Odyssey Metal-X #6 Putter Review

To me, there are few things in golf as exhilarating as hitting a big putt. Whether it’s the three foot knee knocker, the sweeping fifteen footer, or even the improbable forty foot double breaker, when you hear that sound of the ball rattling into the heart of the cup, it’s a euphoric feeling unto its own. Not only is it euphoric though, for us golfers it is an addiction, so much of one that golfers at any level will go through putter after putter in the search for “the one” that will change it all.

Enter an old name with a new flame, the Odyssey Metal-X line of putters.

Every golfer young and old know the Odyssey name. Most know that they are “The Number One Putter in Golf”. Some have rather specific thoughts or memories that come to mind when thinking about Odyssey like the names and evolution of inserts or even designs that bring back vivid memories with only the mention of a name or number.

Innovation has always been in Odyssey’s bloodlines and that seemingly continues with the introduction of their new Metal-X line of putters. Steeped in proven tech and taken a step further by even more science they are forging a different category of the insert putter than we golfers have ever seen before.

A Perfect Blend of Friction and Feel…its how we roll.

New Metal-X Putters represent the latest chapter in Odyssey’s long history of game-changing innovations. The Metal-X Insert provides the crisp feedback of a metal striking force, coupled with amazing feel. The unique face pattern generates the truest roll in golf and the ovals on the face develop a mechanical lock with the golf ball’s dimples at impact, creating friction and imparting an incredibly consistent roll for high precision distance control.

Metal-X Insert
Dual layered insert designed to put a consistent, true roll on the ball with amazing feedback and feel. The 6061 aluminum striking layer’s oval depressions maximize the mechanical lock with the golf ball dimples to increase friction and impart proper launch of the golf ball, which in turn creates a much more controlled and consistent roll. The Urethane inner layer provides soft touch and saves weight to optimize performance.

Midnight Black Finish
Premium, high tech process produces a durable, glare reduction finish. This finish was added specifically based on feedback gathered from Tour players.

Lamkin 3Gen Pistol Grip
Thin, smaller pistol shape appeals to better players. The grip is made of Lamkin’s proprietary 3GEN material, which is their softest synthetic rubber compound and reduces vibration without dulling the feel of the putt. This allows golfers to keep their forearms relaxed, apply very light grip pressure and minimize hard tension for smooth, consistent strokes.

Our Promise For The Metal-X Putter
An Odyssey Putter is a promise made. Sure, we design each of our putters to help you slay more demons and sink more putts. But we also design them to withstand any kind of punishment you can dish out and we back them up with an Odyssey assurance of quality. We rarely see a putter returned, but if you find a defect within a two-year period, we’ll repair it or replace it. No questions asked. And that’s a promise kept.

As is with Odyssey tradition, the new Metal-X series has been released in a variety of styles, shapes, as well as weights. The designs include not only old favorites but their take on a classic design or two. All putters within the Metal-X line come with standard 3-Degree loft in order to provide the proper attack angle into the ball for the insert to fully take advantage of the “mechanical lock” attribute.
According to the Odyssey website their available putters within the line consist of:

Metal-X #1 (Standard and Belly)

  • “Rounded heel-toe weighted blade” with Plumber’s Neck and Full Offset
  • 343g (Standard) and 400g (Belly)
  • RH Standard and Belly, LH in Standard Only

Metal-X #6 (Standard)

  • “Squared off heel-toe weighted blade with wide flange” with Flow Neck and Half Offset
  • 343g (Standard)
  • RH Only
  • Metal-X #7 (Standard, Belly, and Broomstick)
  • “Modified mallet with weighted alignment wings” with Double Bend and Full Offset
  • 343g (Standard), 400g (Belly), and 450g (Broomstick)
  • RH Standard, Belly, and Broomstick, LH in Standard Only

Metal-X #8 (Standard)

  • “Classic heel-shafted blade” with Slant/Flow Neck and Half Offset
  • 335g (Standard)
  • RH and LH

Metal-X #9 (Standard)

  • “Toe-weighted, heel-shafted, flanged blade” with Long-Hosel/Heel-Shaft and Half Offset
  • 343g (Standard)
  • RH and LH

Metal-X 2-Ball (Standard)

  • “Extended mallet head” with Double Bend Shaft and Full Offset
  • 350g (Standard)
  • RH and LH

Metal-X Rossie (Standard)

  • “Face-balanced mallet” with Double Bend Shaft and Full Offset
  • 343g (Standard)
  • RH Only

Metal-X D.A.R.T. (Standard, Belly, and Broomstick)

  • “Perimeter-weighted mallet with D.A.R.T. alignment” with Double Bend and Full Offset
  • Adjustable Weight (Standard), 400g (Belly), and 450g (Broomstick)
  • RH and LH in Standard, Belly, and Broomstick

The Metal-X #6
For the purpose of this review my focus is on the #6 of the Metal-X line. This particular #6 plays at 35” and comes in at the standard 343g head weight.

