Ping G20 Irons Review

Ping has long been considered a revolutionary in the world of golf equipment and with each passing release, more and more golfers are finding out what makes their irons so intriguing from a technology stand point. With the buzz surrounding the release of the latest launch of the G20 line from Ping, THP readers have been testing out the newest creations and the results have been quite positive.

From the company
Forgiveness and accuracy are achieved through extreme perimeter weighting in the 17-4 stainless steel head. A multi-material cavity badge made of soft elastomer improves feel and sound while enhancing distance control, allowing you to play your best golf. Consistent, precise distance control was achieved by using a thin face backed by a floating CTP structure. Weight in the back flange of the deeply cut, multi-cavity head increases the MOI. Combined with PING’s new CFS steel shaft, the G20 optimizes feel and trajectories.

First Impressions

After weeks of range testing and close to a dozen rounds of golf, it is safe to say that the Ping G20 irons are a different animal than the G15s were in terms of performance, feel and overall package. At setup, the clubs look eerily similar, but that is where the changes begin to creep in. From the first swing you take with the G20 irons, you get a different audible impact sound, which translates to a softer and smoother feel through the hands. This sensation was something that I begged for in the G15 line and for the most part, thought was the only thing missing to that release.

Throughout the set, the G20 shows its technology and forgiveness through and through. Are you looking for an iron to launch high and straight? Few will compare to the forgiveness that the Ping irons are offering here and more importantly they do so without any sacrifices in terms of balance. These irons are a great compliment to the golfer that wants that extra forgiveness without the sacrifice of audible tone and feedback to let you know when you missed and where it happened.

What is distance without distance control? With so many pieces of equipment in today’s day and age touting longer distances than ever, THP was intrigued to hear that while Ping is touting the long distances achieved with the G20 line, the company is also promising “distance control”. Putting this to the test for weeks, we found that Ping did in fact hit a home run in that department. The thinner face does give off more distance and forgiveness with a higher ball flight, while the gapping between irons is perfect.

The Ping G20 irons tested were fitted with the Ping CFS steel shafts. Engineered with fewer steps throughout, the new CFS shafts deliver a smoother feel through the transition while not skimping at all on the stability. CFS stands for Control Feel Stability and its something that THP thinks worked quite well. The shaft offers a high ball flight without any ballooning that would kill off distance. Of course as one would expect from a company that stands behind fitting as much as Ping does, there are a number of different shaft options available for the golfer.

Ping has come forth and improved upon the extremely popular G15 irons in a big way. Offering more forgiveness, faster ball speeds and more distance control these are irons that should be on every golfer’s short list to try. If and high straight is what you are after, the Ping G20 irons deliver in a big way. For more information on these or any other Ping products, check out their website at

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