Power Package Golf Training Aid Review

Golf training aids come in all shapes and sizes, and it seems there is literally something on the market that is aimed to “improve” every single nuance of the golf swing.  With that said, the ones that are typically the most successful are those which are the simplest in terms of their scope and ease of use. Power Package golf is a good example of this, it’s a straight forward training aid which aims to help golfer correct complex swing issues. THP was able to spend an extended amount of time with the apparatus to put it through a thorough rundown with a variety of different golfers.

What exactly is the goal of Power Package Golf?

Power Package is a training aid focused on one of the major issues for a large segment of golfers, setting the club. The device was designed by PGA Teaching Professional Chris Walkey based on information he has gleaned from his many students over the years of giving lessons. The basic thought behind the device is that the proper setting of the club allows for increased repeatability of the swing, but according to the company it also helps with swing plane (too flat/upright), face angle (open/closed), across the line or laid off at the top, overswinging, narrowing of the swing, casting, and overall body rotation through the swing.

The Design and Ease of Setup:

The overall design of the Power Package is as straight forward as possible, two padded forearm “cups” with arms that are attached to a simple screw tightened clamping mechanism. The varied distance from the clamp of the two cups is intended to match up physiologically with the body/arm motion of the user through the golf swing, and “sit” on the forearms when the club is properly set after takeaway as well as after impact.


In terms of setup, because it uses a bracket that secures via a screw that you loosen and tighten, it is very simple, and that is a good thing. After removing the screw completely, simply slide the bracket over the shaft and then slide it up onto the grip to the desired position (lower for more hinge/set, and higher on the grip for less). From here, align the longest arm to the face, then insert the screw and tighten it down. It’s quick and easy, something that tends to make a training aid stand out versus more complex devices.


Something worth mentioning is that if you use mid or over-sized grips, the installation is going to take a bit more strength and if you cannot get the screw to insert and tighten down thereafter then the grips may simply be too large for use with the Power Package. For what it is worth though, this reviewer had no issues using the apparatus on mid-sized Lamkin grips.

Performance Feedback:

For the initial review, the Power Package was simply put into practice with this reviewer alone, however, as time went on there was a level of curiosity to see just how it would perform for a variety of different physiques and swings. As such, the reviewer’s high-school golf team was used to glean that information and it did in fact change some viewpoints about the device as a whole.

The goal is to set the club on takeaway by hinging the wrists so that the cups rest on the forearms of the user.  From there you want to keep them in contact with the arms at impact so that lag is retained in the swing. Upon following through the cups should again come into contact with the arms up to the finish.

As straight forwards as the Power Package is to setup, the feedback it provides is equally as such. The Power Package is very effective at giving instant feedback and it was impressive to see extremely accomplished golfers and legitimate beginners alike see just how the body could/should be reacting with the club through the swing. The biggest takeaway seen for this reviewer is that it not only encourages proper setting of the club but it forces width in the swing to reel things back on plane and set. It’s important to note that the device does not try to place you into a cookie cutter swing, though the focus is on hinging and setting the club properly, the Power Package still works with the individual swing nuances.

While the feedback given is quick, digestible, and repeatable it would be nice if some sort of adjustability was available for the cups. Though it worked extremely well in review, it’s important to remember that just as our swings are all unique, so too is our physiological build. Since we all have unique lengths and widths in our body, the ability to fine tune the Power Package might make for a nice improvement down the road.

Parting Thoughts:

A good training aid provides immediate and understandable feedback while also being durable and portable.  In those regards the Power Package is an exceptionally solid device. The Power Package provides an opportunity for focused practice on an issue that many golfers battle. Although the price tag of $79.99 puts it in a realm which may lead to some hesitation for potential users, you do get what you pay for quality wise and the Power Package is built to last. More information on it, including instructional videos, can be found on the company’s website, www.PowerPackageGolf.com.

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