Click on each picture for a larger image

The #6 is an intriguing one because it is really something of an anomaly amongst the major putter companies today. It’s a throwback design different than the “traditional” blades that we see so often. To me the #6 shows that you can bring a classic style into the current fold of crazy shapes as well as old favorites and have it fit right in.

I say the #6 is an “anomaly” for a major OEM like Odyssey because of two major things. First is the wider flange it possesses, it’s not something that you typically see amongst manufacturer’s like this in the way that the added width gives it a much more square look. That look places it directly in between the typical blade and mid-mallet sizes we see today. Second, the # 6 is sporting a flow-neck (Odyssey refers to it as a “slant” neck), something we don’t see very often in a market flooded with plumber’s necks, center shafts, double bends, and the like.

As far as looks go, the pictures really speak for themselves, but in hand the putter honestly looks even better. Out the gates I was a big fan of the black, red, and silver Velcro blade head cover and honestly feel it may be the best looking putter cover from any major OEM out there. The grip is a Lamkin 3-Gen following a similar color scheme to the rest of the putter head with colors of black, grey, and red.

I’ll openly admit that I’m personally a big fan of black putters and naturally lean that direction, but I particularly think that the choice of using black for the finish was a great one in my opinion. The finish sits in stark contrast to the silver of the Metal-X insert. Not only does the finish look better to me compared to the historical Odyssey silver and even bronze like finishes, it maintains a nice low glare in the sun thanks to the texture not being a high-polish. Add to that Odyssey nailed the paint fill choices with a simple red and white scheme proving there is no need to get crazy and take away from the natural lines and look of the putter.

The biggest and most obvious standout in the “looks” category though is the Metal-X insert. I’ve seen a lot of inserts over the years with different colors and textures but this one is unlike any other I’ve seen or touched. Odyssey’s goal for the face of the insert was to have as many “edges” as possible to create a substantial amount of friction (referred to by them as “mechanical lock”) to impart a quick and tight roll on the ball. The tricky part though with science is to make it look good as well. They succeeded there. The milling of the insert is one you can’t help but run your finger across when holding the putter in hand and when you do all of the science starts to make sense without even rolling a putt.

Putters in the Metal-X line come with three degree’s of loft because of the insert and the friction with the ball it creates. This loft was found best to take full advantage of the insert tech and to create instant forward roll. The loft of the face combined with the contrasting colors of the insert and head did cause me to be able to see the actual face of the putter at address. At first this was a major distraction for me at but over time it ended up more of a benefit after getting out on the course. After course time I actually began to use it as an additional alignment aid almost like the “T-line” that has been used on the top-line of many other putter models. I will say though, I could see this serving as a visual distraction for some.

Overall I genuinely feel that the #6 has certainly got a well rounded set of credentials as far as the looks department goes.

There is one absolute when it comes to putters, feel is subjective and everyone has a different version of it and that is the way it should be since we are all different. Rather than commenting on variances like “feel” on their own, I think breaking it all down into the category of “feedback” is a better rounded approach.

I will openly admit that I have never been an Odyssey insert fan or a fan of inserts in general. I’ve tried them at the urgings of others repeatedly and they just were not for me. The dislike however was never because of the roll of the ball, in fact, I absolutely love the roll I got off of every Odyssey insert I have tried. What got me was actually the sound, or lack thereof. Most inserts “feel” great to me as far as vibration feedback, but for me sound is the key. It turns out though I’m not alone in that fact and the idea for this particular insert actually came from players wanting that metallic “click” as well as the performance of an insert.

