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When it comes to golf bags, I am always looking for something else. Each year I get a new bag and each year I realize that my new purchase still is not what I am looking for. Due to reviewing so many golf bags a year we realize that every one of them has certain features that the other one lacks. I guess what I am trying to say is that at The Hackers Paradise, we are needy when it comes to the house that holds are equipment.

I have gone back and forth when it comes to my golf bag on whether or not I want a cart bag or a stand bag. I do not walk while I play so a logical choice would be a cart bag, however I do lug my clubs around frequently because when testing equipment we change them out almost every day. So in that aspect I want a stand bag. I have constantly battled back and forth and then OGIO decided to give me a break and make a bag for someone like me.

When we first saw the OGIO Edge we immediately contacted them to see about doing a review. After a few days the Edge appeared at our offices in all it’s glory. Here is what OGIO has to say about this bag.

The Edge is OGIO’s answer to a hybrid, living somewhere between a tricked-out stand bag and a lightweight cart bag. The sleek, external-framed bag includes the patented Zipperless Ball Pocket (ZBP) its new lighweight exo skeletal frame, Torq Strap anti-sway cart strap, new EVA molded hip pad with airflow system for increased comfort, “Isolation Chamber” wet/dry pocket, and featuring the new ARC Lite stand system – increasing strength while providing greater functionality than a normal stand system. With style, attitude and supreme functionality the Edge is the ultimate bag.

Our initial thoughts were very much like something out of a TV ad. We loved the look of the bag and it seemed to function as they described. We decided to bring it right to the course, and once there, realized that OGIO used the best term to describe this product. It really is a “hybrid” kind of golf bag. You get the features of a cart bag together with the space and weight saving design of a stand bag. The joy of pulling this bag out of the trunk and bringing it to the cart cannot be put into words when you are used to lugging around a very large cart bag. However once on the cart it does not turn sideways and flop around like most stand bags do either. I cannot say it enough, this bag really seems to be the best of both worlds in our initial test.

We will touch on many of the features but there were is one thing that stood out to us the more than anything else. The Zipperless Ball Pocket is a hingeless, one-handed ball pocket that utilizes a tension rod to easily access the pocket’s contents and automatically springs back into place after a ball has been removed. I cannot begin to tell you how much we liked this feature. I have so many bags that have zippers that do not function after a period of time and with this you never have to worry about that.
The 9″ top of the of the bag helps keep your clubs organized. The entire woods section is nicely isolated to one side with individual compartments for each wood that cascade down. Having a separate woods section also helps prevent shaft damage and provides easy access and clear view of your irons and woods. The irons section of the bag has notches so each shaft is kept separate when the stand is activated. The notches will not prevent the irons “clanging” against each other when you carry the bag, although for organization it is a nice touch. The putter section has a nice tall collar to protect your putter from damaging your irons and woods. It also has an opening wide enough to fit any of the oversize grips of today.

THP loves lots of pockets, but let’s face it. Every single bag made now seems like it has more than enough to handle all of our accessories. However how many times have you been on the course and could not remember what pocket you kept something in? It happens to us all of the time due to testing so many accessories each round. Well, with the Edge from OGIO you are covered. They have just about every little thing labeled. It was a nice touch that we have seen before but not to the extent of what this company did with this particular bag. The Hackers Paradise loved this feature more than we ever thought we would.

Rain hoods are kind of a joke when it comes to golf bags. Most of them have a couple of snaps and turn your bag more into a “mock travel bag” then protect it from water. Not with this bag! OGIO has a very cool feature with the Edge called the Rain Hoode. It is a zipper free rain cover that works seamlessly by attaching to the integrated clip ports and providing instant and hassle-free access to your golf clubs. The Rain Hoode creates a canopy, utilizing the same tension rods used in the Zipplerless Ball Pocket to give it a Venus Fly Trap appearance when you open the mouth of the Rain Hoode and it automatically snaps back to close to protect your clubs.

Overall we give the OGIO Edge a top notch rating. It is stylish, innovative, durable, and has everything someone would want in their golf bag. It is quite rare for THP to find all of the features we have been looking for in one bag, but OGIO was able to do just that. The OGIO Edge can be purchased at golf stores everywhere. To read more about this fine piece of equipment do yourself a favor and check out OGIO Edge. You will be glad you did.

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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