Odyssey Ten Putter Lineup

If you have been paying attention to the PGA Tour the past few weeks, then you know about the worst kept secret in putters. In the bag of Jon Rahm as well as being the number one model on Tour the past couple of weeks, the 2-Ball Ten is very real, and it’s actually part of a new Odyssey Ten lineup. 

Odyssey 2-Ball Ten

The company is running with the tagline “Shape Matters”, and they could not have nailed it more concisely or accurately if they wanted to.

When Powers Combine

First off, like it or not, the Odyssey 2-Ball is on the Mount Rushmore of putter shapes. This is a design that was the first true outside the box mallet that proved mallets could be beneficial to even the best players on the planet. From there, the floodgates opened, and it finally became OK to push the limits of putters. But how do you take that to the next level? 

Odyssey Ten Putters

Well, you have it procreate with another legendary shape of course. 

Enter the Odyssey Ten, which yes, is very similar in appearance to another Mount Rushmore putter shape. That said, Odyssey has perhaps perfected it, and since its addition to their arsenal, it has been a hit both in sales and on Tour. Someone who is way smarter than the rest of us at Odyssey had the thought of combining the Ten shape with the 2-Ball, and here we are. 

Each Odyssey 10 model

However, it’s much more than that, in fact, the 2-Ball is but a piece of the new line of putters from Odyssey. 

Odyssey Ten Lineup

What has happened here in terms of shape is a cleaner overall look, which Odyssey says has been done by things like closing the “windows” which were on the original Ten in order to make for a cleaner visual at address. The blending of the two putter shapes into one makes for what the company believes to be their most complete and effective 2-Ball variety ever. 

The Odyssey Ten face

However, it’s not just a looks thing. The melding of the designs has translated to quantifiable performance benefits as well. In fact, the new Ten putters have 32% higher MOI compared to the original 2-Ball as well as 20% less twisting at impact, 33% more speed consistency, and 44% more topspin consistency. What does it mean? When you miss center, it will be incredibly stable, predictable, and consistent. 

Odyssey Ten Triple Track

A major reason for those last two stats was the decision to go with the Microhinge Star insert rather than the newly revived White Hot. According to Odyssey, the reason is simple, this putter line is about producing the best possible roll. The MH Star is the best pure performance insert that Odyssey has ever made, and it may not be the OG White Hot, but it is also immensely popular on Tour with its notable firmness. 

As for the options, obviously there is a Ten 2-Ball which will feature the iconic circles and be available in plain, Triple Track, and also with the much asked about single Tour Line. Understanding that the circles aren’t for everyone that might benefit from the putter shape itself, they are also releasing a Ten Triple Track, and a Tenwhich has the single long alignment line. 

The Details

The new Odyssey Ten line of putters will each feature the same updated Stroke Lab shaft which first released in the White Hot OG putters, simply in charcoal instead of red. Additionally, every head style will be available in S-neck or Double Bend options with a blue and grey Odyssey pistol or oversized grip. The putters will all come in at $299.99 on their release. 

What do you think? Is the meshing of legendary shapes something that catches your eye and interest? Let us hear your thoughts below as well as on the THP Community!

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