NO1 48 Pro Swing Grips Review

While stateside the minds of golfers may immediately go to a handful of companies when choosing their swing grips, there are in fact others who are immensely popular on a global scale. One of those is NO1, the Japanese based grip manufacturer utilizes a proprietary elastomer and mixes it with deep traction dimples which they believe creates the ideal blend of feel and comfort. 

THP has previously spent time with NO1’s 50 Pro grips, and their ability to blend texture and feel was  a standout aspect. So, when we heard the company was bringing a slightly lighter and standard size sibling to market, we had to find out more. 

NO1 48 Pro grips

Quick Take

An excellent blending of tack and texture with enough give and feedback, the NO1 48 Pro continues the Japan based company’s use of exceptionally good materials in simplistic yet balanced designs. The elastomer makes for a feel that is good in all conditions, impressively so in humidity. 

NO1 48 Pro Swing Grips

So, what is the difference in the 48 Pro and the 50 Pro we reviewed previously? Well, the obvious is 2 grams, which are presented in the numbering the company uses. The not so obvious? The 50 Pro is actually 1/64 over standard, so the 48 brings things into a true “standard” option with the same design traits of the 50. 

The pattern of grip on the NO1 48 Pro

The biggest part of the story with the 48 however remains the same as the 50 Pro, compared to the rest of the NO1 lineup these are 30% firmer. While that may read as a drastic change, NO1 has long been known as one of the softer grips out there. That in mind, this new elastomer makeup was created to add a little more firmness to hit what the company calls a “soft solid feel”. The other benefit to this elastomer? Compared to standard rubber compounds used in many grips, this will not absorb any moisture, leading to better performance both in the immediate of poor playing conditions as well as more long term. 

The 48 Pro grips are initially being offered in four different color options, white/silver, silver, navy, and matte black. As always, all NO1 grips are manufactured to inside a 1g tolerance and the paint fill is done by hand. While the initial colors are on the tame side for what the company has offered in other lineups in the past, this is just a starting point. 

On the course I enjoyed the 48 Pro’s. Playing in peak summer temps meant the material is as soft and tacky as ever, but as was the case when I worked with the 50 Pro’s, it is the “deep traction dimples” which steal the show. At first glance, they may look unassuming, but the unique shaping and depth brought that soft material into balance with a little firmer traction feedback that I enjoy personally, and a whole lot of traction. I put them into play on a driver, iron, and wedge setup with no shortcomings to be seen for me personally. 

That in mind, the real story to any grip is longevity, and that is something I will continue to keep an eye on down the road. Likewise, being a premium grip option, these are priced at $16.00 and that will for sure draw some interesting feedback. Have you ever tried NO1 grips? Are the 48 Pro or any of the company’s other options something you would consider seeking out? Let your thoughts be heard here in the comments or directly on the THP Community!

The Details

Availability: Now –

Price: $16.00/grip

Options: Navy, White/Silver, Silver, Matte Black

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