Precision Pro NX10 Rangefinder Review

One of the coolest things in golf is to see a brand that comes onto the scene to disrupt, and does just that, but as time goes, they evolve into something much more resonating. Frankly, it doesn’t happen much in this industry, there are way more failures than successes for those trying to gain a seat at the table. 

Interestingly, it is in the distance measurement realm of golf equipment that we are seeing some companies truly accomplish the feat of establishing themselves as a long-term contender. One of those, is Precision Pro. On what feels like a mission to force the rest of the industry to evolve and innovate when it comes to distance measurement, this company has been moving at a fever pitch in recent years. Their next target? Making rangefinders fun again. Enter stage right, the Precision Pro NX10 Rangefinder

Precision Pro NX10 Rangefinder Review

Quick Take

Precision Pro again brings a “wow” product to the table. For the price, it may be the most complete rangefinder on the market, and that is without the unique-to-the-segment customization options. This is one of the fastest rangefinders on the market that is crystal clear and offers all the bells and whistles which golfers could want. This is a must try for those looking for a new rangefinder in 2022-2023

Precision Pro NX10 Rangefinder

At first glance, this looks like an expected upgrade and evolution of the highly successful NX9 rangefinder, which in my opinion really solidified Precision Pro’s place in the distance measurement game. No longer were they just a cheap option, they were an affordable option with innovation and performance at the forefront. Not to mention, all the while establishing tremendous customer service to ensure long term happiness of their customers. So, if you expect the NX10 to just be a rehash of the NX9, you might be pleasantly disappointed…think about that one for a moment.  

Precision Pro NX10 Rangefinder Review

The thing which Precision Pro is touting the most about the NX10 is bringing customization to rangefinders. There is nothing else like it out there and it cannot be stated enough just how impressive that is. But it isn’t the aspect of customization, it is the application of it which impressed me when I got the NX10 in hand for review. You see, the base of the unit has a changeable plate which is held in place by magnets making it easy to swap out. Additionally, the bezel around the lens and laser on the front can be unscrewed and changed out too. Now, before it is asked, yes, I worried about the holding power of the magnets as well, but how they wrap around the unit made it rock solid and not once while trying to beat the unit up on the course did I have any issues. 

The shell of the NX10

Where the customization is concerned, Precision Pro is making available all sorts of options, and the company is committed to sticking to this while continuing to grow the options available. At the time of this review, there were 25 designs (states, fun images, patterns, companies) and 11 solid color choices (you can even mix solid options for the two different parts of the rangefinder). For the review, I was sent the NX10 with its base white/black option, as well as a yellow faceplate and handle to swap out. The process was simple and fast, besides the small screws on the face, there really is minimal effort required to give yourself a completely different looking rangefinder. 

Precision Pro NX10 Rangefinder Review shows off the different pieces of the unit.

However, as cool as all that customization is, there is much more to the NX10. I know why the company is pushing that aspect as hard as they can, because it’s truly one of a kind in an industry where so many things seem the exact same as everything else. I say this wholeheartedly though, the NX10 from a performance standpoint stands up to everything else out there, and it might be better than a vast swath of “traditional” rangefinder “powers”. The NX10 has great form factor, not super compact, it has some weight to it so you can feel it and balance it easily when aiming, but it is not cumbersome at all. It is in all that which makes the NX10 feel impressively durable. 

All the bells and whistles you hope to see from a rangefinder are present as well. A magnetic cart grip which has ample strength to stay put when driving stands out, but not as much as the internal specs of the unit. The HD Optics with 6X magnification were crystal clear on the course for me, but the adaptive slope and pulse vibration remain among the best performing features compared to any other device on the market. Also, for those curious, yes, the on/off switch is present for the slope feature to make it tournament legal. 

Precision Pro NX10 Rangefinder Review showing size in hand

In all, this is as good as there is out there right now, and the customization mixed with the super-competitive base price truly makes the NX10 a must try for those looking to upgrade their rangefinder this year. While the display optics may not have the flashiness as some other options, I can almost guarantee they do not have the absolute lightningfast speed of the NX10. 

What do you think about the newest addition to the Precision Pro family? Let your voice and opinion be heard below, as well as directly on the THP Community!

The Details

Availability: Now

Price: $269.99

Custom Skins: $25.00 (Designs and Limited) and $15.00 (Colors)

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