PING G425 Drivers and Irons

The PING G425 driver just hit the USGA conforming list. You will start to hear news about the product line, mostly the driver as irons won’t be on there, but it will be a full line. To start with, here is what we can say. The G425 driver is made up of three models.


The major story for driver will be a re-engineered CG shifter (weight movement) and a larger difference between the three models than the G410. For irons will be HydroPearl Consistency and multimaterial badge for feel.

These products (the full line) will then officially be released in Japan the following week. Shortly thereafter the full line will be released in AUS. They will NOT be released in N. America and PING will have no mention of them on their websites or marketing until embargo late into 2020, with a release date of 2021.

Those countries will have the lines listed on their websites at launch time (for Japan, it will next week and AUS the week after that). Speaking with the company over the last month, they have no official statement on the release currently, but do understand that as items hit the international PING sites, that messaging and images will appear.

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