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The Hackers Paradise covers all that is sent to them and this reviewer will be the first to say that when searching for golf shoes in the past, I have NEVER thought to myself, “Man, why can I not find High Tops”. Leave it to Nike Golf to make the one product for our feet that I had no idea I needed before using them, the Zoom Bandon golf shoe. Golfers have seen waterproof, water resistant, “Dry” features, and so much more, but Nike promises that this is the most advanced “weather” golf shoe that has ever come out and we were eager to test it out for them.

From the Company
Designed for the avid golfer who won’t be kept away on a rainy day, the Nike Zoom Bandon features a seam-sealed synthetic upper as well as a waterproof lining that provides an unmatched level of waterproof protection as well as a breathable barrier to moisture. More flexible and durable than leather, the unique seam-sealed synthetic technology won’t stretch out or break down over time, resulting in a more flexible and durable shoe that offers comfort, fit and performance round after round.
Other essential features include a zipper shroud closure that keeps water out and laces dry, while the unique mid-cut height blocks water from entering at the ankle line for the ultimate in weatherproof protection. Ultimately, this shoe allows golfers to play with “zero distractions” – spend more time thinking about your game and less time worrying about your feet staying dry.

In addition to wet weather protection, the Nike Zoom Bandon offers golfers comfort and stability through responsive, low profile cushioning provided by Nike’s Zoom Air unit in the heel of the shoe. Also featured is the Nike Power Platform, which provides golfers with better balance, smoother weight transfer and more power through impact.

Designed to be waterproof but also low maintenance, the secondary traction elements on the Nike Zoom Bandon have been designed to decrease clogging around the spikes, making these shoes easier to clean after a wet and muddy round of golf.
First Impressions
When the box was opened up I would be lying if I did not say my first thoughts were “what the heck”? The shoes looked more like something for Michael or Lebron than it did for Tiger Woods or Stewart Cink. Sleek and stylish for sure, but definitely more like a basketball shoe than a golf shoe. But after careful inspection you can clearly see the attention to detail. The extra grooves and bumps for traction on the bottom, the zippered cover to keep the laces dry, and so much more. Curious, would be the perfect word to describe our first reaction to seeing the Nike Zoom Bandon shoes from Nike Golf.
Since The Hackers Paradise cares quite a bit about fashion and style, we are going to give out a word of advice. The Nike Zoom Bandon golf shoes are made to work with pants. Sure you can wear them in shorts, but you may find yourself receiving looks and wondering why. In pants or rain gear these shoes look perfect. They are all black with some red and silver trim and appear as though they are any other shoe that you would be wearing out for a day of golf. So while you can wear them with shorts, listen to THP on this one and go with long pants.
Fortunately in the FL weather waiting for rain to test out rain gear is never too long a wait, so these shoes got plenty of trial over the last month and we came away quite impressed. We touched on style above, so we will keep this section to the shoe itself and how it holds up to the elements. THP has tested quite a few of golf shoes that are water proof and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that these shoes will keep you more dry than any other shoe out there right now. The entire shoe is completely sealed and not a drop will find its way to your feet or socks to cause issues during the round. The height (Mid-Cut) of the shoe around the ankle and heel area works well to keep water out as well as provide stability. While it may be something traditionalists do not like, we found that we actually really enjoyed this feature. Normally, despite our feet staying dry from shoes that are “water resistant or waterproof”, our ankles get wet from small puddles and that in turn causes our socks to get wet. The Nike Zoom Bandon keeps that from happening due to the raised height. For testing we stepped and stood in puddle that were 2-3 inches in height with no water getting into the shoe. The zippered front kept our laces from getting wet or dirty and when we finished playing rounds in the rain we simply rinsed the shoes off and they looked absolutely brand new.
Beyond the water resistance that these shoes offer, there are other features that we really liked as well. Surrounding the cleats there is a secondary layer of traction in the form of bumps and grooves. Not only did we find that it assisted with support and gripping of the ground, but it also made it easier to get the “gunk” out of the spikes as most was not just gathered upon one area of the shoe. The cushioning that the shoe provided was exactly what we have come to expect in our Nike Golf Shoes and that is extreme comfort and no foot fatigue. While the shoe is slightly heavier than some golf shoes, it was simply not enough to wear us out and we felt fine at the end of the round from a fatigue standpoint. The ankle support that the “Mid-Cut” shoe offers we thought would be a major hindrance during the golf swing, however we found that the stability actually helped with weight shift and keeping us sturdy. When testing was complete our issues with looks were well behind us.
The Nike Zoom Bandon golf shoes are not going to be for everybody. With that being said, if you live in an area that requires you to play in the rain, or you find that you are playing in wet conditions more than a couple of times a month, we think that these are a must try. Staying dry on the course and being comfortable are two things that in the past did not go well together. These new golf shoes might just change that. While they are different looking at first glance, once you are in your golf attire, you will see for yourself that they work perfectly. For more information on the Nike Zoom Bandon, or any of the other golf equipment and/or attire check out their website at

MSRP – $176
Street Price – $129-$139

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