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It appears Canada is really making its mark on the golf apparel industry. Recently The Hackers Paradise has done quite a few reviews on different Canadian companies and the response has been tremendous. From those reviews we have had several requests from readers asking us to contact another Canadian company called Phresh. So, we called Phresh, spoke to a representative, and about a week later we had a treasure chest of goodies.

We could not believe how many items we received. Phresh sent over four men’s and four women’s ensembles plus some hats and belts all from their spring 2009 collections. The best part was not just that we got eight different outfits but that they came from four different collections. My first thoughts when I saw everything was bright, geometric, and fun. Before I get into the review, let me give you a little background on Phresh.

“Phresh Wear Inc. was conceived by Tim Tochor in 2003. After several years in marketing and advertising, Tim, an avid golfer, began playing on a Jr. A college golf team in Palm Desert, California. Deciding to explore the possibility of a professional career Tim played several mini tour events along the west coast with his final stop at the Canadian Tour qualifying school in Kamloops B.C. Realizing he might find a more lucrative career in golf than playing, and possessing an eye for functional design, he identified a void in the golf apparel market.


The new golfer demographic was progressively becoming more youth oriented and the tradition golf “uniform” did not fit with their lifestyle. Not only was the game of golf changing with new technology and equipment but also fit, form and function were the new requirements for apparel. Using his contacts in the golf industry he began to research the new breed of player and identify their niche needs.”

In addition to the information above I would like to add that this is the first year for Phresh’s ladies apparel line. Now that you know more about the company lets talk about the clothes. As mentioned above the apparel came from four collections; Pewter Collection, Thistle Collection, Tan Collection, and Scotch/Clover Collection. Since there were so many items we will group them by type of garment starting with the tops.

Both the men’s and women’s tops have such bold, fabulous colors. They have found a way to take colors I would ordinary not expect to see together and make it look like a match made in heaven. The color combinations, geometric designs, and patterns are like nothing I have seen before. They make great use of plaids by placing it just in the collar, which when paired with a pair of plaid pants or shorts for the men or capris or a skort for the women make one heck of an outfit. Any one of their polos would look great with a pair of jeans and no one would ever suspect they were made for golf. The only issue I have with the tops is the cut. They are more of the European or Athletic cut so I would advise buying one size larger than you would normally wear.

Along with the polos we received skorts and capris, aka crop pants for the ladies and pants and shorts for the men. The crop pants did not quite fit my body type, however, I wish they did because they were incredible looking. The bottom of the pants have three buttons for a little decorative addition that I just loved. The pants are offered in five different colors and each one is nicer than the next. The skorts were my favorite because you think it’s just a plain solid colored skort but then you look at the pleats and realize there is a hint of plaid there. If you match up the same color plaid from the skort with the plaid from the polo you have an outfit everyone will be talking about. The male testers LOVED the pants, they said they were very comfortable and looked great on. They did not have quite the same reaction when it came to the shorts. They really liked the look of them and said they fit quite well, unfortunately they felt the fabric felt a little stiff. Everyone agreed this could be due to the fact the items were samples and the final product could be softer, or even after a few good washes they could soften up. Either way, everyone said it would not stop them from wearing the shorts because they looked that good.

Every woman knows an outfit is not complete without accessories. Phresh definitely got it right with their hats and belts, everything is unisex and they are the perfect accompaniment to any outfit. The belts come in five fabulous colors to match any ensemble you put together. The belt buckle was everyones favorite. It is a stainless buckle with the Phresh logo, it is very sharp looking. They sent two different types of hats both of which are really something special. The baseball cap comes in six different colors each with the Phresh logo front and center in plaid. I just love how they continued the plaid theme it really ties everything together. My favorite item of the bunch were the hats that can best be described as Irish wool caps. The reason I liked them so much is because you don’t see them everywhere. If you really want to make a statement on, or off, the course this cap is the way to go.

Overall I thought Phresh gear was exactly that, fresh. Even in the darker colors when you are wearing Phresh you will brighten up any room. The definition of Phresh, as described by them, is original, unconventional, vital, hip, active, exciting, unique. So if you like the classic style and solid colors this is not for you, but if you like to make a statement and stand out in a crowd then I highly recommend giving this company a try.

Their website is currently under construction but you can get sneak peak at Phreshwear.

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