Odyssey White Hot XG #7 Putter Review

In the game of golf few things are as important as a putter. Sure most of us change drivers, irons, and wedges extremely often. But putters can last a lifetime. For some of us when we find one that works, it doesn’t matter why or how, it only matters that the little white ball goes in. That is the way I feel about the Odyssey White Hot XG #7. I have had this putter in my bag for over six months and I do not see it leaving anytime soon.

I have received numerous emails from readers asking me to review the putter that I hold so near and dear to my heart, so after a wonderful round with it the other day, I decided to do just that.

Here is a little info from Odyssey about the series of putters:

The White Hot XG is the next generation of White Hot Technology. Inspired by proven, high-performance, multi-layer golf ball technology, the White Hot XG is Odyssey’s latest advancement that utilizes a multi-layer insert for phenomenal performance on the green. It combines two materials with different properties to take the level of feedback, feel and distance control to an all-new, extreme level.

– Elastomer Core Material – Soft for great feel, and highly resilient to get the ball rolling quickly.
– Thin, outer striking surface – Firm for fine-tuned responsiveness.
– Textured Impact Zone – Enhances feel and clearly defines the sweet spot.

All together, it allows weight to be shifted to the perimeter of the putter head for a high MOI, creating even better forgiveness and truer roll than previous models. It’s the softest, most responsive insert we have ever created.

But of course most of that means nothing to us. We want one thing and one thing only. To putt well with it. When most golfers choose putters they expect results and science to make the ball go in. But let’s face it, the only thing that matters is comfort. Sure proper weighting is important and the face (insert or not) is interesting, but every person is so unique that it is the one club that can make or break any round. And it seems as though that it is the one club that no matter what else comes out, that we can keep forever.

I played a Scotty Cameron putter for quite a few years. I really liked my Scotty Cameron and it was something that I felt proud to have. Why did I purchase it? Because I felt as though I was supposed to. How could it be wrong for me when every single website and golfer in the world seems to praise these “works of art”? In fact there was nothing wrong with that putter at all. But it did not work for me. So after a month or two of really bad putting rounds I decided to take a look at some options out there.

When I first saw the Odyssey, I picked it up like most people do…Because it looked strange. I liked two things about it in the beginning;
1. It was cool looking.
2. It had the best “ball picker upper” ever created.

At the store I was rolling in everything. The White Hot #7 felt as though it was part of my body. It was as if the putter was an extension to my arm. I realized now what I had been missing for years of playing with something that just did not feel right. CONFIDENCE!

I purchased it immediately and played the next day. Was it a miracle and had me one putting every green? Of course not, in fact I did not even putt that well with it the first day. But I felt different and that is because everytime I stepped up to a putt, whether it be from 5 feet or 20 feet, I thought it was going in. Since that time I do make more putts than I ever had, and I attribute it all to this weird but fun club.

In THP’s quest to bring you the best equipment coverage out there, we are constantly reviewing putters every week and I am forced to use other equipment for rounds and practice sessions. Despite the claims from manufacturers and the fact that every other tester that we bring out loves the other ones, I always end up coming back to my Odyssey White Hot #7.

To learn more about the technolody behind these advanced putters and see all the different models they have to choose from check out Odyssey Golf. One of these days I will break down and get the Tour Version of this putter but for now, this golfer is not changing anything.

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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