and THP’s resident teaching pro, immediately commented on the feel we received when hitting these. When you miss a shot on the toe or heel, you get the feedback and know that you missed it and where. The difference is, the ball still flies straight.

Playability: For game improvement irons, we had no trouble shaping shots at all. Neither one of us expected that we were going to be able to do any shaping with this set, but we were happily proved wrong. Obviously, you will not be able to work the ball as easily as a blade, but that is not what Nike is trying to do with this set.

Forgiveness: This is where the Nike Full Cavity’s really shine. Those thick and thin shots seem to all fly straight. Hit them off the toe or heel? No problem, they fly straight. But due to the weighting in these clubs, most people will be doing that far less often than with many of the other clubs we have tested. In fact we had quite a few people hit these clubs and they all said the same thing. “I seem to hit it in the center more than other clubs”. But when you miss, these Nike’s have you covered.

THP took them to the course with myself and three others all playing out of the same bag of irons. With the exception of me (I play the Nike Split Cavity) all three of them play game improvement clubs from other manufacturers. After the round each person marveled at how Nike had taken the task of making a game improvement club with feel seriously and may have done what so many other companies have been unable to do just yet. I have since played 5 rounds with these irons and each time find something else that I like about them.

Overall, I think that Nike has done it again with the Victory Red Series. We have now tested two of the three and think that they hit a home run with both. Anybody in the market for new irons has to keep the Victory Red line from Nike on their short list. These are available in golf shops everywhere. For more information on these clubs check out Nike Golf.

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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