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We had such a great response from our review on the Ladies Precept iQ 180 golf balls and we have anxiously been waiting for the newest ball to come on the market. That time is finally here and we were so fortunate to test out the Precept LADY iQ PLUS. Our overall impression of the iQ 180 was so positive that we honestly had no idea what to expect from the LADY iQ PLUS. Would it add even more distance? Would it feel better rolling off the face of your putter? What about ball flight and spin? I had so many questions I just couldn’t wait to get my hands on these golf balls.
With the iQ 180 I had the choice of what color I wanted and I chose pink. This time I decided to be greedy and I asked for every color so I could compare and contrast them all. So when the box arrived we received clear, white, and pink golf balls. There wasn’t much difference, looks wise, between the white and clear and the pink balls were just as I remembered, PINK! I thought they looked even more pink then the iQ 180 and after further investigation and surveying a group of people the consensus confirms these are definitely a deeper color pink, which was just fine with me.
With the iQ 180 I learned that a softer ball can be very beneficial to a ladies golf game. In addition, Precept’s softest core ever continues to reduce excessive sidespin for straighter, more accurate ball-flight, while the new 5% softer cover provides better greenside control than any other Precept LADY golf ball in history.
The big question for me was whether or not the ball really did what the company claims? The simple answer is yes! When comparing this ball to several others on the market the LADY iQ PLUS will give you more distance. If you are a woman with a slower swing speed, as most of us are, you should certainly see added distance to each shot you make. Part of the technology behind this added yardage is the Seamless Cover that these balls have. It allows the ball to have a higher trajectory and better carry for added distance.
The Seamless Cover has a 330 dimple pattern rather than a 342 dimple cover. Through extensive research and ball fitting Bridgestone/Precept learned that this design offers a greater benefit to players with slower swing speeds. Along with the added distance golfers will also find greater forgiveness during miss-hits due to the reduced sidespin allowing for a straighter ball every time. I found myself hitting more fairways and greens in regulation then ever before. I have definitely seen a major improvement in my tee shots and I have shaved a few strokes off my game.
With these ball you will find that on an approach shot the ball will hit and stop with very minimal release. The soft cover gives you so much more feel when chipping and putting. Chipping was so much fun because you could really feel the ball at impact. I also really enjoyed the sound of this ball as it rolled off the face of my putter.

While I tested all three colors for the golf balls I still preferred the pink ones the best. There was no difference in performance but I truly do believe it easier to find where my ball has landed. No matter how thick the grass is, that pink ball just stands out. A lot of people preferred the clear golf balls over the other options. Some felt the pink was just TOO pink and they liked the novelty factor of a clear ball. Whatever color you chose I think the results will speak for themselves, this is a fabulous ball for the ladies no matter what your handicap is.
I honestly wasn’t sure if I would notice much of a difference between the LADY iQ 180 vs. the LADY iQ PLUS but I can happily say I did. While I still love the performance of the iQ 180 I think Precept really did their homework and their research and came out with an even better product this time around. For me the proof is in the numbers and I saw more yardage off the tee, better accuracy on the fairways and greens, and less strokes in my overall score. This ball may not be for everyone but for $19.99 per dozen I think it’s worth a try. You can find more feedback from a few of our lucky forum members (1, 2, 3, 4) who got to test out these balls as well as read about them at the Precept website.

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  • Great review Golfer Gal! Sounds like you’ve found your gamer!

  • Great review, GG! I might have to get some of these for my sister to use once things thaw out in WI in the spring.

  • As I have said before, I am a huge fan of these golf balls. They will be what I play from now on! I gained more distance off the tee and was extremely accurate. They checked up nicely on the greens and I felt I had a great roll off my putter. Thanks to THP for letting me try them out!

  • Like Soxy, I had the chance to try these. Like the distance a lot; I had to get used to putting with them. The investment in effort was worth it.

  • Nice review GG, well done. I’ll be picking some of these up for Liz to play.

  • I use the pink ones regularly, and they are awesome!!

  • Tried these,and they are my favorite along with a ball they discontinued, the Pinnacle clear.

  • I believe! I changed from a Callaway HX Hot to the pink ones and will never go back! This ball gives me the best of each area of the game…long off the tee,( I’m still hitting w/ old techn…a Ping G2 driver-235yds), crisp short game and total control on the greens. Thx Precept for making great Ladies golf balls!

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