Odyssey O-Works Red and Black Putters: Inspired By the Tour

Early in 2017, Odyssey released the new O-Works line of putters featuring what they call Microhinge Technology. The insert quickly became a favorite of THPers based on their reviews as something that gets the ball rolling quickly and on line with a feel that is preferred. Expanding on that line are new models that are inspired from tour player feedback since its inception.

What is Coming
Beginning August 4th, there will be a number of new options available. The new clean Black Head Shape features these options.
#2W, #3T, #1, 330M, #2M CS, #7S

The striking Red Head Shape features these options.
2-Ball, #7, #7S

Commitment To Tour Feedback
Relying heavily on detailed player feedback from early prototypes to final products, the Odyssey R&D team continues to work on designs. In this instance, there were a number of staff members that asked the team to build a red or black head shape with a clean look at address and since bringing them out to tour, have been extremely popular. The feedback also led the team to create the unique #3T and #2M in all Black with an O-Works insert and the always popular #7 with a short slant neck for both color options.

The Story
Cost $199-$219
Grip: Stock Winn or SuperStroke Mid Slim 2.0
In Stores: August 4th

Scroll through the gallery below for each of the models that will be coming out and let us know which is your favorite.

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