Odyssey Works V-Line Tank Cruiser Putter Review

Last year’s release of the Tank Cruiser putters from Odyssey was met with much praise and success not only by amateurs but also professional levels. At this point it is evident that the adjustable counterbalance technology in putters is very much a viable one and with that many have been waiting for Odyssey to release an updated Tank Cruiser line with the Fusion RX insert. That time has come as the company is releasing four models as a continuation/compliment to the current Odyssey Works offerings.

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For this review THP was able to spend time with the 35” version of the new Works V-Line Tank Cruiser.

Odyssey on the Works V-Line Tank Cruiser:

Odyssey Works Tank Cruiser Putters take our revolutionary Versa alignment and adjustable counterbalance and put them together in Tour proven head shape models. They’re part of Odyssey Works, a high performance technology platform that takes everything we know about putting and puts it to work.

These new putters have combined the best-selling, best feeling, most trusted insert ever with quicker roll that gets the ball into a pure roll faster. And we’ve added the adjustable Tank counterbalance head weighting and grip weighting to find the putter balance you want for your most consistent stroke. Yes, you really get all that proven technology in one putter.

Key Technology:

  • Fusion RX Insert

We’ve taken the most legendary insert of all-time that’s the best feeling, best-selling, with the most Tour wins and combined it with unbelievable new roll technology to create the Fusion RX.

It’s where feel meets roll as we couple the White Hot insert with ultra-thin stainless steel mesh and our patented Metal-X roll pattern. It has faster roll than the White Hot insert, so it reduces skidding and gets the ball into a pure roll faster.

  • Major-Winning Versa Alignment

You’ve seen how the world’s best players trust this visionary alignment. The silver and black contrast lets your eyes key in on the linear designs to highlight the proper face angle from address to impact for alignment throughout your putting stroke.

  • Adjustable Counterbalance Weighting

Find the balance you like. The adjustable head weights (10g, 15g, 20g) allow you to adjust the head weight to 365g, 375g or 385g. The counterbalance weights (5g, 15g, 30g) let you to dial in your putter balance so that it’s exactly how you want it to feel.

  • Tour Proven Shapes

The line includes a handful of major-winning, Tour proven head shapes, but the V-line is what started the revolution. The V-Line is one of the hottest mallets on Tour and on the market. It has everything from a high MOI that adds consistency, to a pleasing symmetry that helps accentuate the alignment.


In terms of looks the immediately noticed aspect of the Works V-Line Cruiser is the actual “Versa” scheme combined with the (unique to the V-Line) “Big-T” alignment. The silver and black color combination that we have seen from the rest of the Works line works as a terrific contrast intent on aiding face angle and in the case of the V-Line, target alignment as well. While this reviewer has been very critical of the Versa scheme in the past as it pertains to the finish quality, Odyssey seems to have addressed that with both the Works Versa and Big-T lines this year. The finish is quite nice in the sunlight and up close really seems to be a much higher quality application than in the initial Versa releases. Without a doubt the appeal of this scheme aesthetically will vary from person to person, but there is no denying the success that it has had for Odyssey to this point.

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The physical shape of the V-Line is a full mallet which serves to provide a higher MOI for more consistent roll on misses while also trying to maintain aesthetically pleasing lines. Although it is definitely a larger shape, it still manages to maintain a more traditional appeal than many mallets which is in large part why it is one of the most successful shapes that Odyssey produces. As much as the finish scheme is intent on aiding users alignment, so too is the actual shape of the flange and overall symmetry of the slightly elongated design.

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The Works Tank Cruiser design also features the newest iteration of the 15” counterbalance grip which was designed in coordination with SuperStroke and offers 5g, 15g, or 30g weighting options in the end cap. Keep in mind that the intent of the elongated grip is to provide the counter-weight aspect of the design and is meant to be choked down on, hence the offering of only 35” and 38” versions. The actual size of the grip is the equivalent of a SS 2.0 and this year features the same silver and blue scheme present on the Works line of putters.