Enter the Metal-X and its dual insert, an aluminum face backed by a urethane polymer to give physical feedback to the hands and audible feedback to the ears. If you have ever rolled a milled putter you know the meaning of an audible feedback, it’s that “click” that you get when the putter face strikes the ball. With an insert you typically get a much duller almost “thud” like noise off of the face. Simply put, as a long time milled putter user because of that sound, the Metal-X insert delivers that same satisfaction to me. Upon contact with the ball you are instantly given not only good feedback to the hands but also a very crisp audible “click”. I will even go one step further and say that I actually like the sound a bit more than many milled putters I have used over the years. I also found in using the #6 you still get feedback across the face like a milled putter except it is with an insert. Essentially, each stroke of the ball with the Metal-X #6 gives the feedback to tell whether or not I caught it in the middle of the insert or off-center. Such feedback is invaluable in my opinion and something I have never experienced from another insert by any company.

As straight forward as I can be, the Metal-X #6 is an eye opener for me. The principal of the face with its mechanical lock due to its multiple edges works and it works well. As a matter of fact, it works for me on the course, the putting green, the carpet of the living room, and even on the hardwood floors of my kitchen. The insert does what Odyssey says it is supposed to, immediate forward action with a tight roll and no skidding or hopping. The ball seemingly hits the ground rolling the same time every time, all it takes is smooth and steady stroke. Because of the quick roll what I noticed the most on course was how well the ball would hold its line incredibly true and coupled with the urethane polymer backing I got extremely nice distance control as well.

I will say however, if there is one area that to me could be vastly improved with the Metal-X #6 performance wise, it is the grip. One of the things I always traditionally liked about the Odyssey’s I tried over the years was that despite not caring for the inserts, I was always quite fond of the grip. I genuinely believe the older Winn style putter grips are vastly superior to the Lamkin 3-Gens on the current line. I’m sure the thought was that the 3-Gen would allow for more feedback to the hands, for me though it was much too slick and led to me catching myself practically trying to strangle the putter. I do however feel that realism is needed here since a grip is an easy change for someone if they feel it necessary. I may not like the stock grip at all as performance goes, but I do believe it really should not take away from the overall package of the #6.

We all know that golf is a game of innovation, we are all living in a golf world full of varied guarantees of more yardage, more feel, and better scores. In the end though it is also a very personal game and because of that we tend to see that while some claims come true, others simply do not. I genuinely believe that Odyssey achieved their goals of an insert that rolls the ball truer and quicker than any other out there and that, to me, is what leads to making more putts. Not only is the Metal-X face spreading like wildfire on the tours, it is also gaining quite a following of average golfers as well.

What I found in the #6 is a putter that not only has tech that works as advertised, but also a revival of a classic design into modern time for the masses. The Metal-X face is a breakthrough in putting and for me has laid waste to my long time arguments about insert putters because of things like sound and general feedback. I truly believe this is one that needs to be rolled at least once by everyone, insert believers and non-believers just the same.

For more information on the #6 and the rest of the Metal-X line please visit the Odyssey website at www.odysseygolf.com.

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  • I really liked the feel of the 2 Ball version of the Metal X during the THP Demo Day. It is one of 2 putters on my putter pondering list right now. I’m skeptical on how much effect the ‘mechanical lock’ technology will have, but its interesting nonetheless. Good read.

  • I really like the looks of this putter although I have been leaning towards the #7 version. Great review written here and all bases covered! The shaft lean on the #6 is something that would definitely benefit me as I seem to do better with that design and or the bend style. This could be an awesome putter to add to the ponder list!

  • Solid review James. I have a old #7 White Hot and can agree that the new metal insert will add to ones putting pleasure. The sound was was always missing with my Old #7. I see that Odyssey stands by their new technology if you find a defect within a two-year period, they’ll repair it or replace it. No questions asked I like that. It looks as though quite a lot of the Pro’s have jumped on the band wagon with Odyssey’s new line been seeing many new black putters in the cameras view.

  • Good review, I really like the 2ball and #7 of the Metal X line.

  • For starters, I am not surprised at all to see something from this guest reviewer – another very well written review of a product.

    For the looks, I think James summarized it perfectly with this line: “To me the #6 shows that you can bring a classic style into the current fold of crazy shapes as well as old favorites and have it fit right in.” It really is a great combination of a classic shape with current technology used on the face.

    I know this reviewer has been a big fan of milled faces and for him to say that the insert lived up to the hype really does tell me a lot. I have not gotten to spend more than a few rolls with Metal X series but it sounds like I need to change that soon. I am definitely a fan of the classic styling that the #6 offers and from the sounds of it, the Metal-X face is truly a performer.

