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Golf and fitness were two words that never really seemed to go together until a few years back. But with one phenom called Tiger Woods, those two words seemed to be uttered in the same sentence more and more frequently. Because of that, we were pretty excited to see that some companies were making “health bars” formulated for the golfer. I play golf early in the morning and do not have time to eat breakfast before the 7am tee times. I was hoping that this would be a healthy alternative to a candy bar at the turn.

Here is a little info on Sun Valley the maker behind the Par Bar.

The idea for Sun Valley Bar began in the spring of 2004 when Sarah Walker, an athlete, nutritionist, and baker, set out to create a healthy, wholesome, great tasting nutrition bar for friends and fellow athletes. The bars were originally made in Sarah’s tiny kitchen and placed in a cooler outside her front door, where customers would pick up their orders and leave a check. The bars soon became so popular that Sarah asked friend and accomplished caterer Ann Scales to be her partner in Sun Valley Bar.

The operation moved into to a rented commercial kitchen where Ann and Sarah spent many long days mixing, cutting and wrapping bars. The popularity for the bars continued to grow and their demand quickly spread beyond the mountain town of Sun Valley, Idaho. Today Sun Valley Bar continues to grow and Sarah and Ann are delighted to share their bars with you, wherever you may be.

After hearing about these bars from a few of our readers we decided to call them and see about reviewing their product. We spoke with Sunvalley Bar and they were delighted to send us some samples to try out. After a few days a box arrived and it contained a couple of bars each of the four flavors that they offer.

The bars were created by Sun Valley Bar co-founder Sarah Walker. She is an athlete and has a Master’s in Sports Nutrition. The idea for the bar was inspired by her brother and father. Both are avid golfers and she wanted to create something that they would enjoy the taste of and be a healthy alternative to snack food. These were something that they could keep right in their golf bag.

At THP we believe in nutrition. Golfergal more than myself, but we do believe it is important. However I refuse to sacrifice taste completely. I have tried many bars and most of them, just do not taste good enough for me to keep buying them. I was told by Par Bar that these would be different, so we were anxious to find out if they were right.

We unwrapped the package and I must admit was not all that impressed with the look of what I was about to eat. In fact I was a little turned off by it. However once I started eating it, that quickly subsided and I really did enjoy these little bars. They are much more moist than your typical bar and do not have that artificial taste that many have. I have actually taken their advice and keep one in my golf bag and have eaten one during each of my last three rounds.

Overall these bars are definitely a keeper. They come in four flavors. Cranberry Almond, Chocolate Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, and Goji Lemon. The Goji Lemon is by far my favorite. It has a very mild lemon flavor and is just very tasty. The Par Bar’s have an MSRP of $24 for a box of 12 and at that price we feel as though they are definitely worth a try. You can read more about them and see what specials they have going on each month at Sun Valley Bar.

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Josh B.

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