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Piretti Teramo Putter Review

Earlier this year on THP Radio, we took a look at the transformation that was appearing before our eyes at Piretti Golf. The Texas based putter company that has made major headway into a crowded market by offering unique designs in classic styles that feature a slightly heavier head weight. When THP first came across Piretti Golf it was in the Spring Issue of THP: The Magazine, the overall impression of the line was “industrial” and we were not sure where the line was headed. Well, as we mentioned on The Greenside, the transformation has been spectacular and we have been eagerly awaiting the next release.

From the company
The Teramo is a classic mallet design, milled from a solid billet of 11L17 carbon steel. It is a one piece precision milled head that is available in weights of 355, 365, 375 and 400 grams. This putter was designed to be face balanced and favor golfers with a straight back straight through putting stroke. This design is the heel shafted double bend version. It is offered in our P.V.D. (maintenance free) Midnight Black and Satin Stainless finishes. THP is testing the Center Shaft version called CS.

First Impression
Gone are the industrial designs that we originally saw and in their place are sights of elegance and refinement. On arrival, the Teramo is jaw dropping in both appearance and craftsmanship. The face has a deep milling that stands out and looks fantastic on the Midnight Black finish that THP received for testing. Speaking of that finish, the darker finish is one that will make any putter fan smile from ear to ear. Offering just the right amount of high gloss in all the right places without giving you any fear of glare at all. The contrast of the stark white alignment line laying on top of this beautiful finish is absolutely perfect and when you think you have seen it all, you flip the putter over and take a look at the sole and are greeted with a slightly textured finish done in full gloss.

Over the last month, THP has spent time on both the putting green and the course with the Piretti Teramo CS Putter and each time, come away more and more impressed with what Piretti is doing. From the last time we took a look at his latest line in the Cottonwood II through our testing of this latest creation we continue to come away extremely enthusiastic with what the company is putting out. The Midnight Black is an absolutely gorgeous finish that stands up to the sun and did not have any glare issues whatsoever and couple that with an incredible soft feel at impact that rivals anything on the market today.

When you first start testing out this putter you immediately are drawn to the white alignment and how it contrasts so nicely with the darker finish covering the rest of the putter. It adds a nice touch to really help you stay on line and trust your read as you begin to make your stroke. At impact the Teramo CS offers an audible tone that can only be described by the word “plush”. Its a cross between soft and crisp in the feel department with a nice full sound that gives you the absolute perfect amount of feedback through the hands.

The extra weight in the heads of Piretti putters seem to scare off some, but we urge you to check them out. In our testing on the putting greens, golfers were closer to the hole with the slightly heavier putter head on average from both 15 feet and 20 feet and made more putts per round from between 6 feet and 12 feet than with their lighter counterparts. It is about results and the Teramo CS delivered on the golf course where it matters most.

For larger hi-res pictures, click here

Once again the Piretti Golf line impresses us in a way we were not expecting. From the moment the Teramo CS was unboxed, each tester that tried out the center shafted flatstick became impressed with both the classic good looks with modern styling and the performance on the course where the putter was truly defined. As with everything Piretti, you can count on simply incredible customer service when going through the ordering process as well as all the custom options of weight, lie angle, grip and more you could want to get that perfect putter for your game. The best part is that the company will be there every step of the way to answer your questions as you order your next putter. For more information on this line or any other products from Piretti, check out their website at www.pirettigolf.com.

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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Josh Babbitt


Josh is the Publisher of The Hackers Paradise and co-founder of THP Media with his wife Morgan Babbitt. Together they share a passion for golf, and they travel the country in the THP Tour Van bringing their love and knowledge of the game to golfers everywhere.

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  • I really love these putters. Looking forward to trying one out soon.

  • Nice review JB. I like the idea of a heavier putter and it’s something I’ve been meaning to try more of. I don’t really have a straight back and forward motion but maybe that’ somethng I could look to change too. Love the looks as well!

  • Nice review. Piretti make some beautiful putters and while Ive not faired well with CS putters this one needs a closerlook.

  • Great review!!! That putter is just great looking, I still wonder if I need to move back to a CS and this one would be a contender if I did so

  • Excellent review of a great looking putter. I love how Piretti was able to marry the classic look with the modern styling and performance in this thing. What sounds even better is how well you speak of the company themselves and their commitment to customer service. Great work, thanks!

  • What a stunning putter. Great review JB. Solid write up.

  • This is a beautiiful putter. Piretti seems to be making the right decisions if this putter is any indication of the overall direction the coompany is headed.

  • wow thats a magnificent looking putter!

  • Good write up JB. I love a putter that has good weight to it and if you can pair that with stunning looks and cutomization options like the Piretti has then it’s definitely something to check out!

  • Love that logo! Sexy putter too/

  • Very impressive. I like the fact that Piretti offers both a center shaft and a heel shaft option on this mallet. Love the dancing lions on the sole! I need to get my hands on one.

  • Beautiful putter. Great write-up JB!

  • Very impress putter. Definitley one to check out.

  • Great review JB. That putter is dead sexy. I am loving the blue hue coming off of the back of the putter.

  • What weight did u demo, 375, 400?. Did u try the HS model? I am debating buying the Hs model 38 inch for belly putter just don’t know if I want 375 or 400 weight. Any coments would be welcome

  • 375 was used for this review.

  • I purchased the Teramo, heel option, 365 weight putter, used it for the first time (with no practice) in league play the other evening. The balance and weight are good for me and I was putting really well with it. I especially liked the weight for those long putts, some out of the first cut, which resulted in reaching the hole in one and a bunch of gimmies. Can’t wait to get to the putting green for more practice. I can’t say I am a fan of the grip yet, harder than I am use to, maybe it will grow on me, or I’ll change it.

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