Nike VR Pro Combo Irons – THP Forum Testing

At THP, we believe that testing should be done not only by us, but also by the wonderful forum members and we have another new testing project. One of the cool features about being an active member of the THP Forum is that we look to you guys/gals, the consumers, to give feedback on equipment to golfers all around the world. Each month we send out iron sets, drivers, putters, trainings aids and golf balls to our active members to be a part of the THP Forum Member testing.

We can tell you that at the recent THP Golf Outing & Demo Day, these irons were at the top of the list for many golfers.

You must be able to play golf (either on course or driving range).
7 forum members will be chosen to be part of this testing.

Testing Process
If selected it will be your job to test the irons out frequently and update the official testing thread with feedback on your findings. You will also be asked to update Facebook and Twitter with your findings as well (minimum of 1 of the two). This is long term testing and will need updates for a period of a couple of months. At the end of the testing, the irons will be yours to keep.

To participate you must be an active forum member or become an active forum member. Being active on THP has its benefits and product testing is one of them (monthly testing like this). If you are new, that is okay, being active is more than just tenure.

Signing Up
To read the rest of the rules or sign up for a chance at testing these incredible new Nike irons, click here.

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  • This is going to ROCK for 7 lucky members! These irons really got a ton of great write ups on the demo days thread.

  • Amazing. Wow! Thanks to THP for making this happen and to Nike Golf for having the confidence in their product to let THP members share their thoughts on the Pro Combos! Can’t say enough how much that makes me a fan of the companies that participate. I will be watching closely.

  • Awesome !!!!! heard these clubs are pretty sweet. Thanks THP and Nike for the chance to test

  • That is another super opportunity for the members…. Thanks NIKE & THP

  • I’m speachless! I absolutely loved these irons at the THP demo day and I believe that NIKE has hit a grand slam with these irons. What a phenomenal opportunity and my hats off to Nike for participating in this kind of magnitude with THP.

    Is it bad that I desperately want to be a part of this?

  • WOW! Awesome work @nikegolf & @hackersparadise with the Nike VR Pro Combo testing. Cant wait to hear the reviews. What a great opportunity, I love the confidence by @NikeGolf in trusting THP to put these through the ringer.

  • Another absolutely unbelievable opportunity for some lucky THPers.. Nike has really stepped up this year, and providing this testing should show the quality of their new line. Go THP!

  • Good luck to 7 lucky members!

  • This is just awesome! I can’t wait to read these reviews! Thank you Nike and THP for such an awesome experience for some lucky testers.

  • Awesome opportunity to 7 lucky members. Thank you THP and Nike Golf!

  • What an amazing testing opportunity!! Best of luck to those chosen and I look very forward to seeing some amazing reviews!!

  • TC I know the feeling!!! What an amazing opportunity by Nike and THP. I only hit the scoring irons but I was impressed. Awesome stuff.

  • What an awesome opportunity for some lucky Hackers!!!

  • Wow. Another awesome opportunity presented by THP. I’m looking forward to seeing the review from 7 of our lucky members.

  • Thanks to Nike and THP!!! Awesome opportunity!

  • What another awesome opportunity!! Thanks to Nike and THP!!

  • Awesome opportunity, it’s things like this that make the THP in a class by itself.

  • Wow, awesome opportunity, Many Many Thanks to THP and Nike Golf the the opportunity. I really really hope I get selected to test out these beauties

  • Cream of the crop irons from a visual perspective, IMHO. Congrats to the lucky testers and thank you to THP and Nike!

  • Thanks THP and Nike Golf for the chance to test some great irons, these are some of the best looking irons on the market IMO

  • What an amazing opportunity for some very lucky THP’ers. These were my best in show at the THP demo day by a wide margin. They are great looking and a joy to hit. Thank you to THP and Nike Golf for this opportunity.

  • I am amazed at this opportunity. I desperately want a piece of this testing. These irons were my favorite players iron at the demo day and I was killing that 6 iron. Man I could easily see going 4-LW in Nike this year. The VR Pro wedges are just as sick. Congrats THP!!

  • Left my comment on the forum…and looking forward to the news, hopefully good news for me…anyway good luck everyone and THP

  • Just UNREAL that Nike and THP have put this together. These irons are beautiful and have been getting some great reviews. But I look forward to the THP members testing views for sure.

  • Why am I not suprised?!?!?! Nike and THP, a great partnership and the membership will NOT let you down NIKE! As usual I will toss my name into the hat, and I will be following the thread with great intent!

  • Great opportunity for 7 lucky members!! Nike making it happen for THP is awesome!

  • Thanks to NIKE and THP for this opportunity. I am so excited to hear the feedback from the chosen 7!

  • What an awesome opportunity! Huge thanks to THP and Nike for giving it to us!

  • Thanks Thp and Nike for such a wonderful opportunity.

  • Another great opportunity on THP.

    Thanks THP and Nike !

  • Hope I get selected!!! I’m new to this site and what they’re doing is awesome!

  • Thanks THP for the great opportunity!! Just another reason I love this place!

  • Saw lots of players with these in their bags at the Memorial. Beautiful looking clubs, I have only had the chance to hit the 7-iron and it felt like I was hitting a Mizuno…thats how buttery soft these babies felt. Thanks THP and Nike Golf!

  • Thank you so much THP and Nike for giving this wonderful opportunity to THP members.

  • Thanks THP…As always…standing out among the myriad of other golf sites….

  • awsome looking clubs hope they live up to the looks

  • This is super exciting. I’m hoping that my countless hours on here count as active enough, but if not, oh well. I’m excited for all those that get selected! Amazing opportunity.

  • This is one hell of a testing chance for someone. Whoever gets the chance will certainly be testing some seriously good kit.

    Well done THP.

  • Awesome opportunity! Thanks THP and Nike. I currently play the Nike 06 pro combo and would love to see the comparison.

  • SWEET!

  • This is going to rock! THP and Nike really setting the standard here!

  • Very curious about these Nike VR Pro Combo Irons. Another spectacular testing opportunity from THP and Nike for some lucky forum members.

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