Odyssey O-Works EXO Putters

Odyssey O-Works EXO Putters

The new O-Works EXO mallet putters probably caught your eye while going through our 2018 PGA Show coverage. Bringing a different look to both the body and face than anything Odyssey has done previously, the EXO is a multi-material concept that has been in the works for quite a while. The goal was higher moment of inertia (MOI) while not needing “a pizza box for a headcover”, as Sean Toulon says in the video below.

Rather than give you the rundown of the technical aspects of the new line, here is Sean Toulon, General Manager of Odyssey and Senior VP of Callaway to give you all of the details. We get the back story, the changes to the face and even how the sound was so critical, below in this intriguing video from the PGA Show floor before the doors opened on Friday of last week.

As you heard above, the new EXO line will be coming in May, but if you want to get your hands on one early, check out the THP Event coming soon, called The Odyssey Experience where every participant will receive a brand new putter fit to them. All of the details are on the THP Forum here.

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  • This might be the release I’m most excited about this year. I’m admittedly an Odyssey homer, and I’ve always loved the White Hot inserts. The EXO insert just looks fantastic, and looks like it’s going to put a great roll on the ball. It’s pretty interesting to me how much effort they put in to hitting a specific sound and dB level with the inserts.

  • Some interesting comments from Mr. Toulon that provide more confirmation of the sound is feel paradigm. The EXO shapes are really well done and the #7 looks fantastic. I’m very interested in trying a slant neck version.

  • Very interesting piece. Like the discussion about sound and the impact that face milling / type of inserts had on it. Never dawned on me that deeper face milling provided an outlet to keep down the sound but it makes perfect sense after hearing Mr. Toulon discuss it.

  • Fascinating all the different things Sean and Odyssey think about on the flat stick. Amazing really. Never thought about the hinge causing sound variations. Looking forward in play my EXO 2 ball this year to really get a feel for this new face technology.

  • This was excellent information from Sean. The EXO just sounds like the ultimate putter to get more roll and forward spin. Sounds like it’s going to be a smash hit with this line.

  • A very interesting and informative video. I currently use an Odyssey White Hot putter. I was not aware that the inserts produced different levels of sound. I am very interested in trying out this new version.

  • The EXO is a good looking design. The Odyssey White Hot Claw has been in my bag for several years, I have tried several other putters but the White Hot always comes back. I would really like to try out the new EXO, I like feel and getting the ball rolling as quickly as possible, my hearing is not too good so I’am not sure I would notice the difference in sound.

  • You need a new putter, you’ve about wore out that old Odyssey White Hot.

  • Fantastic interview! I gotta think that if persnickety pros are happy with these new designs & the new face tech, then it’s gonna be way more than awesome for a guy like me!

  • These really look fantastic. I’m not usually a fan of mallets but these are really sharp. Very interesting to hear about the difference in sound playing a factor in tour acceptance of the newer putters. Great interview and lots of great information. Great watch!

  • This is a great video! The face and the mallet along with the tour testing definitely played a part in me picking one up

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