Par-Formance Golf Score Journal Review

Golf is a game of statistics. But unlike other sports, the statistics that you keep in golf are all designed to make you a better player. Most people who play golf keep their handicap in some form or another. From the online sites to an actual USGA handicap, golfers want to know how well they are doing and what they need to improve on. However, it is not always just about keeping your total strokes or score. Golfers of all skill levels would benefit greatly by having the ability chart all kinds of statistics and keep track of them for their game improvement.

When we were contacted about letting our readers know more about Par-Formance Golf Score Journal, we were pretty excited. It seems that is easy as it as it keep your personal statistics, most do not do it because they lack where to keep the information. That is where this little gem comes into place. Here is what the company has to say:

Par-formance, The Golf Score Journal works on an individual basis for a golfer as a reference to rounds played and to track your game from tee to green. Par-formance provides you the added value of a detailed journal to record your scores and to chart your progress and improvement. By visually seeing your results, it will allow you to focus on your strengths and weaknesses. Use Par-formance as you play or later when you review your round.

You can pick from two versions of Par-formance, The Golf Score Journal
1. The Classic version of Par-formance scores 20 rounds per journal includes an educational reference with the “Golf Rules in Brief” from the USGA, 2008-2011, made durable to last through all conditions of weather and play. Par-formance is ideal for golfers of all skill levels.
2. The Tournament Journal & Yardage Book version of Par-formance scores 5 rounds per journal and allows you to diagram in detail all 18 holes of a course showing yardage, water, trees, dog-legs, bunkers and the features of the greens. Ideal for tournament play!

Keeping a journal is one of the best ways to lower your golf score and to improve your course management!

Both editions are everything that the golfer that wants to keep track of their game could ask for. The Classic Edition features everything you would want and more. A place to put all of your statistics is obviously in there, but we found the back just as useful. There is a spot for you to put your club distances as well as right next to that an area that has the most used rules of golf written out clearly.

The area to keep statistics in, is clearly labeled and very easy to use. A couple of things to note that we have not really covered are:

1. They have an area for your goals for the year.
2. They included some lined blank pages for your thoughts or anything else.
3. The graphs in the back that help keep your yearly totals together is perfect.

We could go on and on about how perfect this little booklet is for each and every one of our readers. Just using this book in the last week has shown me exactly what I need to work on based on the four rounds I have played. For instance I had no idea I was struggling with my GIR. Part of that is because my up and downs have been so good since finding the Cleveland Niblick, but it shows that my wedge play needs to get a little better.

Overall we find this product to fall into our MUST BUY category of golf accessories. We do not give that out all that much, but this one deserves it. The Classic Score Journal has a retail price of about $10 and the Tournament and Yardage Book has a retail price of about $13 for four of them. The book is well made and should be durable enough to stay in your golf bag without getting ruined and you can pull it out each round as you keep score. We urge each one of our readers to pick one or both up today. You can read more about Par-Formance Golf at their website at

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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