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Most golfers will agree that the surest way to shave strokes from round to round is focus on the short game in practice. However, the short game is one that most amateurs fall into two major pitfalls that can hinder improvement – lack of understanding fundamentals necessary to pull off various shots around the green and the lack of practicing with a purpose. An interestingly simple product which aims to help golfers remedy both of those issues is the Perfect Pitch golf mat.

About the Perfect Pitch

Teaches You the Perfect Setup

If you want to have a great short game, you must have a great setup. The main fundamentals of a great short game setup are aim, foot position, ball position, and distance from the ball. The Perfect Pitch Golf Mat teaches you the correct way to do this each time making your chip, pitch, sand, and flop shots more consistent.

Makes Your Practice More Effective

If you want to have a great short game, you have to practice. The problem with most golfers is they practice the wrong things. To be effective your practice must focus on fundamentals. The Perfect Pitch Golf Mat forces you to practice the proper setup resulting in better short game shots.

Let’s You Practice Anywhere

If you want to have a great short game, you have to put in reps. The more you do it, the better it works. The reality is your life is busy and you can’t always make it to the golf course. The Perfect Pitch Golf Mat let’s you practice in the basement, garage, or backyard as well as the golf course. More reps give you a better short game.

Using the Perfect Pitch

Putting the Perfect Pitch to use is about as headache free as possible. Simply roll it out and you’re good to go. The mat is intended to help golfers attain the proper setup for pitch, chip, and flop shots and it comes with an instructional flier that explains the colored coding on the mat and how to hit the individual shots. The Perfect Pitch is divided by a straight line at the target and an angled one down the toes in order to provide a slightly open stance. Additionally, the mat has red, white, and yellow lines for foot positioning as well as corresponding dots for ball placement (3 different dots per ball position to accommodate different builds). The yellow marks are for flop shots and position the feet wider with the ball more forward to open the club up, while the white and red are for pitches and chips and move the feet closer together with the ball more to the middle and just back of middle.

Parting Thoughts

Although at its root it is paint (keep in mind, paint does wear) on a simple golf mat, the Perfect Pitch does what it intends to do by providing clear cut visual indicators that allow for repetition to ingrain proper fundamentals.  Another nice thing is that the portability factor also allows the user to practice at home indoors, as well as taking it to the course and putting it to use outside.  The Perfect Pitch is a great example that it doesn’t always have to be about the bells and whistles when it comes to training aids. In this case, providing a consistent visual aid is what makes it a tool that can work with golfers of all skill levels.

The Perfect Pitch golf mat comes in three different sizes for men, women, and children, all with an MSRP of $64.95. More information on the Perfect Pitch golf mat can be found at their website

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  • Cool little practice tool, I hadn’t seen this one before.

    I think the short game is here so many amateurs have much room to improve and this mat could teach a ton of the basics. Like the fact that you can use it at home also.

    Maybe a tad pricy but if the longevity is there then it’s not so bad.

  • Excellent write up buddy. Short game work is key to a successful round. A training aid as simple as this really allows you focus on getting quality reps in.

  • Good job James. A nice practice tool that someone can use anywhere. Dont even need to be hit a ball, just get the stance and alignment right. The only way it would have been cooler is if it was called the Pitch Perfect mat and it came with a life size cut out of Anna Kendrick but maybe thats just me..haha

  • Another great write up James. Hard to find fault with a product that is both simple to use and effective. Sounds like a winner.

  • Great review, James. Looks like a simple, yet effecting training tool. Price does seem quite high for what it it, however.

  • Thanks for the review James. My short game needs work but I am not sure this is the answer and the price will keep me away.

  • Great review James, short game is where a ton of strokes can be saved and I’m sure this could help tremendously.

  • A lot of people can use help around the green but I am not sure if this is it, at $65. My wife’s worst part of her game is chipping and pitching, but stance and ball position isn’t where she is lacking. She needs something that will get her to trust hitting down and through.

  • Great write up James. Seems like a pretty straight forward tool. That price seems a little high though.

  • Good job, James. Looks like a nice refresher aid to break out on occassion, or as a standard part of my weekly shortgame practice. Especially handy for winter indoors.

  • Thanks for the post, we offer 3 size mats, mens, womens, and kids.

    Also, for hackers paradise readers, use coupon code “save15” and get 15% of your online order.

  • Great write-up James. Looks like a nice winter time practice pad for me !

  • What would be great is if there is a chipping mat that has longer grass that simulates rough. A lot of times I am chipping from the rough and not the fairway (unfortunately). And it’s usually the rough lie that gives me mor trouble.

  • Great write up James and such a simple product idea to really engrain those shots with perfect practice

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