Ping Anser Forged Wedge Review

Last year forged aficionados rejoiced as Ping released their first forged iron, the Anser. The release of these wedges is an extension to that line and they have some features that make them different from most of the previous Ping offerings. Based on solid reviews throughout for the iron set, THP was eager to get started with the wedges and see if this company known for its casting process could continue to add to their forged lineup.

From the Company
Forged out of a soft 8620 steel, a thicker hitting area and hour-glass-shaped reinforced back cavity provide solid feel and feedback. A machined face and grooves ensure maximum spin and control. A high-density tungsten toe weight is balanced by a longer hosel to optimize the CG position for penetrating, high-spin trajectories. The Anser wedges have a thicker face in the impact area and a stabilizing bar that will bring consistency to your shot making. Control also comes from minimizing face fluctuation.

Appearance & 1st Impressions
When the wedges arrived at THP HQ, the consensus was “stunning”. The clubs have an almost industrial look to them, while at the same time showing off some refined beauty. One of the first things that pops out at you when you grab a hold of these wedges is the color difference out on the toe of the club. What you are seeing is a Tungsten insert that was put there as the hosel got longer to make the sweet spot larger and effectively add more forgiveness to the wedge. The second thing that sparked our interest was that when looking at the back of the wedge, it seems to show off a large amount of perimeter weighting packed into a club designed like this. This is something that can help a large amount of players without sacrificing anything in terms of feel or versatility due to the design. The last thing that stuck out to us on first inspection of the Anser Forged wedges was the customary Ping notch in the hosels (it is featured in all of their irons and wedges) that is in place to make it extremely easy for fitters to bend the wedges to the exact lofts you prefer for your game. Important to note though, that every change in loft, will result in the same change in bounce and to consult with a fitter.

Wedges are an extremely “personal” part of one’s golf game and testing them is never an easy thing to do. The goal with any testing is to identify how well the club performs and who would most benefit from the piece of equipment. The Ping Anser wedge was put through 14 rounds of golf and countless range sessions and there are some highlights that THP wants to address for those considering wedges in the near future.

Look – Identified earlier and usually the first point of interest in any club. See above for our thoughts on the looks of the Ping Anser wedges.

To see more in hand pictures and check out what THP Forum members have to say about this wedge, check out the THP Forum thread here.

Feel/Sound – Something THP identifies as one and the Ping Anser offers a unique experience in this side of purely subjective testing and that is a deeper impact sound that translates to a smoother feel at impact. The weighting at impact feels so perfect that the ideal strike offers this deep “crack” and a near absence of sound. The translation to feel is almost divine and something that must be experienced by those that very much seek that “perfect feel”.

Versatility – For some, the most important part of any higher lofted clubs is their versatility. The ability to hit them in many many different situations without fear of the equipment not being able to handle the task needed. Ping has crafted these wedges exceptionally well and one thing in particular that they have paid attention to is the sole of the wedge and making sure that the leading edge and sole can handle opening and closing of the club to perfection without fear of any issues. The Anser Forged wedge was such as joy to use around the green that the testers trying it out kept checking the sole and asking if it featured a “special” grind. In actuality, it is just an extremely well made golf club that has incredible balance that lets the club become as versatile as the golfer would like.

The Shaft
The Ping Anser Forged wedge comes equipped with a shaft that is quickly becoming a favorite of THP Forum members and that is the True Temper DG Spinner shaft. The shaft is designed to impart more spin on the ball than other wedge shafts and for many golfers does just that. To hear more about the True Temper DG Spinner shaft, check out this THP interview with the creator.

The Ping Anser Forged wedge is truly a great piece of golf equipment. It offers extreme versatility, wonderful performance, great balance and feel and on top of that forgiveness and looks that some don’t expect in their wedges. With a price tag of $169 they are on the pricier side of the wedge game when comparing to other premium wedges, but THP recommends trying them out first before deciding whether or not the price is justified. For more information on these or any other Ping products, check out their website at

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