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Possibly the coolest design feature though is with the actual Tank logo which Odyssey is using this year, and it’s present on the grip, sole, and even the weight kit. Though it is seemingly a little thing, it’s one aspect of design that Odyssey is always extremely attentive to knowing that it can pull a package together. Frankly, it is just an incredibly cool little touch.

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Balance is clearly going to be the main focus when dealing with a counter-balance putter design as you are capable of directly changing/altering/fitting the putter to provide the best setup for a user’s needs. At its root, the idea is that the addition of weight in the head and grip of the putter will alter the balance point of the head by moving it up or down dependent on the weight variance in the grip and/or head. Manipulating this weight will help increase the MOI as well as the overall stability. In lieu of the ban on anchored putters, counterbalanced setups are becoming more and more popular because many find that adding weight in the grip helps it mimic the anchor point of a belly putter.  Each putter comes with a full kit of weights (5g/10g/15g for the grip and 10g/15g/20g for the head) and really do allow for a fully personalized setup for each user to find their specific comfort zone.

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Time spent with the Works V-Line Cruiser allowed for all different weight combinations and setups to be tested and the change in feeling throughout the stroke was evident in each configuration. For this reviewer the most comfortable setup came with the use of 20g weights in the head and 30g in the grip which was precisely the setup preferred with the original V-Line Tank Cruiser. To some it may seem like a lot of options for a putter, but the argument can definitely be made that golfers are much more likely to utilize weight changes here compared to the driver, especially with as easy as it is to test different combinations pretty much anywhere and anytime.

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The V-Line headshape is one of the simplest yet effective mallet designs on the market when it comes to aiding in alignment. The head itself provides a substantial down the target line assistance via the elongated flange and the beveled section down its center. Thanks to the contrast of the black “Big-T” Versa scheme combined with a single white siteline down the length of the flange that natural shape is accentuated even more and leaves the user with a truly confidence inspiring visual behind the golf ball.

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Although the effectiveness of any alignment setup will come down to each person’s individual preference, for this reviewer the dual plane setup of the V-Line “Versa” scheme was again a great reminder of face angle and target alignment. It is certainly one of those looks that becomes more comfortable over time so that the consistency, which it can potentially provide, really has time to sink in with the user. Most notably, from 10-12 feet and in proved to be where the design really flexed its effectiveness in keeping the essential aspects of proper alignment in check.

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The new Tank Cruiser putters from Odyssey are a continuation of the Works lineup just as the recent Big-T putters were, and as such they also feature the incredibly popular (and successful) Fusion RX insert. The name “fusion” explains that Odyssey set out to combine the face technologies of the White Hot insert with its feel and the Metal-X with its forward roll characteristics.

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As has been seen in previous reviews involving the Fusion RX, it definitely achieves its goals of combining feel with roll. The feel continues to be classic White Hot in tactile feedback with a slightly more solid audible trait at impact thanks to how the mesh actually flexes with the face. The biggest improvement compared to the White Hot Pro models continues to be the lack of initial skidding seen by most users which really allowed for the ball to quickly track on its line.

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Moreover, thanks to the mesh of the Fusion RX insert there is more feedback on putts struck all over the face than in the past. In all, the benefits to using an insert putter in terms of distance and direction retention cannot be argued, and with this iteration Odyssey definitely has a version which should appeal to a wider range than it has in the past in terms of sound/feel.

Parting Thoughts:

There is a reason that Odyssey is the most played putter in golf. They aren’t afraid to innovate but at the same time they know how to take something that works and continue to tweak it. With the new Works Tank Cruiser line we are seeing precisely that as they have taken the Tank Cruiser counterbalancing which was successful on its own and melded it with the currently successful Fusion RX insert. Although they may not appeal to everyone, this line of putters brings alignment, roll, and personalization together to provide even more options for golfers, and options are never a bad thing.

The V-Line and the rest of the Works Tank Cruiser offerings are available in 35” or 38” models and come with a complete weight kit for an MSRP of $249.00. More about the entire range of Odyssey putters can be found on their website: www.OdysseyGolf.com.

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