PAHR Golf Ladies Apparel Review

Bare with me, this review is rather lengthy.
As a newcomer to golf, and more specifically a female, I have to admit one of the first things that attracted me to the sport were the clothes! Golf was always a man’s sport to me, wearing khaki pants and a white polo shirt, very boring. The great names of the LPGA of today changed my entire outlook. How can anyone not notice the “Pink Panther” Paula Creamer, with a pink ribbon in her hair and showing off the latest trends in women’s attire. Another great fashion icon recently is Natalie Gulbis who has helped put the new lines of Adidas on the map with women’s golf wear.

With companies like Nike and Adidas being household names for sports gear I wanted to seek out other options for the fashion forward females of today. THP decided to reach out to our viewers to see what they are wearing or what they want to know more about. There were an overwhelming number of requests for information on a brand called PAHR Golf. We contacted them and spoke with partner Andy Gilkison to find out what they were all about. Andy was thrilled to hear from us and could not wait to participate. He said he would be shipping some items from their ’08 collection which can be found at Pahr Golf. The entire 2008 collection is discounted 40% right now, so grab them while they last! Don’t forget to tune into my piece next month when we feature the 09 collection during Spring 09 Fashion Week here at THP.

To understand the meaning behind PAHR Golf you need to know the history behind them:

“PAHR Fairway Essentials, founded in San Diego, California, is a fashion conscious, golf inspired clothing brand. The PAHR lifestyle is derived from the trend setters who are focused on having fun while accomplishing their goals. With the emphasis on look, comfort and image of it’s products, PAHR is setting itself yards apart from the rest. The PAHR mission is to create apparel and accessories representing the individual. Combining comfort and fashion we are creating a look and feel that can be worn on and off the course.“

Now to the good stuff…the clothes! About three days after speaking with Andy a box arrived. It was like a treasure box when I opened it up. There were seven items total, the perfect amount for our reviewers to get a taste of what was great in ’08 (and let’s not forget at a fabulous price). Ok, on to the apparel…

The seven items consisted of:

1. A pink sleeveless tank with white piping they call “Signature Tank”
2. A lavender sleeveless tank with white piping (also the “Signature Tank”)
3. A 3/4 sleeve lavender and white stripped collared top they call their “Fairway”
4. A pink windbreaker like jacket with white polka dots they call their “Champ Jacket”
5. A white jacket with a purple plaid stripe down each arm they call their “Boss Jacket”
6. Khaki Capri pants with pink lining they call the “Capri Sun”
7. White full length boot cut pants they call “Poana”

First we asked the reviewers to try out the pink and purple sleeveless tanks. The feedback was outstanding, the Poly/Cotton blend was so comfortable and forgiving it made teeing off a breeze. There is nothing more annoying then following through with your swing and the front of your shirt has moved to the back. Not with these tanks, they stayed right in place and allowed for a smooth swing. I particularly liked the zipper in front so I could adjust how tight the collar was. I am a Florida girl I am used to V-necks and low collars, no turtlenecks for me. The functionality was great but we can’t forget the look…can we say CUTE! The tanks are so nice they are not only great for the golf course but for your everyday wardrobe as well. These tanks got an A+ by all that tried them.

Next up was the ¾ sleeved top. From looks alone this top was so sophisticated yet hip that I could see myself wearing it to work. The lightweight material felt great. It was perfect for an early morning tee time when there is a light chill in the air. What makes this top so fashionable is the shape, it actually gives you shape! Most golf tops I have worn just sit on my body and give me that straight down school boy look, I am a woman, I have curves and I am not afraid to show them. The fit is flattering, the color options are fun, and the fabric is fantastic. Overall this top is definitely a keeper.

Next in the line are the jackets. Now since I live in Florida where the coldest part of the day is the morning and it’s a chilly 68 degrees we had our northern reviewers doing the testing. On a personal note, I adore polka dots, so when I saw the pink jacket with white polka dots I was in love. Our cold climate reviewers couldn’t stop raving about how great these jackets were. The thicker white jacket was a huge hit, the plaid pattern down the side of the sleeves had everyone on the golf course asking “where did you get that, where can I get that?” Our lady golfers were looking good and keeping warm.

Last, but certainly not least, are the pants. Now I have to say I was a little skeptical about trying capri’s, being all of five feet tall, capri’s tend to look like pants on me. Not this time…these were PERFECT! I couldn’t believe I didn’t have to get them hemmed. In fact the white pants fit like a glove as well, no need for alterations, they were figure friendly and a great compliment to the 3/4 sleeve top. I paired the Khaki Capri pants with the pink tank since the khaki pants had a pink lining, what a great outfit, I was getting compliments left and right, which gave me quite the confidence boost and I truly believe helped my game. As my cohort always has a “if you are going to try anything you MUST try this” item, mine would be the pants. The other reviewers and myself absolutely LOVED every item we were given to try. If I could only choose one it would be the pants, and for me specifically the capri’s. But I will say, all the items were tremendous.

To sum up my PAHR golf experience all I can say is amazing. The clothes were comfortable, functional, versatile, and without a doubt fashionable. Any woman who has worn high heels knows the words fashionable and comfortable aren’t normally in the same sentence, but I am here to say times have changed and PAHR golf is the perfect example of that. Whether you are dressing for your eight a.m. tee time or a four o’clock high tea you will look great in PAHR golf apparel. Considering these were the fashions that are now 40% off,(click here for sale) I cannot wait until I get the opportunity to find out what treasures they have in store for our Spring 09 Fashion Week Review coming soon. You can find all of these items plus hundreds more available at Pahr Golf

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