    Very, very solid review!

  • Really enjoyed reading that review, thanks for putting it together James! Always enjoy your write-ups and you deserve the home page rep!

    You touched on several of the things I was thinking about as I was reading through too. First up, can you notice the contrast of the insert when looking down at the ball? Covered! I can see how this could aid in alignment, after you get used to it.

    Second…what about the sound? Covered! That’s one bit I think I struggle with when choosing a putter. I might not be able to tell you what I like in audible feedback, but I can tell you when I’ve found it. Pretty much a nightmare customer!

    Looking forward to giving these putters a roll. I like the look of them a lot.

  • Nice write up James! You know how I stand on the Metal X insert as you and I have had discussions about it before. I also know that you have never been a fan of insert putters so for you to have a solid positive review about the Metal X insert says alot to me.

    Fabulous job, and I would expect nothing less from you on this subject!

  • Very good review Jman. An enjoyable read

  • Nice review James. I just got a Metal X 2-Ball this week and put it into play yesterday. This putter really fit my eye and I had a very, very good first round with it!

  • Great review. I have rolled the metal x
    Line time and time again. Odyssey really has something special there.

  • James, what a great review. I was not surprised at all to see you here with this review and it was incredibly well written as all your thoughts are.

    I couldn’t agree with you more about the metal x line and the insert in paticular. I think Odyssey has an insert on their hands that will be around longer than the white ice that has been so popular with tour pro’s and amateurs alike.

    Great job.

  • Great review. I know the metal x insert shocked me at first with how great it feels.

  • Great job on the review, you pretty much nailed this from every angle. I especially liked your take on feedback as feel is such a different animal to everyone. As far as the grip, I play a very slick grip on my SeeMore and don’t catch myself with the death grip, but not really sure why I don’t. Slick putter grips seem to work for me as odd as that sounds.

    Well done, can’t wait to read your next offering!

  • Pretty good review, James. I’ve had my #7 for two rounds and so far results are good. Did you decide on the #6 after trying all of the offerings or did you lean towards the blade line more? I hit the blades a little, but I was interested in finding a mallet type that worked for me, as I had never had one before.

    The #6 was my favorite of the blade style offerings, so I agree with your choice!

  • Great review James. One of the most thorough I have ever read. Really impressive.

  • Great review James. I’ve had the Odyssey 2 ball DFX for 7 years now and will be changing to the 2 ball Metal X for The Morgan Cup very soon

  • Great write up James. These seem like a great line of putters and are opening my eyes to different inserts. Can’t wait to roll one.

  • Nice work James!

  • JMan, great review bro. You rock!

  • Good review James. Well done indeed.

  • Well done, JMan! What a thorough review! When it comes to putters, you know your stuff! That was an absolute education I just had!

  • Well done JMan! The #6 was my runner up in my putter selection for the MC

  • Great review. I look forward to rolling one of these at the club.

  • Very nice review man! Great thoughts about the insert and the ‘click’

  • Well done and informative write up.

  • Nice review, put all the good and not so good together. I tried the # 7 but took it back for the #6 which I find much better. I think it’s one of the best looking out there and a putter is one club that you must love.

  • Good review, but I want to be a counter opinion on the grip. I have putters with the Winn grip (an older 2-ball) and I strongly prefer the new Lamkin-manufactured Odyssey grip. I like the firmer feel of the grip.

    Thanks for the review!

  • Very precise and thoughtful review! Thank you!

    I have tried the #6 and it has kicked my scotty cameron newport studio style 2 out of the bag. Great putter!

    However, I found the headcover to be too loud (and a be cheap, too) and replaced it with an all black modell. That fits this putter much better.

    I have also found the grip to be unfitting. For me a winn jumbo grip was the perfect match. I’ve never looked back since.

  • I currently play the #1 metal-x. I choose it because I like the combination of feel from the metal face and forgiveness of the polymer insert backing. Odyssey has stepped it up with this model and addressed the issues of inserts and metal putters to combine the best of both models. Good roll, consistence, forgiving, and great feel all yield a great putter.

  • love everything about the#6 just remember not to use forward press.ball rolls true.best putter i’ve used in 35 yrs.

  • A review blast from the past!!! Congrats on your 4 year review anniversary James!!!

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