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“Not only do they look terrific, they feel great. I’d like to say that I’ll think of you when I wear them, but they are so comfortable, my thoughts certainly won’t be on my feet.”
Payne Stewart

Golf shoes are as important to serious golfers as their equipment. A properly fitting shoe helps keep your mind on your game rather than your sore feet. A shoe must maintain its ability to stabilize your body weight while providing constant comfort. Large manufacturers create a perceived fit and comfort by using foam fillers to adjust variations in the shoe sizes and widths. Eventually the foam filler breaks down inside the shoe and the foot starts to move as the body torques throughout the swing.
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Par West specializes in crafting some of the finest custom-made shoes on the market. The first step in creating a custom golf shoe is to accurately measure the feet. Impressions of both feet are made using a Foam Mold Impression Kit. This process eliminates the use foam fillers and ultimately creates the perfect fitting shoe. Accurate measurements are taken of the toe, ball, and instep to ensure a proper fit. The fitting process even includes the players preferred sock style, whether they walk or ride, or wear an orthotic insert. While most golf shoes today seldom hold up more than a few seasons, Par West custom shoes are crafted to last a lifetime. The ultimate goal is to craft a world-class handmade product made to the exact specifications of Par West Custom Shoes clients.

When THP first heard about Par West, they were at the top of the list of things to try out. We reached out to Paul Raddatz owner of Par West shoes to talk about his product and why people should look into custom shoes.

THP – Why do golfers need custom shoes?

Paul – The average golfer swings the club 90-100 mph. Your feet are the foundation of the torque motion. If your feet are moving inside the shoe, you will not be able to consistently hit the same shot regardless of how good your swing is.

THP – Can you tell us what separates your shoe from the top of the line store bought shoes?

Paul – Design is the first thing. You can have just about anything done with our shoes. Any material and any color. But what really sets it apart is how they are made. The standard shoe company puts foam inside their shoes. This is why standard sizes fit most people. Over a year or two, the foam breaks down your feet will move inside the shoe. A custom shoe becomes almost like a glove for your feet. As you wear them, they will mold to your feet.

THP – How long will they last?

Paul – Par West shoes can last a lifetime. They are built for you.

THP – Tell me about styles?

Paul – That is the beauty of a custom shoe. You see companies making “custom shoes” but they really are not custom other than a few color changes. Our shoes are entirely custom. From what kind of material to use to the style and colors that go on it. We can use materials that are extremely exotic and the shoes will be one of a kind.

THP – What kind of materials do you use that are a little exotic?

Paul – Oh, just about anything. Ostrich, Alligator, Sting Ray, Elephant, etc… There are hundreds, and it is entirely up to the person making them. On the inside we use mostly Bison leather. It is the most comfortable and really forms well to the foot.

THP – We look forward to seeing them in person.

Paul – Thanks for letting me share the info with your readers.

So after getting our proper measurements and everything we waited for a little while until a box showed up on the doorstep. Once opened we noticed two styles of shoes for us to take a look at. The first style is called “Augusta”. These custom shoes are made of calfskin and are the softest pair of shoes I have ever felt. Once on they felt more like slippers than they did golf shoes. As much as I am a golf shoe fanatic, I never once thought I would see this much different. But I remembered back to my conversation with Paul in which he said that “no two feet are alike”. Most people have feet that are different sizes and that can make all the difference in the world. These little gifts from heaven are simply the most comfortable thing I have ever put on my feet. I would almost be scared to play golf in them. Paul was nice enough to put walking spikes in this pair so I could wear them around the house. I did not want to take them off when we went for dinner, but they did not really go with jeans and tee shirt.

The next pair that were sent over were Par West’s Sterling style. These are in full quill African Ostrich and are colored in the tone they call Cigar. These shoes are stunning. In all fairness I have never seen a pair of Ostrich shoes up clothes and the look is stunning. The color is stunning, and the feel and texture is out of this world. The comfort is what I expected. A PERFECT FIT! This is a shoe I get could used to. As most of THP readers know, I like things a little crazy in my golf apparel and these are perfect. They have a traditionalalmost regal look to them that I have never encountered. But at the same time have that pizazz that says I am style conscience. The comfort is as good as the other pair. Once you put them on, you just do NOT want to take them off.

Sometimes in life you get what you pay for. Bargains can be had, and it feels great when we get them, but sometimes quality work costs money. THP is not in anyway suggesting that everyone needs to buy custom shoes. But those who can afford it, and like a product that is superior in almost every way needs to check them out. These shoes are built to last a lifetime. Plus, the comfort level and lack of foot pain are worth their weight in gold. They range in price from $750-$2400. You can read all about the fitting process and see tons of examples of the fine work that Par West does Here.

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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