PAHR Fairway Essentials Spring Preview

About a month ago I wrote about a company that really opened my eyes to the world of female golf fashion. I learned that everything is not just khaki pants and white polos, and I learned that women could actually look like women when they dressing for golf. The company that opened my eyes to this wonderful transformation of female golfwear was PAHR Fairway Essentials. Since their spring line will not be out until February PAHR was kind enough to send us some more items from their fall line.

Before I talk about the clothes let me tell you a little about PAHR, and if you read the first review here is a little refresher:
“PAHR Fairway Essentials, founded in San Diego, California, is a fashion conscious, golf inspired clothing brand. The PAHR lifestyle is derived from the trend setters who are focused on having fun while accomplishing their goals. With the emphasis on look, comfort and image of its products, PAHR is setting itself yards apart from the rest. The PAHR mission is to create apparel and accessories representing the individual. Combining comfort and fashion we are creating a look and feel that can be work on and off the course.”

Now that you know more about what PAHR stands for lets take a look at their clothes. We received three new items which just had us salivating for what is to come in spring.

1.Womens Pink PAHRgyle Polo
2.Men’s White Polo with blue piping
3.Men’s Seersucker shorts with red stripe pocket.

First up was the pink PAHRgyle polo. With a name like that how can you not love it? The pink top had a blue and white argyle design with ruffled sleeves for that added feminine touch. I have my reserves when it comes to ruffled anything, sometimes it can be cute and other time I find it overdone and obnoxious. I have also noticed that if the shoulders have too much ruffle it kind of makes you look like a line backer. This polo was right on, the blue in the argyle print subdued the pink coloring of the polo to make it a little less girlie, and the ruffles were subtle flattering. The wore the polo with the white pants I wrote about in the first review, and once again everyone was asking, “Where did you get your clothes?” and “What brand is that, I have to have it.”

Next up are the two items for the fellas, the white polo with blue accents and seersucker shorts with red striped pockets. When I think of seersucker pants I think of the Kentucky Derby and the deep south, not so much hip fashionable mens golfwear. Once again, PAHR has proved me wrong, these shorts are great! I had a fellow male staff member give them a test run and to no surprise he couldn’t stop raving about them. He said they fit great, sized correctly in the waist, the length was just right, not too long that it looked like capris and not too short that he looked like a basketball player from the ’80s. I also asked him to try out the polo. Being that he has a closet full of tops from several different designers I was not expecting this response, “This is the nicest polo I have ever worn, where can I get more?” I was sold months ago on PAHR and now it seems so is he.

THP, and it’s team of reviewers loved PAHR golf so much we could not have Spring Fashion Week without them. Due to production timing we were unable to do a review on their spring line, but we promise as soon as we get a sneak preview, you will too. PAHR passes THP’s test for the best clothing with flying colors. Their line is stylish, comfortable and truly high quality, not to mention their stellar customer service. The boring days of khaki pants and plain white cotton polos are over, make way for a new era in golfwear, it’s name is PAHR.

With the spring line just a few short months away the fall 08 collection for PAHR is heavily discounted. To take advantage of these great prices check out their site here.

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  • Those seersucker shorts are as nice as they come. But they just do not photograph well.

  • Great article. I have come to realize that i have to check this site each morning to see what you are reviewing. This one made me go back and read the first one, which in turn is making me buy things from them as we speak on this sale site. Thank you thank you thank you.

  • I really look forward to your Spring review of their gear. After the 1st review I bought those shorts that are featured in this one, as well as a shirt from them. I think their clothes are as nice as any out there today.

  • Holy cow. I did not know of this company. I just read this review and then the one last month and am in love with their ladies garments. You describe them so well. I tried a few lines already based on your reviews but this one is by far the nicest I have seen. They have style and fit with a hint of edginess that fits my look. Thanks golfer gal.

  • Their stuff is so cool looking. I am hoping my Mom will get me some for Christmas. The Mcgrath shirts on their website are great. Wicked review.

  • Thanks for including my favorite clothes company in this review week. I have read each review and awake each day and have been waiting for Pahr. Almost everything I wear is buy them and like you I cannot wait until the 09 stuff comes in. I also have the seersucker hsorts and love them.

  • I am not sure I can wait until next year to see their new stuff. Thanks for bringing them back.

  • As a fellow BMX’er, Pahr is the only place I get my golf stuff. They have clothing from and for the edgy side of sports. Great stuff.

  • Pahr golf is my favorite apparel company out there. I must have that belt that is photo’d in this review.

  • That belt was covered as part of belt week last month.

  • I really want to get some of this stuff and the price is incredible right now. They have so many cute girls clothes that it makes it hard to shop online. The goal for me is to narrow it down to 1 outfit.

  • That pink top is really cute.

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