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When this contest was announced a month or so ago we assembled a panel of judges to pick the winner. Well, the panel is deadlocked and we are it leaving up to the THP Readers to determine which one of these four finalists should attend the PGA Merchandise Show as part of Team THP. The panel, made up of companies that are part of the show simply could not make the final decision once they narrowed it down to the 4 finalists.

For those that missed the contest, here is the official thread.
Contest Announcement

The poll will be up until tonight at 8pm EST only, so vote now. We are also opening the voting up to email votes so that the companies that did not make up the panel can participate. We are also going to send this link to a WHOLE LOT of people to vote.

We wish that we could take everybody with us, and not being chosen by the panel as a finalist, or being voted by the readers, is in no way saying that you are not appreciated or that your entry was not good. These finalists were simply what the judges thought were the best and we hope everybody enjoys the coverage that we will provide this year.

Option #1
I know I normally use humor when entering contests but, for once, I’d like to be serious. I would love the opportunity to attend the PGA show. I’ve never had the chance to meet JB or Morgan, or even to visit Florida. I’m very comfortable working and socializing in a professional setting, and I think I would be an excellent ambassador for THP. But more than anything, I honestly enjoy learning about golf equipment, and I truly care about giving THP members the best possible information so they will feel like they are at the show with THP.

Option #2
When I was a kid one of my biggest dreams was to be locked inside a Toys R US. I’d tear my way through that store playing with everything from GI Joes to Nintendo games. After that I’d make my way to the candy section, after all, hiding out so long I was forced to miss supper! Unfortunately that dream never came true, but having an opportunity to get inside the doors of a PGA Merchandise Show would light my face up exactly the way I imagined it would be the second the last employee left the Toys R US!

Option #3
I want to attend the 2010 PGA Merchandise show for a few reasons, my undying love for the game, it’s history and the opportunity to learn about the evolution of the industry as it impacts the everyday golfer. I am a great communicator with people and really love the idea of being able to be apart of such a great event while representing THP by researching the companies we will be meeting ahead of time as well as learning as much as I can about the industry and the innovations that will be coming out for the coming year. I look forward to getting a chance to make THP proud and, as you said, having the time of my life.

Option #4
Top 10 Reasons why I should attend the 2010 PGA Merchandise Show:

10. Will work for free

9. Won’t ask for swag due to high baggage check-in fees

8. Pitch ideas for his screenplay ‘CaddyShack III, Revenge of the Caddies’

7. No Twitter updates saying ‘I just bought pink balls”

6. Beats the $20 Golfsmith gift card he gets for his birthday

5. The north is cold in January, dammit!

4. Promises not to wear knickers and get drunk at the THP Dinner

3. Knows the difference between Anthony Kim and Christina Kim

2. Won’t ask “Is Tiger here?”

1. Better than a Lightning game!

There you have it. These are the four finalists as chosen by the judges. Please help them and THP pick a winner for this huge prize that will go to a lucky THP member.

Disclaimer – Some words were changed, added, or deleted on entries only to keep the identity of the entries anonymous during voting.

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