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Here at The Hackers Paradise offices we get a lot of training aids. Every single one of them says that they can fix everything wrong with your swing in minutes. Do any of them work? Sometimes, but you have to weed through so many bad products until you find one that actually does what it says it will do. When we were told about the Perfect Release training aid, I must admit, I was a little skeptical. But regardless of that, we put it through the paces and by the time you finish this review you will know whether or not it is a product that is right for you.

The Perfect Release is a recently introduced, patented and yet affordable golf training aid that uses a flexible cord connected between the golf club and lead arm. It quickly relaxes the grip, sets the golf club on plane, maintains a square clubface, induces the release of the golf club and promotes a positive body turn. Feel it to believe it and “Feel What the Pros Feel”.
We had our resident instructor put this device through the testing before we gave it to some “regular” golfers to work with.

Once we got him all hooked up, he was ready to go. Hooking up the device took absolutely no time and within seconds we were watching him hit balls with the Perfect Release in place. The first thing we noticed is that the cord is very strong and tight. This product will NOT let your club get too far away from being in the correct position.

One issue we had with the device at the beginning is that when the club is at it’s peak, the cord goes from very tight to extremely loose based on hands position. Quite a few times both myself and our testing professional had it hit us in the head and ear. It was not painful at all just slightly bothersome.

Both of us thought the device did work and felt like it was keeping us in position.

The next test of course was for THP to bring this device for players of all abilities and we did that at the range the following day. We had six people test the Perfect Release for 20 minutes each. Each and every person strapped the device on in no time at all. After the session we sat down and spoke with the golfers and found out their thoughts. Below is a summary of what the THP testers thought.

1. A little harder to tee up the ball.
2. Found myself making much better “sweet spot contact”.
3. If you swing “outside/in” this will prevent you from doing that.
4. Looks funny on the range practicing.
5. Liked it for chips to work on keeping head down and club grounded.
6. Definitely felt like it kept me in position for the entire swing.

Overall most of the people liked the product. It is rare nowadays that a “training aid” does what it says it will do, but this one seems to do just that. The Perfect Release carries a MSRP of $59.99 and they also have a junior model with that same price tag. We would have liked to have seen this product in the “Under $50” training aid category based on what it is. But even at this suggested price we have no problem recommending it to our readers. If you are willing to put in the time on the range with this tool, the Perfect Release will definitely help your game. You can read more about this device as well as purchase one online at Perfect Release.

UPDATE: After reading the review and hearing from THP’s customer base, the price has changed to $49.95 on the website. At that price we urge each of our readers to give it a strong look when it comes time to purchase some training aids. This one really does work well.

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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